Grow 4C hair (Kinky Curly Hair Types) With Protective Styles and Low Manipulation

Grow 4C hair (Kinky Curly Hair Types) With Protective Styles and Low Manipulation

Kinky hair is especially fragile, which means you can go natural, rarely use heat, yet still experience hair breakage. Well how is this so?

Each bend and curve in kinky coily hair represents a weak point. So this means when you wash, comb, or style your hair these bends and curves are easily broken. You can grow 4c hair or any coily texture to long lengths it will just take a commitment to prevent damage with protective hairstyling.

What it takes to grow 4c hair and coily hair types

the factor that really matters

With kinky curly hair types, although good products are important how you care for your hair is probably even more important. It won’t matter how much you moisturize or condition your hair, if you are not handling it right.

Focus on Low Manipulation

it works!

The more you style and manipulate your hair the weaker it becomes. If your hair is particularly fragile you will notice those 3/4 inch breaks as well, which is an even deeper cry for low manipulation.

Once you have effectively developed a regimen with protective styling that works for you there should be a noticeable difference in how much breakage you experience, the amount of split ends that you see, and eventually with consistency noticeable growth.

A protective style is a hairstyle where the ends of your hair are tucked in (this prevents weathering from the environment) and daily styling is not required.

Examples of protective styles:

French Braids
Crown Braids
Two Strand Twists
Tuck in Roll Styles

When you wear protective styles this helps prevent breakage from manipulation of the hair, matting and tangles, and it is also is a good method for moisture retention. Hair that is worn out will need to be moisturized more than hair that is tucked in.

Low manipulation styles are also good for mitigating damage. The difference between a low manipulation style and protective style is that with a low manipulation style that ends of your hair are exposed. However, like a protective style low manipulation styles do not require daily styling which will help you to reduce damage.

Examples of low manipulation styles:
Twist outs
Braid outs
Roller sets
Bantu Knot Outs
Afro Puffs

Take a Gentle Approach

your hair will thank you for it

When you do style your hair you may want to try fingercombing rather than using a comb or a brush every time you detangle your hair. Fingercombing is more gentle on your hair and you have the ability to feel tangles and snags that styling tools cannot. Fingercombing is a bit more work, however for those who get those pesky 3/4 broken off hairs this should help to reduce them.

If you feel that you are gentle with your hair, you have to be even more gentle and patient. Our hair flourishes when its left to rest. Which isn’t such a bad thing, because protective styling makes handling your hair less time consuming and easier on you!


Be Patient

growth takes time

You must keep up this routine of low manipulation in order to see results. Do not expect to just do this for a week or two and see earth shattering results. We are talking about months of consistency!

On average our hair grows about 1/2 inch per month (others may be faster or slower than this rate).

What you can expect to see within a couple of weeks is the reduced number of broken off hairs that you see and the quality of moisture in your hair.

212 thoughts on “Grow 4C hair (Kinky Curly Hair Types) With Protective Styles and Low Manipulation

  1. I so love this post! I have been trying to grow my super kinky hair as if I have straight hair ..i wet it and pic it everyday ..Ive known better but I disliked the idea of having to have twists and braids. For the pass few months I’ve notice more breakage as my hair is trying to pass the 4 inch stage and I pullout more hair each few months. I have to change this! I am always pulling on it and my fragile hair will never get real length this way! Gonna start this new year off right with protective styles and be at 8-10 inches by Christmas!
    Thank for the wake up call!
    To growth!!

    1. Great confidence! I have almost exactly the same issue and I wish you the very best on your hair journey….and remember to finger comb, it will take time depending on how thick your hair is….but, you will lose less strands of hair…..and be gentle! πŸ™‚

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the post Holly πŸ™‚ ! I think when it comes to water, if you apply it to your hair you should spritz it lightly and seal with an oil right away so the moisture does not leave your hair. We can use water, it’s just about using the right technique so it does not dry out. While wearing twists I do this to the ends of my hair and it’s good for moisturization, I would not however drench my hair, because this would leave my hair dry and matted.

  3. I’ve just given up on wearing my hair out this winter because the air’s so very dry & I have to moisturize like crazy & there was some breakage starting,so last month I got a fingercomber unit wig( ;check out this wig! it comes in twists & is DA BOMB!) & wear it every day & it looks like my own hair except there’s about twice as much of it! I still have to moisturize regularly but it’s braided & protected under the wig & I don’t have to “mess with it” except to apply water,natural oils & butters.

    1. BlueCornMoon, Thank you for posting that website for!! I’ve been using regular wigs for my protective styles and have been looking for a “natural” hair wig. Thanks a bunch!!

  4. hello i have been natural for about four years now. but recently my hair has lost a lot of length due to my braids being to tight and not enough moisturizer during those times. i have recently adopted the no shampoo method and my hair seems to like it however now that it is in braids again i worry that i will lose my hair. i have read it is extremely fragile coming out of braids and i would like to strengthen it. what should i do. i have also taken to making my own moisturizers with shea and oils please i have been hoping to save what is left and grow my hair back to the way it used to be. i hope you have advice for me thanks for listening to my SOS

    1. Christal while your hair is in braids this does not mean you cannot take care of it. You can still co-wash them and to moisturize you might want to try a spray product because it may be easier for it to penetrate through the braids. I also suggest that when you are done wearing the set of braids that you are currently wearing take a break from them and do protective styles with your own hair so you are able to moisturize and care for it better. Braids are a great way to grow hair but if you don’t give your hair breaks in between not only will you be experiencing weakness, but you might also get thinning around your edges.

  5. thanks for replying. i have been moisturizing and co-washing i have just made a spray that evenly distributes moisture through my braids. i will adopt a different routine for protective styling with my own hair. i have to admit this journey is a very complicated one and thanks so much for the advice glad to know i am somewhat on the right path. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi,
    I am new to your blog and like it very much and it is well done. I have been natural for years because I have a chemical burn which lives my scalp sensitive and hair breaking like crazy. I did not like myself at all, but now I love myself and my hair. I have started learning about hair since november. since my scalp is sensitive I do my own product. But nothing seems to work, hair is breaking, less than before but I am not retent any length. I need help how to build a regimen. I found that my hair is low porosity . How can you help me

    1. I would be very gentle with my hair if I were you and perhaps give it a break by wearing protective styles where the hair does not have to be manipulated. This can be done wearing twists with your own hair or if you want more length a wig. How often do you manipulate your hair by the way?(combing, styling etc.)

  7. I am glad to find this website. I have been natural for the last 3 years and I am now learning on how to grow my hair out and about retention. I am still learning how to love my 4b/4c hair because I find that styling is very difficult. I also have some breakage in the front from when I used to have a sew in. I would perm that part of my hair and then flat iron it. I just found this website and I really like what I’ve been reading.

  8. I don’t know where to start with my hair. It is soooo dry. I don’t know why I am holding off on cutting it all off since I already have a short style. But meanwhile, my question is how can I protect my hair if I can keep it in a protective style. I think it is too short. I thought about braiding it but not sure who to go to. I am scared that they will mistreat it more. I have no clue how to style it since I am only used to having it relaxed and now, 4 months post relaxer, I either keep it wild with shea moisture smoothie and oils and leave in or I blow-dry it and do a apply a bit of heat just to style it dry. It is frustrating. I want to continue on this journey just don’t know how to treat my own hair. I have changed all products to sulfate-free, my own shea butter mix, I have my oils and conditioners.

  9. What can I use to make my twist outs last longer than 4 days? Because after 4 days it just doesn’t look a=good anymore!

  10. I went natural about 7years ago but for convenient reasons, I have always braided my hair (conrows, twist with extensions/weaves, wigs…)
    This summer, I have decided to stop my old routine and embrace my natural hair.
    I am still adjusting, I love my hair, I can actually touch my hair and be proud it’s all mine :-), no extra weave!
    I am a gym rat. I work out almost every day (that’s also the reason I kept my hair under wraps in the past πŸ˜‰ so I’d like to have a routine suitable for the gym.
    Today, my hair is twisted and I will probably twist tonight after my zumba class and a quick sauna.
    what oil can i use? my hair is always dry, do I moisturize enough? what is a perfect daily routine for a 4c hair?

  11. I heard braids are kind of good for hair but the thing is when I have braids I find myself longing to see my own hair it’s been 4month now since i have a big chop idk what to do! I want to my hair to grow and be healthy

  12. I have always had natural 4c/4b hair with a length of about 8-10 inches. The problem for me is that it has always been that length and given the amount of shrinkage my hair does and my huge head, my hair looks short. It always tends to be oily and extremely dry. When I was younger I constantly wore my hair in tight braids and never moisturized it, so the front of my hair has thinned out. Recently I have been searching for ways to grow my hair but I’m not sure what I should do. My sister had suggested that I trim my hair to get rid of the split ends. I have never cut my own hair or had it cut by a stylists before, but decided to do so as there seemed to be positive results on her hair. So I went on YouTube for videos on how to trim kinky hair. I wet my hair and began cutting. At first it seemed as if I had only cut 1/4″ off but later on I came to the realisation that it had in fact been 1-2″. I need help!!! How can I grow out my hair, retain moisture and how often should I trim it( if I should at all)?

  13. Hi i went natural two years ago and my hair grew fast. I however had a hard time with retaining moisture or softness so i put a texture softener in my hair. It straightened my hair and now I’ve big chopped because i loved being natural. What do i do to not go down this road again

  14. I’ve worn a wig for over a year. I notice I have a couple of bald spots but most of my hair grew longer. What should I do? I’m very healthy and not on medication.

  15. Mine is a tad complicated. My front hair line is completely bald. Wit d scalp so smooth. It has been dis way all my life. Somtyms tiny hairs sprout out wit som patches stil smooth. D oda prt of my hair is long enuf bt bcos of d bald patches, I neva xpose my hair. Wht cn I do?

  16. This is sooo true! Kinky hair is VERY fragile and is easy to hair is thick and it takes me like a hour and couple of minutes to finger comb my hair! But it is worth it rather losing 3/4 strands a day πŸ™‚

  17. I am so glad to find a post that talks about my type of hair and NOT about changing its natural state. I have pledged to stop combing & brushing my hair to prevent breakage and other damage. It is always widely advertised how black women or women with kinky hair straightening, curling, heat pressing, etc. Their hair to be considered beautiful, gorgeous and sexy. I am glad that in NYC alone there has been an obscene BOOM in more minority natural hair styling & growth and less peer pressure at work places & schools to change the nature of our hair. I understand now that I must do the work in order to get the best results from my hair inside snd out.

