What Natural Hair Products Do I Need?

What Natural Hair Products Do I Need?

There are no absolute product brands that you must have, but these are the kinds of products that you should definitely have:


Shampoo – You want to go with a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. Sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils and end up leaving it dry. This is why women of color often associate washes with dryness, it most cases its not the water itself that is drying to the hair, its the products that are being used.


Conditioning is probably one of the most important aspects of your hair care routine because it replenishes the protein that we lose in our hair on a daily basis. When  you make conditioning a part of your regimen you will notice overtime more strengthened hair and it also aids with your hair’s ability to retain moisture.


Water based moisturizer – A good moisturizer will have water as its first ingredient. You want to choose a moisturizer that contains humectants or ingredients like aloe which is a super curl friendly product.


While coconut oil has been said to have moisturizing properties, the purpose of oils and butters overall is to seal moisture into the hair, not to moisturize it. Nevertheless, you will find having a good oil to be a necessary part of your product collection. Jojoba oil has a similar composition to sebum, a natural oil that is found on the scalp making it a great option for sealing moisture in. Coconut oil is good to use before you wash your hair to protect it from dryness.

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  1. I use all of those ingredients. I also use Cupuacu butter (kinda expensive to me), Hemp seed butter and Brazil nut butter. Other great oils for hair that people tend to overlook is Safflower oil (I really like how light it is), Apricot Kernel oil (no it ain’t just for skin) and Castor oil in small doses. But for real though, if you can figure out how to use Palm oil without getting it all over your clothes, it makes a great deep condish.

  2. i am having a hard time with my natural nappy nappy kinky hair. what do i do or what should i use on it. it draws up so bad. LOL


    1. Hi, use a shampoo without sulfate. A Shampoo which contains sulfate will only dry your hair. You can also make a hair treatment with natural oils olive/jojoba oils. The Havana Curls leave in conditioner is highly recommended to moisturize your hair 😉

  3. hello, i recently have cut my hair and i’m starting over. i’ve noticed that my hair is always dry, even when i condition, and use all of the proper things, hours later its dry (even worse when its cold outside) i have no clue to what else i can put in my hair to keep it moisturized. my mother says to use honey or virgin olive oil. i have 4b type hair so is that okay to use?

    1. Hi, it is really important to wash your hair with a shampoo without sulfate. Don´t use a hair dryer for drying the hair. To moisturize your hair you need a leave in conditioner. I am using a natural leave in conditioner “Havana Curls”. It works really good for curly hair 🙂

  4. I have been natural for a while now about fours years and I think my hair growth has been stunted I recently gave in and relaxed a pat of my hair to weave it because I was fed up and wanted to return to relaxer. I am totally regretting that now but I am great full that I have found this website I am learning how to better care for my hair and I cant wait to enjoy my natural even more now. Thanks for all the tips.

  5. two questions from the curious: one product on the recommended list is Luster Curl S-Curl. old skool, yes… so here goes: does that mean if folks knew how to handle their jheri curls way back when the results would have been much different?
    i had one once… couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. now i’m wondering (not too hard), did jheri just get a bad rap?

    the other question has to do with getting curl when there are clearly different hair types going on, on one head? do you recommend different products for different sections?

  6. I’m tired of my hair. I have found that Mixed chicks does work, but I’m having a hard time finding a product to rejuvenate my hair. I’m discouraged and ready to chop it off or get a Keratin treatment. I only style it in the up style with no definition. It’s constantly without shape and I would like to wear it in other styles, but it’s ugly. Please help.

  7. Hello, I need help with my hair. I did a big chop back in April 2013 but i wore quick weaves until 09/2013 when my hair was at a length that i liked. Then i started taking care of it naturally. It’s been growing well and better than i expected. Recently i washed my hair using Shea Moisture Black Soap Clarifying shampoo. After I washed it my hair felt kinda brittle and stripped. Is that normal and how do i combat it? After i did my twistout my hair still felt kinda strip but not as bad as after I shampooed it. Help!!!

  8. I have been natural for about five years l am not going back because l like what God gave me. Yes it’s hard to deal with but sooner or later success will come. My hair is kinky curly because it’s not greasy or no dandruff l don’t wash it often. In the summer l dry my hair under the sun and after shampoo use leave in conditioner by IC or do grow. My hair loves mango & lime for twist & locs it just soak into my hair. Well happy combing and thanks for tips.

  9. I’ve been natural for about a year now but got my 3 1/2 to 4 inches hair cut very low due to dryness and my inability to manage it. I then kept getting my hair cut in a low fade about every 6 weeks until early Dec 2015 and it is now about one and a half inches when stretched. I want to know what type of products are best for 4b hair (which I think I have after wetting my hair and letting it dry then examining its pattern). Should I use gels or creams for twisting?

  10. i am having a problem with dry scalp and dandruff,so which products can i use for that problem.Thank you

    1. olive oil is the best.i used the extra virgin one.
      especially the dark green one since most of the natural content has not been stripped off.
      just apply on scalp before washing and let it stay for about 5 minutes. wash, then apply afterward.
      works like a charm!

  11. Hi my 4c natural hair has mor vrown in six months. I am using jojoja oil and exta virgin olive oil and shae butter. Nut it wont grow. Please help. I cant use any oil such as castor and mint oils because they irritate my nerve condition. Please do u know of a oil that stimulates haolir growth that does not cause a feeling to my scalp thank u. I want my hair to grow

  12. Hi, I’ve been natural since 2008, but I usually keep my hair flat ironed. These past 4 to 6mos my hair has been shedding extremely bad. When I wash it the first week it doesn’t shed bad. But after the first week it starts again and I have bad dandruff. Are there any products you would recommend?

