10 Winter Hair Care Tips to Get You Ready for the Season

10 Winter Hair Care Tips to Get You Ready for the Season

When the transition from warm to cool weather takes effect, your hair regimen will call for a change. You will be more prone to itchy scalp and dryness comes easy. Use these tips to get your hair winter ready:

#1 Switch over to heavier oils, butters and creams to seal moisture into your hair

Even if normally you prefer or your hair works best with products on the lighter side, this time of year you can use things that are a bit heavier. Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Olive Oil or a whipped Shea cream will be perfect for sealing in moisture and preventing moisture loss.

#2  You might find extending the time in between washes useful

How often you cleanse your hair all varies from person to person. Not sure how often you should wash your hair?

See this post: How Often you Should Wash Natural Hair

Let’s say you normally wash your hair every week, waiting up to two weeks in cold weather is an adjustment that may be more suitable for you to avoid dryness.

#3 It’s officially protective style season

More so than any other hair type, afro textured hair is vulnerable to the environment. Wearing your ends out frequently will subject them to dryness and weathering. This is definitely the time when you want to make sure that your ends are tucked in. You can do this by creating a simple bun style: See 7 Easy Jumbo Bun Styles. Or if you prefer you can wear a more long term style like braid extensions or crochet braids.

#4 Tea Tree Oil for Itchy Dry Scalp

When you find your self doing the head pat or scratch way too often tea tree oil to the rescue! You can try lightly applying tea tree oil to your scalp to soothe the itchies.

#5 Use a mild moisturizing sulfate free shampoo

Stay away from clarifying shampoos unless you have a product buildup situation. Stick to moisturizing shampoos that won’t leave your hair feeling stripped. Try using shampoos and conditioners with tea tree oil in it, it will leave your scalp feeling refreshed. These are good moisturizing cleansers with tea tree oil:

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner are excellent!

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and Conditioner is another great brand.

#6 Deep condition often

In the winter, hair can so easily get dry and brittle making breakage come easy. Deep condition as often as you can to strengthen your hair, improve manageability and moisture retention.

#7 Steaming your hair may be helpful

Since the air is dry in the winter lacking in humidity, a steam treatment could do your hair some good. You can use a tool like the qredew or here’s how you can use a clothing steamer.

#8 Avoid products with humectants

In cold dry air, humectants like glycerin can make your hair even more dry. Spring or fall weather is best for glycerin, when used in really humid weather it will frizz your hair out because this product ingredient draws in moisture from the air.

#9 Limit your heat usage

Although you are less likely to experience frizz now that the weather is cooler, you don’t want to overdo it with heat styling because with the cold dry air your hair will be more prone to becoming brittle.

#10  Protect your hair with silk or satin scarfs if you like to wear hats

Cotton is drying to natural hair. To prevent dryness and breakage from friction wrap your hair with a silky scarf before wearing your hats. Or if you can find a satin lined headwrap or hat even better!

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  1. Love your tips for taking care of your hair in the winter. It is important to protect our hair and pay attention to what is in the products that we are using. Thanks for sharing!

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