    Thank You for giving us such a great forum to learn and promote our types of hair.

    Thank You Very Much… πŸ˜€

  18. Wonderful forum indeed. I have learned a lot. Well, i have been natural for almost 2 years in January and around the month of September for the past 4 years, for some weird reason that i cannot figure out yet, my hair would break and shed like crazy no matter what i do. Any suggestions?

    By the way, if you are a blogger, you can get paid doing just that. Check this site out:

  19. I hv now decided not to apply any chemical to my hair again, and by chemicals I mean retouch creams and relaxers. I want to go kinky. but my hair is seriously very dry. I am not consistent with the products I apply to my hair and now I wish to start a routine now and I need help. I need someone who is on the end of the road to teach me what to do. at the moment my hair is plaited in cornrow. its been two months now…….. help pls

    1. You will need: Wide tooth-comb, Protein treatment, Rinse out Conditioner, Leave in conditioner, Water based Moisturizer( I mix mine with water, something like 75% water and 25% moisturizer) Sulfate free shampoo or mild shampoo, light oil to seal in moisture and apply on your scalp, satin pillow case or scarfs, If your local water is hard you can boil it and take out the chemical residues, Love, patience.
      A regime must fit into your daily routine. start by choosing the 2 most convenient days in a week to wash your hair. the first day Ex. Tuesdays Co wash(wash only with conditioner), the second wash day use your shampoo but only focus on the scalp and use a very small amount. Always condition you hair after shampoo. Comb your hair when the conditioner is on your hair. Use protein treatment once a month but always follow with a deep conditioning. If you eat a diet full of protein you will find the need to do a protein treatment reducing. sleep on satin pillow case or tie your hair with a satin scarfs. Apply a small amount of light oil on your scalp twice or thrice a week( after washing your hair and another day in between the wash days) after applying a moisturizer or a leave in seal with a light oil. Love your hair and have patience. Eat health and drink lots of water every day this will improve the quality of your hair and improve the growth rate. Always massage your scalp gently to improve blood circulation. Your hair speaks, learn to listen. Don’t use to many products on your hair and for daily use don’t use protein based products. If you notice dandruff, lots of hair breakage, itchy scalp before you rush to buy a product analyse what you had been doing for the past days. Trim the damaged ends once and treat your hair right, if you do good you wont have to trim your hair again(I don’t trim my hair)but if you notice some damaged ends grab that scissor and take just that part out, In other word do a general inspection of your hair every month and see what must be done.. Most of all enjoy your hair at the stage that it is and never give up.

      This is just a way to get started remember the regime mustn’t be Hers or His, it should be suitable for you.
      One more thing, don’t play around with your hair( Am still working on that). πŸ™‚

  20. Totally agree with the article.. especially on the last part ‘Patience’ something that most people embracing their natural hair don’t have. Funny how we expect to see our hair grow a foot in one night. We forget that the hair we have today is a result of what we have been doing to our hair for the past years. Hair is like human itself. We treated our hair so bad our body and hair lost trust in us. Now we want to make things right, we must make our body and hair believe that its not a one day special treatment but a life time commitment. πŸ™‚

  21. I had in braids and one day decided to just cut them out since my permed hair was breaking badly. I cut my hair down to a ceaser and everytime it starts growing back I cut it off because I have 4c texture and I just don’t know what to do with it. I understand that I should be doing protective styles but at maybe quarter inch of hair or less there are no protective styles I can use. Please help, I am trying my best not to go back to perms but my hair is tightly curled and it hurts. I have not found a moisturizer that works as yet and my hair becomes extremely dry and hard. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    1. I know, Its too much in writing but I hope this helps.
      First you must Identify the cause.
      There are a few reasons your hair could be dry and hard.
      Her are a few,
      (a) No moisture
      What to do: If you haven’t found a moisturizer yet, use water its the ultimate moisturizer. put in a spray bottle and spritz it on your hair twice a day. Morning and night. After the spritz take a very small amount of pure coconut oil, jojoba,or rosemary and alike, work it into your hair to seal the moisture from the water.
      When buying a moisturizer make sure it doesn’t have protein or it only has soluble proteins and the first ingredient on the list is water. Or the top 5 ingredients mustn’t be the NO NO’s. DO not over moisturize it might make your hair weak and lead to breakage.

      (b) No protein or too much protein.
      What to do: Because hair is made of protein( U probably know that) If your hair losses to much protein it will feel and look bad. If you do a lot of protein treatments or use products containing non soluble proteins it will do the same. You will have to play you cards right. start with a protein treatment twice a month and reduce as you go but as you reduce, your protein diet must be a good one.

      (c) Bad hair products (products with alcohol or mineral oils as the active ingredients)
      What to do: I personally got frustrated when I had to go into a shop and read ingredients before buying( 95% of those times I came out empty handed) Get to know your hair better, what it needs and what it doesn’t need. Before you rush to a beauty shop try home made hair products, there are so many fruits and herbs we use that can substitute store bought deep conditioners, moisturizers and protein treatments. Or just look at the Ingredient list, I once read that the lesser the ingredients the better.. Or go to a hair stylist to check your scalp and recommend you some products $$$.

      (d) To much Sulfur shampoos. Avoid or reduce the amount you use in a wash. start with warm water and massage your scalp to loosen dirt.

      Don’t take hair too serious its frustrating, have fun.
      Make a regime that suits your daily routine.
      When I eat health, Drink healthy and I don’t stress my hair grows really fast,feels and looks soft, healthy and gorgeous. Drink lots of water at least 1/2 l to 1 l in a day to moisturize hair from within and to clean your system,. If what goes into your mouth is really nutritious and sufficient, everything about your hair will change.

      I know its hard but don’t compare your hair with others. Treat her right and let her guide you, she will never fail you. Happiness is what it will bring.

      Hang in there, you will never know how far you can make it if you don’t hang in there. πŸ™‚

    2. check you tube, there are tons of helpful videos if you just put in short natural hair care. this has been my lifesaver.

      1. Thanks so much for asking the question and a speacial thanks for answering the question. I too really feel your pain, bc i have 4c texture hair and I just went natural 2 months ago and although Im struggling, i am also learning…thanks to these blogs, webcites and you-tube videos. My hair is hard too and I am learning to avoid the products that have alcohol in it (its almost in all the products I ever used)! Why do they put alcohol in black hair care products?!? I definitely feel 4c hair should be in a category by itself, bc not only are you dealing w/the coils and the density but you also have to deal with the coarseness of our hair…which takes a while to figure out how to get it soft. Thank you Hilz for your reply…i will definitely try your suggestions. I love my hair, Im just still trying to find a regime that works for my 4c hair texture. πŸ˜€

    3. Try doing hot oil treatments with organic olive oil, put a plastic cap over it an leave it in overnight. The next day do a co-wash just use conditioner then rinse then put a leave in conditioner in. It will feel wonderful! I do that every week. An use a good moisturizer i like the carols daughter hair milk. Sleep with a silk scarf

    4. Go out and buy shea Moisture’s yucca and baobab anti breakage masque, follow instructions. Twist your hair with a good butter (I suggest investing in orangic shea butter and whip it with oil). Put your hair into twists and let it air dry. By the time you take out the twists your hair should be moisturized and feel soft.


  23. I have really bad arthritis in my shoulders, elbows and wrists and I live alone. I have been getting a Care Free Curl for 20 some odd years, but I just cannot handle putting the curl activator in it or keeping the buildup out of it, by myself. So, I decided since my hair type change over the years, (when I was little I had 3a) now it is a 4b, that it must not be healthy anymore. So, I want to give it a rest from chemicals, but it sounds like maintaining natural 4b hair will be even harder for my arms. My hair is extremely thick and about shoulder length. any suggestions? πŸ˜•

    1. Thank you for your reply I will try that. I slept in the silk scarf last night and it kinda worked. Today, my hair is greasy and rough, so I will try the conditioner and rinse. Thank you, again! πŸ™‚

  24. How can i tell if my hair is growing…? I have 4c hair i think. I put my hair in a ponytail at night and tie it with that a problem?

    1. Jennifer, Its fine to put your hair in a ponytail, but you just have to be sure its friendly to your hair( not made of cotton, doesn’t have any metallic parts etc). If your hair is long enough you can make big plaits at night and tie the scarf, just make sure its not tied right on your hair line.

      Your hair is always growing but how fast that happens is determined by your diet and stress levels. If you want to measure the growth or know your potential hair growth rate, just plait it for a month and feed your body with the best diet and try to live a stress free month. My body respond very quick to diet change and stress levels, this varies from person to person so you might have to do it for more months until your body picks up the change.

      Happy growing

    2. Jennifer, Its fine to put your hair in a ponytail, but you just have to be sure its friendly to your hair( not made of cotton, doesn’t have any metallic parts etc). If your hair is long enough you can make big plaits at night and tie the scarf, just make sure its not tied right on your hair line.

      Your hair is always growing but how fast that happens is determined by your diet and stress levels. If you want to measure the growth or know your potential hair growth rate, just plait it for a month and feed your body with the best diet and try to live a stress free month. My body respond very quick to diet change and stress levels, this varies from person to person so you might have to do it for more months until your body picks up the change.

      Happy growing πŸ˜›

  25. I just cut my locks so my hair is too short for any protective styles not long enough to braid or anything. I’m planning to wear wigs until it grows out some. What’s the best way to keep my hair safe during this time?

  26. What to do for an itchy scalp ??? .. its not that bad to the point where I an itching my head every second but the itchiness is up there.

    1. Hi Keshia
      Start by washing your hair with plain warm water, follow with a shampoo or co wash, apply pure coconut oil to your scalp ( small amount) and work it through. Or you can apply a garlic enriched oil or make your own. I did both on different occasions the coconut one I did because it was itchy and some areas had dandruff and for the garlic oil, my scalp was just seriously itchy with no dandruff but after the first use it reduced and I used it as a night treatment without washing for three continuous nights. It stopped the itch and I don’t use my garlic enriched oil any more πŸ™‚ .. I used Vatika garlic enriched oil.