    1. Try products with tea tree oil, Giovanni makes a good shampoo and conditioner. It’s very soothing to the scalp. You could also try using a traditional dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders. As for the shedding make sure what you are experiencing is not breakage: http://naturalandproud.com/2014/09/07/understanding-the-difference-between-shedding-and-breakage-how-you-can-tell-these-two-apart/

      Be careful with your heat usage frequent heat use takes a toll on your hair.

  13. Hi, I just know decided to let my hair grow naturally after years of my mom and stepmother perming my hair and I just found out that my hair is 3c . I was wondering if there is anyway my natural hair can replace the permed her without trimming and if there is certain things I need to do weekly to my hair.

      1. Hi my hair type is 4C. I’ve trimmed all the perm out. Its been about 4 months now. My hair is very nappy and coily. What can I use on it to loosen the curly coils and for it to grow.

  14. I been transitioning for 3 years, and my hair is very brittle. I do hot oil treatments and protein treatments monthly, but I don’t like the texture of my hair. Only good thing about my hair is that it’s thick, but the length is not growing. My hair sheds ALLOT. Any suggestions?

  15. Hi, I’m transitioning back to natural after 9 years of having dreads. My main concern is the amount of damage of my hair. I am combing them out and the natural shed hair is coming out but my hair is still very thick. My hair type is 4c and the texture is very dry. I go back to school soon and I just wanted to find the best products to fully repair my hair. I know that I’ll have to have my split ends cut but I wanted to try to treat it at home so I could avoid the expenses of going to a salon.

  16. Good evening. I have to say am loving your blog. I cut off part of my heat damaged hair yesterday after which I then fixed on it. My hair is really soft but at the same time reaaally scanty. What type of conditioner would you recommend please? I use traditional African black soap and traditionally made coconut oil. What other products would u advise I use to achieve healthier and thicker hair now that am basically restarting my hair again? Thanks in advance.

  17. Hello Iv’e been a transitioned natural for 4 yrs now and I must say Iv’e really completely fell out of touch with my hair for the past 3 months it has Tremendously broken off mostly on the nape and crown and on the left back corner…smh. So in all where do I begin to get back on track?

  18. I really want to take treating my natural hair serious but I don’t know where to start from.please I need basic tips.thanks

    1. Hello, oyekan olorunnifemi.

      When it comes to treating your hair, You can start by making some homemade treatments that include the following products: -Apple cider Vinegar (helps increase shine, removes buildup and cleanses the scalp), avocado(adds moisture, and contains proteins and vitamins that will strengthen the hair), mayonnaise(good for moisture and protein, eggs (protein), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (contains Vitamins A and E—both good for fighting dandruff), and yogurt (fights frizz). There are many others.

      There is also the hot oil treatment, which is warming an oil, like Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil or Grape seed Oil and massaging it into your scalp. Then you cover your head with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer. If you do not have a hooded dryer, you can heat some water in a microwave, dampen a towel, (Not soaking wet, just a lil damp) and wrap that around the plastic cap to generate heat. Do that for 15 minutes. When you’re done, you can wash out the oil with some water. DO NOT MICROWAVE THE OIL!! MICROWAVING KILLS THE OILS NATURAL NUTRIENTS !!

      Or you can buy treatments. I recommend these:
      -Shea Moisture Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
      -Cantu Deep Treatment Masque

      Hope this was helpful 😉

  19. Hello, my hair types fall in the 3B and 3C category…very soft and unmanageable. I was recommended the Blue Bliss line by Curls…do you have any thoughts on the brand.

  20. I am a 4c girl and have been natural for about 6 years. As of now I am very unhappy with my 4c hair. I am 57 years old and had a stroke two years ago. From my appearance it does not appear that I had a stroke. But one of the side effects is the strength in my right side, especially my arm and hand. I am beginning to think that it is best that I return to the crack. I tried the texturizer but it broke my hair off tremendously when I tried to flat iron. My hair has grown back, but it is hard for me to maintain. There is always these little knots on the end. My hair shrinks a lot, but I can deal with the shrinkage as long as it does not look like balls on the end. When I touch my hair the ends always has tangles and knots. I am unable to locate a natural hair beautician in my area. I wear a lot of wigs, but lately I’ve been wearing my hair back with a ban across the front because I am beginning to loose my edges. I can not wear braids because they are to painful. I work at the office so you can imagine the looks I get with my natural hair out. I forgot to tell you that I also have a part time job, so my day consist of working 14 hour days including traveling. PLEASE HELP BEFORE I RETURN TO THE CREAMY CRACK

  21. Hello, I´ve been using keratin treatments to relax my hair since forever, starting with Brazilian products that seemed great at the beginning, but for some time now, keratin treatment only seem to thin out my hair and my ends look hideous. Its always the same length and looks like hay. Since a child Ive always had my hair relaxed, and now Ive been trying to go back to natural ( 25 years later). It doesn’t grow much, and its very curly in the roots but flat for the most part, and it doesn’t look nice no matter how much money I spend in Kerastasse and Redken products. Im not brave enough to cut it so short and get rid of all the processed hair. Please help me regain my curls ( I think I might be a 4C type, but Im not sure). Is there any way to undo my keratin processes? Is there any special product for this problem? Why doesn’t it grow and why are my ends so ugly!?

  22. Great recommendation, no matter what skin care products you use, the most important thing is the Neutriherbs moisturizer in my daily skin care. It has a good moisturizing effect and moisturizes the skin. It is the best moisturizer I have ever used Frost

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