      Hope this was helpful πŸ™‚

  27. it’s so hard to debate whether or not i want to go natural.. i have been without a relaxer for 7 months; have 3inches of natural hair and about two inches of relaxed hair left in my head (did a little chop). i have been wearing braids and other protective styles because i have 4c hair, it is really course, i dont know how to properly manage it and it can become very pricey for a college student working a part time job. i have not fully embraced my texture, seeing that everyone else around me considers it to be “nappy” b/c they all have relaxers.. Anyone wanna help a sista out ?!

    1. I am no longer a college student but I understand your situation. I’ve been relaxed since I was a kid. I wore a good sew-in for the first time 2 years ago. Relaxers and poor healthcare had taken a toll on my hair. It is thick, very coarse but was damaged. I was going on a vacation and didn’t want to deal with my hair when I got the sew-in. Once in I never looked back. After a year plus my hair has grown considerably. I thought I would stretch time between relaxers. But upon using chemical for the first time after removing the hair I found the relaxer would not do it’s job. Another 4 months later yielded the same result. Now I’ll wear sew-in during the summer months due to the humidity. I will let my hair out to breathe and I will try to style it because reversion is less problematic. I figure if my hair is resisting relaxer this may be a sign I can’t use it anymore. And I’m between 2 textures now so ‘ll keep removing the relaxed hair until my natural texture is 100%. Sew-in will help me cross over without doing massive cutting. And I will try to work with my texture once it’s “pure.” I figured if I can’t manage it in the natural state I can always start over with another chemical service – maybe a texturizer. But I can’t knock natural until I have tried it for myself. In the end do what’s best for you at this time. Once your finances improve you can explore options. There is no rush – take your time. And don’t let other’s dictate to you about what your hair is…the goal is to have healthy hair regardless of how you choose to wear it. It’s a shame we sisters are so hard on each other about how we choose to wear our hair.

    2. Hey Girl….do not give up…I’ve been going back and forth between relaxers, braids, a shaved head, and now once again. near shoulder lenght natural hair. This struggle has been going on since 1992 and I am finally on the road to true happiness with my hair. Most of it is having positive (or lack of negative) forces around you.
      Like you everyone around me had relaxed hair and going natural was too ‘tribal’ for them to understand. It has taken many years for me to discover I don’t care about them, it’s all about me…the most important person in the world!
      I feel great with natural hair. I feel like I am doing my body good the enviornment…everything.
      I have found a great web-site and have ordered her book You just have to read as much as you can, ask questions and be willing to learn. Unfortunately, many of us girls did not have a person we could turn to to teach us how to manage our locks. These forums will help us.
      In saying that, I use olive oil in my hair, which is like cocaine for my hair!
      I pour a little more than a tbsp in my hand and rub it into my hair along with some conditioner…Flip my hair into a shower cap, clean the house, work up a sweat, shampoo it out, condition, towel dry, more olive oil, a little shea butter, then a twist.
      It may help if you cut more of the relaxed hair as well!
      Drink lots of water, eat plenty of greens, and enjoy the freedom πŸ™‚
      Good luck!

      1. You’ve got my story. I am 3 weeks into my commitment for hair freedom. I’m learning which products work for my hair to keep is moist and healthy. Good luck to you.

    3. You should give your hair a chance, let it grow you might actually enjoy the experience. Don’t try to swallow all the info’s you get on the net, just filter the ones that suit you the most. Its sad that in the western countries type 4 hair is not considered as good hair. Am glad I live far from that, most of us let our hair grow then either cut it when its shoulder length or relax it. Even though most people don’t have loads of information about their hair, they let it grow. Not everyone like our hair they say its untidy and that’s just because we let it look untidy. If someone doesn’t like my hair i don’t take it to heart because I love myself, every thing I do, I do thinking of how happy it makes me feel.

      Afro is not that complicated. when I was less than 8 years old, my sister and I had shoulder length Afro and all my mom used was coconut oil πŸ˜‰ and an Afro comb, so why should it be so complicated and expensive today?

      Don’t give up… πŸ™‚

    4. I can’t offer any suggestions on maintaining your hair, I’m in search of that myself :wink:, but I just want to say, don’t worry about whether your hair is considered “nappy”. Whatever it is, embrace it, it’s yours. Something God gave and made specifically for you. From one curly to another, we rock!

  28. Should I do a mini chop to achieve the best presentable and more manageable results for my hair? My hair is very uneven, the back being the longest, front being short and kinda long and the middle being of reasonable length. Is there a possible way of retaining my hair and getting the shorter areas to reach the length of the longer ones or is a mini chop the only option. Because I tend to struggle with styling due to my uneven lengths aswell.

    1. I’ll just add that you should try to find a local natural hair community, if possible. If you feel that going natural is the best decision for you, they can be an invaluable resource and tremendous encouragement as you navigate the process of learning to love and care for your natural texture.

      I’ve been natural since 2010 and spent 2 years in grad school in the Midwest. I’m a 4b girl who learned to love her naps while in college. I was a member of a group of about 30 women who met for hair parties, expos and interventions. We shared our knowledge, traded products and encouraged one another along the way.

      Best of luck to you!

  29. I cut ally relaxer off and can’t find my good mix of products. ..I have always suffered from dry , coarse hair…Olive oil is good but what it does nothing fir me on a daily basis.’s like my hair won’t soak it up….any suggestions

    1. Hi Teri

      * Use the olive oil as a deep conditioner on a weekly basis or use it as a hot oil treatment.

      *Coconut oil is also a wonderful oil. You can use it as a deep conditioner, hot oil sealant etc.

      *I personally recommend the coconut oil. Just don’t use too much and it must be pure.

      *If you feel that your hair doesn’t soak olive oil. add heat to your deep conditioning ex. shower cap and warm towel. The heat will open the shafts and pores for better absorption.

      *Water is your best friend but always seal it with oil(coconut πŸ™‚ Daily moisturizing is important

      *Since your hair always feels dry, Don’t use products with alcohol or protein based products that don’t rinse of.

      *Try and balance your moisture and protein levels in your routine. Deep condition weekly and protein treatments twice a month. Reduce or increase as you go.

      *Don’t become a product junkie, its frustrating to the hair and to your pocket. Read reviews from all over the net for a product before you buy it.

      *For each use, have one different product sometimes our hair doesn’t go well with products we buy because we try mixing with other products. sometimes a product you use daily will give better results if you use it once a week or month.

      *Keep your hands off your hair.

      *The most important tip is your diet. Your hair is the reflection of your inside health. Drink 5-8 glasses of water every day. Eat vegetables and fruits daily. eat protein. Overall be healthy in the body and in the mind

      *Be patient and consistent.
      Always keep it simple and healthy your hair will thank you. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Evelyn, you didn’t fully describe you regime but here are a few things you can do or not do.

      Make sure your not using too much of a protein conditioner in your wash days. if that’s what you have always follow the protein conditioner with a hydrating deep conditioning treatment. If you use a leave in it mustn’t be a protein based or have too many alcohols in it.

      Don’t rub the towel on your hair after the wash. Let the water drip. Once the water on you hair has dripped. take some coconut/jojoba/castor oil or any other natural oil except pure olive oil, divide your hair into sections(if your hair is long enough) rub smoothly the oil on each section and plait. do this to the other sections. I would recommend washing during the day but not when you have to go out right after the wash. This is to prevent the environment outside your house into affecting the way your hair drys.

      Never sleep with wet hair.

      Find out if your water is hard water, this sometimes leads to dryness when the hair drys.

      Hope this is helpful πŸ™‚

    2. Also try using a sulfate-free shampoo, diluting your shampoo (in a separate bottle) with oil and water, shampoo every-other session or once a month and do a co-wash instead. Also shampoo your scalp only instead of creating a ton of lather on your hair.

  30. Hello,

    I’ve been transitioning with type 4C hair. I’ve been without a perm since Sepember 2013. This is a struggle! πŸ˜‰ I truly admire all who are making this happen. I perform with a band locally and although i’m happy with my natural hair, i will wear a wig on stage because im afraid of what the heat from the stage lights will do! Jus t sweating in particular changes my hair dramatically. My curent style of choice has been Bantu Knots. Any helpful advice??

    1. If your hair is more than 3 inches you can try other styles like two strand twist, corn rows or flat twists, this will help you get through the awkward stage. If you feel sweat does harm to your hair, let water run on your hair and air dry it or blow dry on cool and put some oil on it. Don’t give up its a struggle we all go through, we just have to hang in there and learn what’s best for our hair.

      πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    1. hi Sesethu,
      you should invest in a moisturizing deep conditioner, a sulfate free or mild shampoo, a conditioner, wide toothed comb. If you want a long term transitioning(from relaxed to natural) you should go for protective styles like full sew in weaves, box braids, cornrow braids in that way you get to deal with two textures less often. As you kinks grow you can trim off the relaxed ends. Some people just shave it all off but sometimes its hard to work with your hair when its short so letting it grow for about 8 to 12 months helps. If you go for transitioning, when you take down the protective styles teach yourself how to wash, condition, and deep condition, how to detangle properly, how to seal in moisture., how to style your own hair. how to not become a product junkie ( give the products you have a chance to work)

      There are soo many things you will learn on the net but the most important thing is to learn and apply them slowly by slowly. Don’t try to walk before you crawl. keep it simple, keep your body healthy, you won’t regret it.

      This site is also very good for people who are just starting their journey. surf through it.


  31. I recently did the big chop ,and to my surprise my hair texture is not what I expected. I can assume its 4b its really difficult for me to manage. Are there any styles or ways to define my hair?

  32. Hi i have a question, i have 4c 4b hair type and i just did my BC about two weeks ago and i have a mini fro but i’ve been using a combination of oils and leave in hair conditioner and then i part a section and take two pieces and twist them together and bobby pin them against my head, is this a good protective method or not?

  33. I have gone natural 4 2months now. I have done the big chop off and then have put my hair in braids. For this time i have focused on my daughter’s hair who has been very dry. I’ve finally found products that works for her. Know i’m focusing on my hair. I’m a type 4b/4c hair type. My hair dry out very quickly, please help what product can i use?

  34. Hi, I just recently took the BIG CHOP about two weeks ago. My hair is extremely thick and I dont even know the number texture to my hair. Im lost but Im telling you I look good(lol). I need some advice on how I should take care of my hair from start to finish in a days time. Someone please help!!! It would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  35. I had the big chop about 17months ago. I am 4c and hair is very dry, yet it has grown about 6 inch more. I have been washing every 2 weeks. Do I need to wash more often so I can moisturize more often?

    1. Hi Mercy,

      Yes, you should wash your hair more often. Twice a week should do and try using oils that don’t have to many ingredients, pure oils(if you aren’t using them already) to seal. Between your wash days while in the shower wet your hair a little bit and seal with a small amount of oil. This will help you keep the moisture level balanced.

      Wash twice a week, deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner once a week, deep condition with a protein conditioner or just eggs twice a month. What ever you choose to do, you should take a closer look at your hair and how its responding, sometimes to much of moisture or protein can also dry the hair out. If you find a regimen and products that works for your hair stick to them.

      Sometimes its the styles that make moisture escape easier, so you can also change the styles. Flat twists, single strand twist and corn rows helps keep moisture better.

      You can boost moisture level by eating fruits and veggies that contain a lot of water or increase the amount of water you take per day. This has helped me a lot because I don’t have enough time to do my hair between my wash days.

      Hope this helps.


  36. ive been natural for a year and my hair is not growing. it is becoming hard to manage. someone plz help I feel like choppin it all off. I refuse to get a perm

    1. Hi Crystal
      Hair is always growing, what really counts is how much of the growth you can retain. count on 5-6 inches per year

      If you feel that your hair is getting hard to manage then have it braided. This will reduce the amount of time you spend on your hair. To prevent excessive breakage and matting, wash and deep condition(protein) then deep condition(moisturizing) your hair seal it with a natural oil. Plait your hair(no extensions) a day or two later either in corn rows, flat twist, two strand twist or three strand plaits. these you can keep in for a week or two, take them down and braid again. You can do this for 4 or 6 months or even until December.
      If you want weaves or braids with synthetic keep them in for a month and give brakes of 7 to 10 days between the redoing, but since you are loosing more hair i would suggest just plaiting your hair with no added hair.

      Balance your protein and moisture level, learn more about the products you are using, take it one step at a time.
      Like this article says, focus on low manipulation, take a gentle approach and be patient. If you keep looking(stressing) for growth you wont see it, do the right things for your hair and body the length will come.

  37. My hair is super dry and brittle. I know when it comes to products everyone is different. But what types of products should I be looking for (i.e. butters, creams, oils ). I’m in my mid 30’s and I ove being natural but right now it’s not cute at all πŸ™

    1. Pure Coconut oil is my fav. I wet just wet my hair/spritz it with just enough water(not dripping) apply the oil to my hair and style.
      Using Pure oils( that you can actually cook with or just eat it like that) is the best thing.
      Pure Coconut oil, Extra virgin Olive oil and Pure Avocado oil, are very good for the scalp and also good as sealants. these can be a good place to start.
      I don’t use creams and butters but Many people love Shea Butter and Ghee is also good for the hair.

      Oils, butters and creams are good but the don’t have moisture( water). For the dryness and brittleness Deep conditioning with a moisturizing deep conditioner every week will help, also using protein treatments once a month can help.
      Always seal semi dry hair with oil, sometimes extremely damaged ends can also be a cause so, trimming would be the right thing to do.

      Hope this helped

  38. Hello! I’ve been natural for over a year and have experienced breakage that resulted i me cutting off 2-3 inches of my hair all over my head. I know that dryness is probably the cause but I don’t know what is causing it. At first I thought it was my pink oil lotion. However, even after I stopped using it my hair is still breaking. Right now, it’s pretty healthy as I have cut off all damaged ends. However, I don’t want to go through that again in the future so I’m going to get braids so that hair grows back out and I can do other protective styles. I think i’ve worn it out too much. I wore braids the whole time that I transitioned and I think I need to go back to what I know. But are there any ways to wear your hair out and keep it moisturized? A lot of the products do me no good.

    1. Yes. You can wear mini twists and make sure your hair is moisturized as you do them and while you wear them. I am not sure braids are the best if your hair has breakage. The weight of the extensions may be too much.

    2. You can use the LOC method which is liquid, oil and conditioner. I spray my hair with water, I then use coconut oil and I seal it with Oyin hair dew moisterizer. Oyin is really light and it keeps my hair really soft. I also purchased a hair steamer for my DC. I have had major breakage so I hope this regimine works. Good luck.

    3. Yes it is probably the pink oil because my hair recently started breaking and I narrowed it down to the pink oil. Since then, I’ve tossed it out because it dried my hair out soooo bad and yes mine was still breaking after I stopped using it because of its dryness. I had to get olive oil moisturizer, some moisturizing shampoo as well as a spray bottle i filled with olive oil and water to mist my hair when styling. My breakage starting in April and I have successfully reversed the effects of my breakage. On yesterday, I took down braids that had only been in 5 weeks and there was nooooo breakage–none because I made sure that all ends were clipped before getting them and that was not too much tension placed on my strands. Also, while wearing them I continued to do use the same products I named above. I would advise you to work on your hair and get your moisture level back up at least for a month of two and then get braids so that you won’t experience any additional breakage and you’ll know how to care for your hair when you take your braids down.

  39. Hi, I always seem to split ends and I’m not sure what it is. Iv tried to keep a routine and I wash my hair with shampoo every two weeks and co wash with conditioner in-between to get rid of build up. I moisterise my hair with water ,oil and a cream before I go to bed and place in a bonnet as my hair get dry fast. But Its seems that I am gaining no length ,as I have to cut it off again. Not sure what to do :s

    1. Hi

      you didn’t mention a protective style.
      Try to keep your hair in twists, flat twists, plaits and also do protein treatments twice or once a month.
      Keep the protein and moisture use balanced because to much or little of either of them will lead to breakage.
      Deep condition twice or thrice a month with a moisture based deep conditioner.

      Trim all visible damaged hair, and start taking care of it in a different way.
      Change your moisture routine if the current one isn’t resulting and if your hair is always dry you need two wash it frequently. You said shampoo once every two weeks, co wash in between. Why don’t you try to deep condition in between the shampoo wash once, and condition wash once, on other days just dab some water on your hands and wet your hair, seal with an oil.

      Lastly make sure the products you use are not damaging to your hair. Be care full with products when they cause build up it dries your hair.


  40. Since going natural I have always done my own hair out of pure habit. With a growing head of thick 4c hair I had to. I find letting others do my hair to always be awkwardly unpleasant. It’s like the hairstyle turns out great but the pain of it all not so much worth it. Now a day i wouldn’t dare go to a traditional stylist. It seems they are anti-hair with all of their harsh practices. I actually get nervous when someone brings a comb to my head seeming as no one knows how to actually utilize one. There are those who will attempt to still comb some hair that is clearly too dry or coiled. Even others who will allow their tresses be man-handled while being told they are too ‘tender headed’. Yes your scalp is tender from all of those hairs being ripped from the follicle. Through my own hair journey i have found that, finding a great natural hairstylist can require some due diligence. Water , oil, and a butter is all i need to hydrate and revive my locs every time and in that order. Just a few sprits of water and a light coating of a natural oil and butter each night along with tying my hair down with a silk scarf does the trick in retaining length, minimizing breakage and tangles and adding shine and life. I must add that I do two strand twist on my hair after every hot oil treatment and co-wash. Rarely do i wash my hair with just shampoo as that strips hair of oil that it so desperately needs to stay manageable. I wear my twist for about two weeks and repeat. My hair is thick and growing at a healthy rate. I don’t rush through my tresses as impatience can cause a lot more breakage and hair loss than necessary.

    1. Thank you for sharing your routine and tips. I need to work on moisturizing and sealing my hair more religiously but I am getting closer to a length that will help me love my 4b/c hair much more. I am stuck on length. I don’t care what type it is as long as I have length.

  41. Hi, I did my big chop in Feb and my hair keeps drying out not knowing what was causing but after browsing and watching you tube videos I realize spraying the hair in the morning and at nights really helps a lot. I started spraying my hair with water every morning and sealing it with shea butter and conditioner and my hair is soft & shiny right through the day and my curls are wonderful πŸ™‚

  42. Hi, love all the comments here! I actually don’t like my natural black hair so I’ve dyed it twice already, planning on dyeing it again. Only prob is my hair breaks easily and hardly grows, I mean I’ve had it natural since 2011. I wash my hair with tresseme for breakage once a week and put an oil based serum on while its wet, then I stretch it and plait it to get the afro style I would like the next morning. I was wondering what is best to do with my hair, water sprits, oil, moisturizer, protective styles. And no I never leave my protective style for more than 2 days because it’s never the hairdo I would go outside and let people see me in

    1. Go to facebook, like Kiss My Knots, read reviews of Kiss My Knots. The key is to keep your hair.moisturized so that it won’t break off. Make.sire that you keep the hair conditioned and moisturized. Also, you probably have chemical damage from lifting your hair since you do not like black hair. Color can damage tour hair depending on what you are using. To lift the hair consider henna.

    2. Hi

      You should either swap the product make you are using to dye your hair or simply increase the # of times you moisturize and use protein treatments.

      Spritz can be done daily, using plain water is fine.

      Moisturizing with other product like deep conditioners or regular conditioners or even the G.H,E method can also help boost moisture levels.

      Oiling can be used as a way of sealing the moisture or for a specific reason like people who use coconut its because it makes the hair soft and stronger, so its all up to you. Choose a good pure oil coconut, olive , castor, almond etc.

      Your hair is growing, just try to keep the ends protected and moisturized, this will ensure that you retain more hair. Its braking faster that its growing.

      Protective style can also be cornrowed braids, or flat twisted braids, medium sized box braids, it doesn’t have to simply be your hair. These styles will help give your hair a rest from the daily manipulations. As long as you take car of the these styles the results will be good.

      Hope this helps.

  43. Ive been natural for a year and my hair is very dry nd breaks easily,the weather here doesnt help as it is very dry and hot. Im very frustrated at this point,any advice?

    1. Make sure that you have healthy eating habits. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat lots of healthy food. Find a good moisturizer, leave-in conditioner, etc for your hair. You may also consider taking a supplement (I take biotin and I like it). I also have very dry hair that breaks easily and has been improving tremendously by by mainly by eating habits and finding the right products. Oh and not using as much shampoo. I used to wash my hair a lot because it gets so dry and I have bad dandruff. Washing less and switching to a cowash is a lot better for my hair. I hope these tips help!! Oh and tea tree oil is a good hair product as well.

    2. Hi you should try these

      You just have to protect your end:
      – By cutting any split ends
      – Moisturize your hair frequently and seal with a natural oil
      – Having styles that don’t leave your ends to exposed for days and that don’t need daily manipulation.
      – Dryness can either be less or too much moisture or less or too much protein. Find where you fit in, in this less/more and you create a regimen to help build the one that is less and reduce the one that is more.

  44. Very pleased to say that after having braids for 5 weeks, I have nooooo notable breakage and I have retained my hair’s length.Β  Before getting them, I consulted with this board because I was having problems with dry hair that ultimately resulted in my hair breaking. I was advised not to get them but I decided it would be the best option because I did not know I felt like the breakage was a result of my manipulation and a moisturizer I was using as I did not put any heat or dye in my hair. I am so happy with the outcome and my decision to get braids which I will continue to get on and throughout my hair journey because that is strictly how I transitioned in the first place. Sometimes it’s best to stick to familiar methods you know will work on your hair.

  45. I recently did my big chop. Skin blad .. I have 4c type hair.. Wondering any produceds I could use to help my hair grow natural and strong… Anything I could do for the time being. My hair I notice for the first few days went from skin blade to a fuzz feeling..

  46. I last relaxed my hair May, 2012. I really don’t know how to take care of my hair. I deep condition my hair on a weekly basis. I moisturize my hair daily, after that I pick it up in a bun… I dont like braiding my hair or twist. …. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. It all depends on your hair goals. There are a lot of options for natural hair care. Of course, moisturizing those tresses is the most important step. I recently began the Curly Girl method, because I discovered my brand of 4c hair requires a constant infusion of moisture for length retention. But that is one of many options. The young ladies online are very helpful with this process.
      Visit Youtube.

    1. Hey, I think if you are really 4c, then your focus mustn’t be a curl definition. This is only going to stress you out and fail you. Most 4c girls cant get their hair to act like a 4a/b or 3c. You should focus on the health of your body and then the hair, finding styles that only work for you. Trust me this will make your life easier.

      but you can try the Tightly curly method or Curly girl method or shingling or doodles Google them for your hair type, in this way you find people with the same hair type and their results.

      on the other hand moisturizing is something that helps a lot when it comes to making the hair easier to comb and alike and these methods all have to do with supper moisture.

      Hope this helped πŸ™‚

    2. Hello I have 4 c tight coil hair lots of shrinkage. If you want shingle style curls – Eco-styler works. Using all natural products help form the pattern. I thought my hair would NEVER coil, but it does.

      Eden Body works Coconut line is AWESOME – cowash, leave in, pudding and souffle are all great! Tip buy from Sally’s if it doesn’t work take it back for a full refund (verify rule applies).

    1. My hair was breaking off terribly, and I still applied color, crazy huh. So I decided to start a moisturizing regiment. I applied an extremely generous amount of my favorite conditioners after washing and conditioning my hair and twisted at night. I applied enough conditioner that often times I did not have to apply conditioner for the entire week. I did this every week for five weeks. Twists outs did not hold with this process. I wore puffs or twists. After realized my hair wasn’t breaking off any longer and I had very few tangles, I decided to look for a regime that would keep my hair constantly moisturized. The Curly Girl method seemed to be the type of moisture based method I was looking for.

      My routine is based on the Curly Girl method. I cowash, condition and detangle my hair at least two to three times a week. I apply a leave in, Shea Moisture Detangler because it is very light conditioner, and a styler, Eco Styler, which I rake through my hair to define my 4c coils. I do not manipulate my hair once I have applied the gel. I let it air dry or use a diffuser on warm – I love the results with the diffuser.

      I wear a satin bonnet each night and refresh with a light spritz of oil and water.

  47. Question. I have 4c hair type and one of my biggest frustration is that in 4 years of going natural. It only grew 7 inches. The first 3 years I had it in braids that probably broke my hair more than anything. Now that I’ve learned more about my hair…should I use less oily products and more moisturizer? I keep it in protective styles all week because of the gym but it gets really dry :|😣. What’s the best product s to retain moisture?

    1. Oils do not moisturize hair. I would use more water and water based moisturizers in combination with an oil if you find it necessary. I love Shea Moisture’s line the deep treatment masque, curling souffle, and curling smoothie.

      1. Hi Ariane. That is what makes Kiss My Knots! Such a wonderful product. It utilizes the water already in your hair after a shampoo and conditioner. πŸ™‚ please remember that water based moisturizers must contain preservatives.

      2. Thank you Ariane , I also use the Shea moisture products will try to star consistent with sprit zing water , along with moisturizer daily after sweating it put. πŸ™‚

    1. I had dry scalp, for a time. I discovered that my scalp was flaky because It was not receiving enough moisture, in the form of water. I am a huge advocate of 4c women cowashing, conditioning, detangling their hair and moisturizing their scalps as often as possible, two to three times a week. And then apply moisture to the hair and scalp, in the form of conditioners and moisturizers. Our hair needs water and moisturizers daily. I prefer moisture over stretched dry styles.

  48. I moisturize my hair with water and conditioners daily. This kind routine takes patience and commitment, because each head of hair respond differently to products. You have got to experiment with using the proper amount and such. I wash or cowash my hair everyday or other day and apply a leav-in and then gel to define my 4c curls. I find that the process of defining my curls has allowed me to learn how to handle my tresses and my curls are indication whether my hair is healthy or not. I have fine tightly coiled wiry strands.

    Properly installed protective styles work to retain length, but I wanted to learn how to grow my hair without them. It is working for me. I like wearing my natural curls. I think they are beautiful.
    I think that it is important that curly girls learn more about their hair and curl
    pattern before locking it down in protective styles, even if that leads to some mistakes because that is how we learn how to really care for our hair.

    Before I started the Curly Girl method, I washed and thoroughly moisturized my hair every week, for several weeks by layering two of my favorite moisturizers like I was applying a perm. Using this process, I discovered my curl definition.

  49. hi guys. I want to think my hair is 4z and not it breaks, it is too dry and does not grow although I have growing it for almost a year now. I braid it,weave it and try all those protective haistyles but its not working for me.i sometimes think of relaxing it because I am really losing hope. what I need from you guys is to help me with routines for caring for my African hair.

    1. My hair broke off for so many years, I am afraid to say. After I stopped being afraid of applying water and moisturizer to my hair because of the dreaded shrinkage effect, my hair began to thrive and rarely breaks, I actually understand what shedding is now. I never knew there was a difference, because my hair was so bad it never mattered. It just fell out, because it was so dry and brittle.

      Our hair loves moisture. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Cowash, condition and detangle often, two to three times a week, if you can, Apply generous amounts of conditioners. Your hair will thrive.

      There is no such thing as 4z hair. Once you reach higher hydration levels, you may even question whether 4c actually exists. The texture of my hair is not the same anymore. I get so many compliments. I cannot believe it sometimes. It so opposite of the comments I used to get about my hair.

      Just moisturize. You will reach all of your hair goals.

  50. This may not be popular with some people. I am a 4c chick and I have retained 5 inches of hair since last September. I actually cut off 1 inch due to trimming every 4 months. My routine is as follows: I only wear my hair in 60-80 two strand twist, redone every two weeks. I DO NOT MOISTURIZE my hair daily. For my thin strand 4c texture, the adding water to my hair on the regular only lead to more tangles and knots. Trust me on this one, I tried every combination of Liquid, Oil, and Cream over the course of 9 months before realizing, I was better off with the following: on wash day, I finger detangle my hair as I take it out of the twists after that I wet the hair and put conditioner in it and immediately head to the shower (I do not let the conditioner sit on my hair because that will activate the curls to start coiling back up, when I get in the shower I always let the water stream DOWN on my hair as I lightly finger detangle (do not EVER bunch the hair up or wash the hair haphazardly), after I detangle each section, I twist it and clamp each section down with two clamps to prevent the hair from coiling up. I than deep condition with the clamps in to keep the hair stretched under a dryer. I leave the conditioner in and braid my hair in 12 braids to fully stretch the hair. I wait a minimum of 24 hours to ensure that the braids are fully air dried and than I take them out and I re-twist with a good twist cream. During the two weeks that the twists are in, I do not re-moisturize the hair at all. If you use a good twist holding cream, you should not need to.

  51. I have my hair constantly in braids i wanna know how to take braids out easily and how to detangle more for my 4c hair

  52. I am so tired of figuring out my hair. It is super dry. The only protective style I like wearing are two strand twists. I planned on getting locs next week but still debating. I hate feeling like I am giving up. Help!!

    1. Hi

      If you haven’t yet gone for the locs. You should try the following.

      -Reduce the products you use on your hair, only use a pure oil(to avoid the extra ingredients that are not that good) and water, plus a moisturizing conditioner and shampoo if you use one.
      – Oil your scalp once a week preferably on your wash day and after your hair is half dry. Gently massage and work your way to the ends taking your time.
      – Deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner once a week for 30-45 min with a plastic on (not a protein based).
      – Condition wash once a week but only let the conditioner sit for 5 minutes not more or else the hair will shrink too much.
      – Change the protective styles. I like two strand twists but I notices that my hair is usually dry in them. So am now on three strand plaits and I keep them in for 2 weeks.

      Extra Tip:
      -When conditioning, don’t condition the 1 inch close to your scalp, this will reduce the shrinking speed, giving you more time to work on your hair.
      – If you don’t have lots of time in the middle of the week to co wash. Plait your hair in sections the previous night, then in the morning put some conditioner in a cup mix well with water and pour it on your hair. as you pour gently squeeze the plaits to allow the inside to get some conditioner. Before you leave the shower pour cold water and gently squeeze and allow to dry.
      – Dry hair can be caused by too much or too little moisture and protein, so note down how your hair feels every week and either increase or reduce.
      – If you choose a certain regimen give your hair 3 – 4 months to adjust to it then decide if its good or not.
      All these are what I usually do, I’m not yet where I want to be but, I’m pretty much ahead off the struggles I had with my hair. At the end of the day, its simplicity that’s called for and nothing else.

      Hope this was helpful πŸ™‚

  53. Hi 4CPrincess!
    Thanks for sharing! Ihave thin 4c hair as well and I do usually do two strands or flat twists. I was wondering if you could recommend a good twist cream as moisture is a problem for me. Thanks!


    1. Hi Shalaria,

      Most of the times the hair mats either because we keep it in one style for too long (varies from person to person) or our night regimen isn’t the right one. If its the night regimen, try not to sleep with your hair un-braided, if you moisturize it frequently before bed do it less or don’t sleep with wet hair, sleep with a satin cloth or something etc.

      And for the breaking ends don’t clip them any more. My ends coil the most, and I learnt after a lot of breakage to leave them this way. when not braided, I just comb my hair and let the ends coil back together. These days my hair is not breaking, I do get losses but its mainly the normal shedding.
      Or it could be too much or too little of moisture and/ protein. These two have to balance or else they cause breakage due to dryness.

      I keep my hair braided most of the times whether it be in twists, cornrows, braids, full sew in, this helps me to reduce the hair manipulation.

      The thing about our hair is that even though they are categorized, those in the same category still behave differently. We have to learn through trial and error, which can be very stressful. But it sums up to two things, Being healthy and learning to retain length.

      Don’t give up, re evaluate your regimen there must be something that you should exclude or something you should include.

  55. I have tight curly hair looks like 4b 4c lots of shrinking going on. My challenge is the top of my hair is shorter then the sides and back. I had blood work done and it not DHT or anything. I have been natural for 20 years and not have been able to get it to grow. But now it is starting to grow but i dont have enough hair to wear any style. It’s long enough to plait but not the top hair. After reading your blog I’m interested in what kind of hair style I can do while it grows out I’m wearing a wig everyday to work would like other options. Btw had braids, weaves and that broke off my hair so not trying to do that again any ideas?

  56. Hi,
    I have cut my hair to go natural and I cover because of my religion. My hair is not long enough to braid or anything at this time and I am trying to let it grow healthy and natural. My type is between 4b and 4c I believe, very thick, coarse and dry. I am not sure what regimen would be best for my circumstances especially because of me wearing my hijab daily it causes my hair to mat although it is really short right now.

  57. My question concerns trimming. Recently I let a stylist who is highly knowledgeable of natural hair trim my hair and I afterwards hated the new length! She said she wasn’t cutting even a half inch off but it sure looked liked it once she was done. She said when hair snaps when it is wet it is in need of a trim. I’d never heard of this so is this accurate? Also, she said natural hair should be trimmed every 3 months. Is this true. I don’t think snapping is such a big indicator of ends that need trimming and though I may enjoy the outcome, I don’t now. I always clip my own ends but last winter, i had breakage so ive just been trying to play it safe because i really dont know what caused it. But it is growing back fully and healthy. Please give me your insight on trimming.

    1. Natural hair doesn’t need trimming, that’s a blunt lie…

      Breakage occurs due to bad hair practices, products that are not fit for your hair, too much or too little protein or moisture-both lead to dry hair, hair brushing against your clothes, unhealthy body, among others reasons.

      Trimming the hair is for damaged hair or ends. If your hair is healthy why trim? and If your hair is damaged why not trim?
      Just as much as trimming depends on your hair condition, so will the period in which you trim. The last time I trimmed my hair was last year, but since I still have a few relaxed ends here and there whenever i find them I trim. Other than that, I don’t trim.

      Since you said you experienced breakage during winter, that’s totally normal. The hair gets drier during winter, so having a winter regimen will assist you with this.

      Now, when your hair is wet and you stretch it or over stretch it and it snaps, you need protein. When your hair is dry and you stretch it but it snaps, you need more moisture. Just remember too much of either of them can still leave you with dry hair. but when using a protein treatment always follow with a moisture treatment – this is what I do-. For you too know when its balanced, every time you stretch your hair it will bounce back to its original position.

      If your hair is always healthy, dusting is a better option, it can be time consuming but it avoids the unnecessarily cut inches.

      So both what she said about natural hair needing trims every 3 months and that wet hair snapping needs a trim, are not true.

      I mainly experience breakage when I am lazy to follow up with protein and moisture treatments so I usually drink more water and consume more protein..
      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  58. Hi my name is Jackie and actually for my hair I already did the big chop. Did it about 3 year ago back in our military station base in Louisiana. NOW my family lives in Guam which will be foe about another 2 years. My hair was relaxed but dying and so I thought we’ll since I gonna have start new why not go natural. However I soon found this to be a big mistake. Mainly because after wards I had no Idea how to take care of it. So a neglected it. Long story short I had tough embarrassing time and more than ready to go kinky. I really help for a good help guidance from this site;I have absolutely no where else to go. I have already accepted that my hair is different and needs different care but I literally have no close associate or guide to help me learn. I believe my hair can have potential. Though it is 4b on top and to the right and 4dc from the middle and back of my hair. I don’t want to have to go back to relaxed because I have seen the beauty in natural hair , and I was told that Guam topical humidity is great for going natural. I really want to grow it out as long and as best as I can before we leave. Recently today I started my new hair journey with tips from this site. First I co-washed using Tresseme luxurious moisture replenishment. Then I washed using ogx hydrating tea tree mint oil blended with milk proteins and micro infused peppermint oils before conditioning again. I normally hairwash twice a week is that ok. 3rd I did the LOC method using water, blue magic coconut oil, beautiful textures moisture butter whipped creme . After ward of used beautiful textures curl defining pudding and putt my hair in braid dow the side of my head before wrapping it with a head scarf so that I could go out. Any advice suggestions. I am open to any thing you have to say concerning in my hair.

    1. Jacqueline,

      We are so happy that you have found great tips on the site! Everyone has good and bad hair days- the best thing you can do for your hair is be patient with it and have a secure regimen. A basic natural hair regimen should include a steady wash schedule: this can be once a week or every few days, depending on your schedule and your hair’s needs. Wash day should include shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning the hair. When styling, try not to manipulate the hair harshly. Using the LOC method is a great way to retain moisture and protective styling (any style that keeps the ends of the hair tucked away) is great for retaining length. BlackNaps is here to help! Don’t give up. πŸ™‚

  59. hi, I love your website! its always so helpful

    I do the LOC method and normally wear my hair in twists or a bun, I detangle my hair when its wash day (once a week) but in the last two washes I keep seeing a small amount of breakage. I had my hair trimmed about 2 months ago but id rather not get another trim- but if I don’t get a trim will my hair keep growing or is this just going to stop growth.

    thanks very much


    1. Sky,

      Thank you! It is recommended that split ends get trimmed because if not, the hair will break further. Keeping your hair trimmed will prevent future damage in the long run. Also, there is a difference between breakage and shedding. Breakage results in damaged hair whereas excessive shedding results in thinning. Black tea or coffee rinses help tame shedding. Breakage can be prevented by wearing low manipulation styles and protective styles.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Sky,

      Trimming has nothing to do with hair growth. It only affects the length of your hair. If your hair is healthy, you won’t have split ends to trim, as simple as that. so the amount of times you trim will determine the length of your. Massaging the scalp twice a day helps with shedding and breakage is as a result of a lot of things like, over manipulating the hair, product build up, too much or too little moisture or protein in the hair, among others, you just have to study your regimen and hair practices.

  60. Hi im very curious about cutting my ends.. I thought I was keeping up with my ends but on Dec 21,2014 I decided to put heat on my hair after 11months of being natural

  61. Hi my name is Ashley and I’ve been natural for about 8 months and I recently cut some of my permed ends a month ago and what I really want to know is can anyone go natural if they never had naturally curly hair? I can see some change in my hair but it’s not really what I expected and its shedding a lot. I do wear a lot of sew ins and box braids and I do get my hair deep conditioned after each hair style. Can you pleas give me advice on what I should or shouldn’t be doing?

    1. You absolutely can! Natural hair comes in many different textures and curl patterns. You won’t be able to tell your true curl pattern until you have trimmed off all of your relaxed ends. Those ends give weight to the hair that may alter the way your natural curl pattern appears. I suggest that you keep going! Try to only keep your sew ins or box braids installed for no more than 4-6 weeks at at time and use a deep conditioner that has protein in it afterwards because your hair needs to be strengthened. Also, I try to give my hair a break between sets for at least 1-2 weeks to let it “breathe.” Transitioning hair can tend to shed a lot but you can try a black tea or coffee rinse to help with this.

  62. I’d like to know exactly what co washing means.. from Nigeria, my hair is below shoulder level, would really love to grow it longer. thanks

  63. I have been experimenting for a very long time with my hair without much success. Recently, I decided that I wanted to learn how to grow my hair without protective styling. That is my personal challenge.

    I became really good at it – so good I could define my 4c curls using a leav in and gel. It was a daily process. I didn’t think defined 4C curls was even possible.

    After a while though, I got lazy. I stopped conditioning my hair. Oh well, the breakage started right back up again. The lesson I have learned throughout this process is that we 4c girls must condition our hair at all times.

    While experimenting, your hair may feel slippery and slimy, but eventually you will find the right mix of conditioner that works for you. You want a combination of products that will allow you to manipulate your hair without it breaking off while maintaining moisturize over time.

    I have begun a regiment of applying a combination conditioners to help detangle and define to my curls, the conditioners must have slip. I will also be performing weekly to monthly deep conditioning protein treatment. I noticed results after the first attempt. I will not go back to PS, and I love my shrinkage because it means my curls are popping.

  64. Hey! I’m fairly new to the natural hair journey and I would appreciate some tips on how to take care of my hair when it’s under protective styling. I almost always have box braids because it’s convenient and I don’t have to harass my hair on a regular. I’m somewhere between 4b and 4c. Thank you in advance

  65. I’ve been natural for 17 yrs. I recently cut my locs due to thinning from the length and weight of the locs and some medical concerns that caused hair loss. Dealing with a twa now and looking for good styling tips for short natural hair. Also looking for the best way to color natural hair. ( would love to color my grays!)

  66. My daughter and I are both natural. I have dreadlocks and she wears braids. She is three years old and her hair is just as coarse as mine. I would say it’s 4c because it’s pretty coarse. And her edges are thin. How can I strengthen her hair and promote hair growth without making her her hate her hair because as of now she hates when I comb it and the last thing I want her to do is ask me for a perm. I want her to love her hair. Any hair product advice for me!

    1. For thin edges: Apply a tiny bit of castor oil. A little goes a long way as the oil is very thick. Wear bigger braids at least one-half inch wide. Also if braids are too tight, it can cause thinning edges.

      Less painful combing: Section her hair into 5 to 6 six sections with your fingers. Keep the sections seperated with cloth ponytail holders or “scrunchies”. Undo 1 scrunchie and spray a detangler or apply a leave-in conditioner to the section of hair. Comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Repeat for each section.

    2. Some people recommend using coconut oil for detangling before the cleansing process.
      After cleansing my hair with a mix of clay/apple cider vinegar/olive oil, and then deep conditioning with a mix of my favorite conditioner and oil, I keep my hair damp, and apply extremely liberal amounts of a mix of conditioners with slip, which means my hair feels slippery and slimy to the touch. As I mentioned in another post, when applying the conditioner, in my opinion, and because my hair loves, the whiter the applied conditioners appear, the better. I currently use Tresemme Naturals, Shea moisture detangler and Belnouvo Hair milk in that order. Also, I have started applying an oil or butter to seal in all that wonderful moisture. My hair is responding well to this mix of products. My hair dries wonderfully and feels very soft and moisturized for days.

      It took lots of experimenting to get this mix of products to work and I continue to experiment. I am now test to determine whether my hair is protein sensitive. Every head of hair is different, so please experiment. There is lots of information out there on hair care that will help you determine which path works best for you and yours.

      Good luck.

      1. I don’t really get into all the hair typing, but I guess I would be categorized as 4b. I have been natural now since June of last yr. I co-wash my hair just about each morning unless I am opting for finger coils or a cute curly fro. I keep my products pretty simple, and I learned that creamy products work best on my hair. I love As I Am co wash, leave-in and coiling gel. Prior to my co wash I use raw coconut oil. After I am done co-washing I then apply the As I Am leave-in conditioner, xtra dark castor oil and last but not least a little bit of the coiling gel. I will usually lightly coil my hair with the gel in the areas that appear less defined so when it dries the curls pop! When I fro my hair the next day if I don’t feel like doing a wash n go I will spritz my hair with some h20 and apply Jessies Pillow top curls then some shea butter to seal in moisture, paying close attention to my ends especially. My hair is super soft for a few days using this method. It’s all about what works best for you. Trial and error.

  67. I believe my hair type to be 4c, currently I’m washing my hair every two weeks, However I’ve been reading online that some people with this hair type wash their hair every 3 days. Is that too much and how often does everyone wash their hair? And what washing/conditioning process would everyone recommend?

    1. There is nothing wrong with washing every three days. If you were to use the max hydration method in the beginning of the process you would wash your hair every day. Washing your hair doesn’t cause dryness as we once believed. It’s the products that we use that is the culprit of dryness. A good starting point would be washing/conditioning once per week. However, ultimately how often you wash is all dependent on the length of your hair (shorter hair is easier to wash more often) your lifestyle and the type of styles that you prefer.

    2. It depends on your hairstyle. When I wear was and goes, I wash and condition my hair everyday. Now that I am wearing twist outs, maybe every third day, because I use shea butter to seal in the moisture.

      I am 4c and I love washing my hair often, because I feel like, working with my hair on a , I learn what works best for my hair. I know some people advise against too much manipulation. I use lots and lots of conditioner when I detangle and style, so breakage is not an issue for me.

  68. I have 4b/4c hair and I want my hair to grow longer and actually have a curl pattern because it has no pattern whatsoever. I need hair tips on growth and curls. Someone please help me πŸ™

    1. I believe that you are asking two questions. One is about defining your curl pattern, and the other is growing your hair and maintaining that growth.

      I am a 4c curly girl. The only way I have found to define my curl pattern is with ultra-conditioning regiment. Water is the first product and most important product I apply in this process, and then I go crazy with the conditioners. I sometimes wash with conditioner, although I have found that a clay mix works much better to cleanse, soften and define the curl. Then, I detangle with a conditioner, and then I might deep condition. I prefer to deep condition overnight with a mix of conditioner and oil. Then I use a mix of between two to three conditioners in a layering process to style. I use lots of conditioner. The hair has to be super soft for curl definition.

      I use the raking and smoothing technique when I apply product at every phase of my regiment – from the cleansing to the styling – in order to encourage the coil. It takes a little while to master this process. If you are patient, you will master it. I use this process whether I am washing and going or installing twists for a twist-out.

      Hair growth is genetic, but you can do a few things to help encourage growth, internally, by eating right, drinking lots of water and exercise, and, externally, installing protective styles and handling your hair with gently. I prefer to condition. I believe the process of using lots of conditioners and oils when detangling and styling can also assist in preventing breakage and therefore retaining length. Before raking through my hair, I make sure my hair is slippery and slimy to the touch with conditioners.

      I seal with shea butter, when I install twists. I sometimes use gel to catch the curl, when I am washing and going, depending on the level of curl definition I am attempting to achieve.

      I don’t use products containing silicones or sulfates, and I may remove products containing protein.

      Good luck.

  69. Hi,

    I’m new to the whole “natural” process. I did the big chop about 2 weeks ago, but I am wearing braids now.
    I have 4c hair, decided to go natural because my hair was thinning out and breaking off constantly. I tried hairfinity, and every other hair vitamin but nothing worked.
    Any good hair care regimen for starters? I’m certainly no expert when it comes to taking care of my natural hair, but i would love for it to look and feel healthy.

    1. My personal recommendation is to keep it simple. You will need a few products: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner. Your styling products will depend on your hair texture and how you choose to wear your hair. I too have Type 4 hair and the LCO method (applying a liquid such as water, leave-in conditioner, and oil after washing) works for me. There are hundreds of products to choose from. I would suggest a product line that is popular and highly recommended, such as SheaMoisture, Dark and Lovely, or Cantu Shea Butter for Naturals to start off with. These products are cost effective and can be found at Target, CVS, Walmart, and/or Walgreens. Lastly, just be patient with your hair. It took me some time to settle into a regimen that worked for my lifestyle but I never gave up or went back to a relaxer. I’ve been natural for 5 years now. You can do it! Also, with your braids, be sure to moisturize weekly and apply oil in order to seal the moisture into your hair. Don’t keep this style in for more than 6-8 weeks. This will keep your protective style from becoming a defective style. After you take your braids out, remove any shed hair with your hands while your hair is dry. If you wet your hair before doing this, it will become a matted MESS and you may end up losing hair. Hope this helps!

      1. I agree. I had to learn the hard way that wetting hair before detangling it after taking down braids is a big Don’t Do!

  70. I have discovered that Soft and Beautiful’s BOtancals Ultra Nourishing Lite Creme Moisturizer (Wal-Mart) keeps my hair soooo moisturized and soft, I do reapply it each day because it does feel like it begins to wear slightly off with each passing day. But you definitely will not have to reapply it repeatedly the same day. The only thing I dont like is that my hair doesn’t get as puffy as it does when I twist it out with just water and oil. It kind of shrinks. Still, it shines and looks radiant all day. Before using this product, my hair would harden and stiffen. There wasn’t much I can do with it but now I feel like my options are limitless.

  71. I was wondering how can I grow my hair and keep it moisturized and define my curl pattern I’m also 4c and did my big chop over two years ago but it feels like my hair hasn’t really did any growing. Because I have such a chubbyy face I’m also so scared of protective styling. Any opinions or suggestions?

    1. Hello, I am dealing with the same problem I have 4c hair for most part and my hair has not been growing seems like it. I would like tips on night routine for most part.

  72. i have 4b/c hair that I have trying to grow out since February 2014. My issue was that I did not know my hair type at the time nor did I know there were forums like these to help people like me. My daughter did some research about growing thick long natural locks and shared the information with me. Since she has 4a/b hair, not all of the information could be used. I say this because even though people of color have worn natural hair styles; I do not believe anyone has disseminated information that will actually help, without wanting large sums of money for the information. That being said, I have found many good tips from watching YouTube. Maybe try it.


  74. I have dryhair that sucks up oil amd moisture with on one day. itchy scalp that gets these blood and pus filled bumps from time to time and a wake point the top were bangs and my side part usually is what do I need to do to get it to grow in thinck an keep length?

    1. I have a similar situation. You should go to a dermatologist to determine if you have a scalp concern. It may not sound pleasant but the truth of the matter is that there are skin disorders that are genetic or brought on by the products we use in our hair and on our skin. I had terrible dandruff as a kid and everyone said β€œOil your scalp. You don’t oil your scap enough.” Oil/hair grease natural or not made my scalp go crazy…like it wanted to peel itself from my skull. It would become hot, red, inflamed, the dandruff would get worse, and most of all itchy. As if my scalp is suffocating. It was not until college that I decided to go to a dermatologist for a bump on my foot that became as large as a silver dollar and I was diagnosed with dyschidotic eczema that I realized that my scalp could be suffering from more than dryness. I was then diagnosed with psoriasis. Jam told that both dyschidotic eczema and psoriasis are passed down genetically are triggered by infection, stress, or trauma of some form. I only experience psoriasis on my scalp. I was prescribed Nizoral 2% to shampoos with and it instantly gave me relief. I am no doctor but I do recognize your symptoms as something more than dry scalp or a simple reaction to oil. I can apply very light natural oils to my scalp with no problems now but rarely feel the need to. I make my own hair butters/oils and mainly apply them to the hair but at time of skin build up and dryness I will apply an oil or Shea to my scalp WITHOUT it feeling as if it were suffocated. Nizoral 1% can be purchased in the store on the shampoo isle. It is not as effective as the 2% but it is still worth using. When out of the Nizoral 2% I use the 1% twice a week. I first shampoo ONCE with the Nizoral then shampoo with a shampoo for natural hair. If my hair is extra dry I may do a hot oil treatment before shampooing. Go to the dermatologist.

  75. Idk about the thickening, however, wash your scalp and then stop oiling it for a week or 2 and see if the itching stops. That worked miracles for me. I know it’s hard to not use oil but its worth it.

  76. I’m currently transitioning and I haves 4b n n n 4c hair, combing it is not easy and I would like to know if there are products I can use to soften it.

      1. The kanechome conditoner with goat milk is awesome for the hair I’ve been using it now for about a year and my hair is so soft and beautiful my natural curls are coming out and I always get compliments from people on how beautiful my hair is since I started using this and the breakage is almost to none. I purchased it on Amazon for 9.19

    1. WATER!!! WATER!!! WATER!!! Get yourself a spray bottle and an oil of your choice *coconut oil* or *olive oil* and mix it in your spray bottle. Use that before combing your hair! I rarely get any shedding.

  77. I have 4C hair and have recently learned that mixing Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Virgin Olive Oil together and spraying my hair with it really moisturizers and leaves my hair real soft. I have tried all types of products but this is the ONLY thing that works for me. My hair feels wonderfully soft and looks good. Try it.

  78. I’ve done protective styles for the longest and I have 4c hair bu hasn’t grown all it does it breaks off why is that?

    1. Nutrition and eating healthy is also important and well as taking a supplement to help support hair growth. If the blood going to the hair isnt nutient rich the hair will not grow strong.

      I had some breakage when I first began to transition. I started using coconut oil on my hair and scalp every other day to reduce breakage. Rosemary essential oil with help to thicken the hair.

      I would braid hair , oil my scalp and wear an wig. Then wash my hair once a week with a sulfate free shampoo or a black soap shampoo . Sometimes a plastic bag treatment under the wig. I found my hair stopped breaking. Moisture, how you handle your hair, and your diet play a big part in hair growth.

      As far as supplements…multivitamin, biotin, B complex, and MSM. MSM works to lengthen the growth cycle of hair.

      Good luck!

  79. What are some low manipulation protective styles I can use for my short 4a hair? I usually keep my hair braided is this good to do ?

    1. Braids are perfect if they are not tight, especially around your edges where your hair gets weakened and slowly cones out, and becomes noticeable over a certain period of time. It could grow back or it could stay bald, depending on hiw much of it was pulled.

  80. I have really thick 4b type hair , I rarely get relaxers maybe twice a year but it’s very hard managing my thick hair and keeping it to a growing point . I don’t know much about hair . And I don’t know any protective styles or shampoo or moisturizers I should use for my thick 4b hair , any help ?! Or tips ?!

    1. Hello
      I have natural 4b/4c hair. I have learned so much by researching and learning about the different natural oils that are awesome for hair. Protective styles not only braids, crochet braids are great to have there is so much verstatility. Two strands twist are great styles as well. You can invest in wigs and twist your hair under neath. Coconut oil,jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin e, black Jamaican castor oil, great for natural hair. I encourage you to look on YouTube for natural hair tips of all kinds. There are great regimens women have
      . Good bless continue to research and Love your hair it’s beautiful

  81. I have natural 4c hair and extremely hard to manage, I normally were it plaited or braided but Iam trying to let it breath for a while. My hair is really spongy, I have tried curls unleashed and cantu products nothing seems to be working for me. Is the any advice you or suggestion

    1. Cantu works best for hair types 3a-3c not 4a-4c. Find a different type of product that’ll work. Bantu knots are a good style for people with 4c hair, whether they are in the knots or taken out it looks very pretty and curly. Our hair sponges up really easily when wet so we must reframe from using too many wet products that aren’t moisturizing our hair.

  82. I have had the absolute hardest time with my natural hair couldn’t comb it. It was dry and brittle.. first if you have course hair like mines you have to let your hair breath invest in a wig. second spray your hair with water every day third moisture your hair every other day us black girls have to keep our hair with oils! You’ll thank me later.

  83. You ladies can learn a lot from watching YouTube videos on how to care for your type of hair. I have learn about ACV rinses,garlic rinses, how to make natural products etc. Try watching

  84. I have no ideal what is going on with my natural hair,it grow and falls out when I had a perm seems like(cut my hair short and 2 months later it was back but now I have been natural for over 6years and my hair wont grow past my neck and its also thinning out please help me anymore..

    1. First of all please do not perm your hair again stay natural it’s better. Google different types of natural hair and find out what type of hair type you have, for example I have 4c. That’ll help you with knowing which products work best with your hair and how you should take care of it. Biotin, is a liquid that helps with hair growth and hair loss. If you use it I promise it’ll make you hair grow longer and stay stronger more. You should only wash your hair every 3/4 weeks if you wash it too much that strips it of its nutrients. You find out your hair type, learn how to care for it, use the right products, and make sure you don’t have any split ends and you’ll be fine. Hopefully this helps and you DON’T perm your hair love ?❀

      1. I have 4b and 4c type hair could you advise me on what products I should purchase. Especially a moisturizer

  85. Ok all the ladies! Use any type of milk or mainly coconut milk. Coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil! The milk is to keep you from being bald and grows your hair because of the protein and the linaic acid. Well, however the L-acid in coconut milk is spelled. Our island sisters everywhere uses that as a conditioner and softener. See the tropic sisters from whatever island country. They have strong or/and long tresses and no stresses.
    The egg and honey for baldness and for strength and antibacterial cleansing and healing the scalp!
    Also, hair will be manageable and soft. Remember, to use some oil of coconut or your choice of an oil.

    Grow your hair and love it. Eat veggies and sea or marine foods. Kelp always helps. Brewer’s yeast, nutritional yeast, and a little beer on the head for hair volume the darker the better. Full of B vitamins. PABA. Biotin, and B-complex and sulfer! Cabbage and the like eat up.

    You will get hair in a hurry, see the little fuzzies on the scalp! Use a massager and heat cap too. Love yourself and express yourself! Love your textures and enhance them through experimenting styles without chemicals too. But if you use chemicals do you and take care too!

    Damage can be fixed. I had a chemical damage for 8 years on my scalp and my hair is now growing. I spent just 1.5 months doing this and wasted not doing this over 7.75 years ago. My hair could have been saved but I am telling you try this and see! If not, go to a dermatologist or a tricologist.

  86. My hair is very dry I don’t know what else to do. I been nature a year for some reason all my hair fell out around the side of my head. Big patches. I use Shea moisture product. My hair type is 4/c and 4/b. Please help am about to go back to perming it.

  87. I’ve been (straight) natural for 9 years. Prior to becoming a mother, I went to the salon weekly. Now that I can’t afford it, I’m seeking assistance to learn and maintain healthy hair at home. I’ve decided to stop buying products to get I can come to a better understanding. So today, I’ve read that I need a (1) pre-poo, (2) shampoo, (3) deep conditioner, (4) a blow dry and flat iron protector, and (5) oil for moisture. I think I am a 4C, very coily, tangy.

    Can I please get some assistance? Am I on the right track?


    1. You definitely have all the ensentials to start your journey. As time goes on you will discover new products that will work or may not work. Its all trial and error, so it will take time to find what works for you.
      Good luck on your hair journey. πŸ™‚

  88. There are tons of u tube hair videos .But first you must know your hair type.Then find video with the same hair type as you so you don’t have as many set back growing your hair then things will go smoother for you. Here are a couple u tube video’s to get you started. I hope you have many hair blessing on your hair journey and our Heavenly Father Loves us all.

    Copy and paste on u tube.

    Whats Your Hair Type?
    by ulovemegz

    4C Natural Hair – Hair Porosity – High/Low
    by NaturalMe4C

  89. I just started my hair journey and I got the basics down on how to care for my hair and my daily hair regimen. Everything is definitely working for me but right now I’m having a hard time finding protective styles that I actually like and would feel comfortable wearing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I feel you. Check out “The Curly Closet” on Instagram or You tube. She has a couple videos with styles for curly or blow out hair. I found them to be very helpful as I start my journey and learn how to style my natural hair. She shows you how she does her shampoo, leave in conditioner styles, detangle, and so many other things. Very informative!!!

  90. I am a full 4C hair type what products do I use on my hair to make it very soft all day long and Moisturize all day long.

    1. Depends on the style. If you are wearing a twistout or some similar style use very little moisturizing product and cover it with a generous amount of oil based product. For protective styles, do the opposite using more moisture and less oil.

      For daily or weekly moisture, I use some kind of hair milk and castor oil. After wash and deep condition, I also use a generous amount of Curl Passion Fruit Paste to seal in the most moisture, along with the milk and oil.

      Experimenting is the key to hair success. I hope this helps.

  91. My 3yr old daughter is a 4c and very dry. Her hair is also VERY short, like a little fro. What can I do to keep moisture in her hair and promote growth? Thanks in advance.

  92. I have 4A hair but Im on blood thinners which have made my hair fall out and my hair has been over processed and I cut all the processed colored hair off and now is my first day wearing a 1 1/2″ afro. I have no idea how to take care of my hair and to make it grow and be healthy again. I also have been taking 10,000 i.u. of ultra biotin for the breakage and it started filling in my edges. Please HELP!!!!

  93. I transitioned my hair back to natural but it didn’t come out like an Afro it is very short and it’s also breaking please how can make it grow well and become an Afro or longer?

  94. I transitioned my 4c hair to natural but it doesnt look natural and it breaks a lot and also shed when I wash it..
    Please what should I do

  95. So my hair is not long, it is severely damaged at the temples and even though I try to just wear my wig its not growing. I have 4c hair and tried just doing crochet braids, but when I took them out the last time two dime sized bald spots were visible. I am contemplating cutting my hair to 1 inch so that I don’t need to braid it down under my wig and then maybe it can all even Up! as it grows back?

  96. Hi my name is Shavon. My hair pattern is a 4c. It’s really thin and like to break off. I’m struggling to maintain my hair growth. Do you have any tips I can use so that my hair can grow back to shoulder length?.

    1. From my own experience
      I do my hair mask once in a month and which i use coconut cream, white onion, egg and avocado with olive oil blend together and apply it directly in my hair and let it sit for 50mins then wash it off with sulfate free shampoo and cold water ……Please kindly avoid warm water to wash hair in order not to have your the egg cooked in your hair
      And after this mask has been washed out i kindly apply castor oil in my hair and plait my natural hair
      And i take vitamin E pills regularly which helps as well
      And pls stay away from any form of heat be it hair straightener or hair blow dryer better let your hair dry naturally and gives it time there is nothing like magic but it works just you have to be consistent, mostly onion juice works for hair thinning
      Am a living proof no sugar coating it works for me

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