Know Your Hair Type

Know Your Hair Type


4a hair has a defined curl pattern almost like a “s” shape. Generally speaking it retains moisture fairly well, but as with most curly hair types can still be prone to dryness. Being that this hair type has a naturally defined curl pattern wash n’ go styles may be a great option as it can be easily achieved with the right product and technique.

4b hair has a “z” shape pattern and has a more fluffy cottony appearance. Due to the bends and curves in the hair strand it is highly susceptible to dryness and breakage. This hair type shrinks up to 70% so without stretching out the hair it will appear shorter than it actually is.

4c hair looks similar to 4b hair type only it is more tightly coiled. In its raw state (no products added and freshly washed) it does not have a defined curl pattern. Coils have to be defined by either twisting, braiding, or shingling through the strands. Many 4c naturals have shrinkage up to 70% or more. 4C hair type does best with products on the heavier creamier side. Learn more about the best 4c hair products. In order to grow 4c hair long, you have to be very gentle with it as it is the most fragile hair type. See more tips for 4C hair growth also see 4C hairstyles that help to reduce tangles and breakage.

Do you want more defined curls? Try this!

3a hair has well defined loopy curls. It may be prone to frizz, so it is best to use light products that will give you a nice hold. To avoid dryness for daily cleansing of the hair try cleansing your hair with conditioner only.

3b hair curls are well defined with less space between each bend and curve than 3a hair. The texture may be coarse and dense. To prevent buildup use light products and use cleansers that are sulfate free and silicone free.

3c hair as a defined corkscrew shape and has the smallest space between the bends in the hair strand of all the type 3 hair types. Avoid heat use when possible by instead using stretching techniques: braids, twists or bunning your hair. Cleanse and deep condition once per week and  moisturize often with light botanical gels free from harsh ingredients.

More than one hair type?

It’s quite common for us to have more than one texture in our hair. Your edges may be 4b while the majority of your hair is 4a type. Or you may have 4a hair with some 3c strands for example. Remember no two heads of hair are alike. Hair type systems are good for learning about your hair or what could potentially be best for it, but they are by no means an absolute standard. Use it as guidance and always go by what you know works best for your hair.

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379 thoughts on “Know Your Hair Type

  1. These models look like their hair has been twisted, loosened, then styled. If those styles were completely combed out, it they would all have kinky (nappy) hair. There is no such thing as “4a, 4b, 4c” hair.

    1. What are you talking about? When I wash my hair and air dry (NO STYLING), it looks like the model 4b. If you comb it out, you will not be able to understand what your curl pattern truly looks like.

    2. I think when 3c to 4 hair curls are disorganized when they’re picked out as a whole…it’s as if you’re trying to create one giant curl on your whole head, which produces the afro effect. You can comb the curls individually without disorganizing them.

  2. Calm down! Your true curl pattern remains no matter how much you comb it; it’s called nappy or kinky hair, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Embrace it. Now, unless you’re born with “naturally curly hair” the only other way to perpetrate curls is with chemicals and a curling iron or twists. Twists are too time consuming to do every night just to maintain that corkscrew look. Chemicals and heat are damaging, and a wash and go (which I believe you utilize), is not good for the hair because it has to be combed out…sorry.

    1. I had that misconception until I experimented with my own hair. Combing the hair as a whole will produce an afro effect…or nappy hair…as you call it: The curls become disorganized.

      Combs were not exactly designed for curly hair. Combs are meant to organize the strands of straight hair so they line up all in a row. The problem with that is, each curl doesn’t line up perfectly. The only way to use a comb on curly hair and maintain the curls is to comb curl by curl. It’s more efficient to use your fingers to de-tangle curl by curl than to use the comb.

      If you comb curl by curl, you have to comb gently, not snapping the hair like a slingshot when the comb reaches the end, and not combing through multiple times. Comb through only until no resistance is or two times.

      The point is that curly hair is different…REALLY different! It needs very special handling. What was designed for straight – or near straight – hair doesn’t work well on curly hair. THAT is what natural women need to come to terms with!

      If we mishandle our hair, we’ll get undesirable results and think that it’s just the way things are…though, I wouldn’t characterize an afro as undesirable; it’s one type of handling that produces a certain effect. If afro is what you’re going for, then comb away!

      If you want to keep your curls organized…then you have to handle carefully.

  3. Sweetheart, I have 40 years of EMBRACING it (long before natural was popular and probably long before you were a thought) so YOU calm down. When you make statements like “there’s no such thing” and “wash and go is not good for the hair” I chuckle. You DO NOT have to comb your hair out; it’s the comb (and the way you utilize it) that does more damage. Is that what they teach you in beauty schools these days, or are you picking up your random facts from perusing internet sites or from friends as uninformed as you? 40 years hun! So your attempt to be condescending and your efforts to try an school me… EPIC FAIL! Oh, wait! Did I mention “40 years” of experience, hair care, and scientific study in natural hair?? Just try to tell my healthy, long, natural hair that “wash and go’s” are bad and that it has to be combed out; It would laugh at you too. Study…scientifically! Learn for yourself by experience! And speak to others who have been doing this MUCH longer than the past 20 years! But for goodness sakes, until you do… DON’T go around proclaiming things like this to the public. It’s statements like these that keep our people confused! Evidently, that’s what happened to you… and I am NOT sorry.

    1. I have been on my natural journey for 5 months and I do wash and goes daily and my 3c/4a hair loves it. I am of African descent. I totally agree with you in all you said. Its reading post and taking advice from the veterans that has my hair beautiful, and my journey is not full of road blocks. My journey has been like a research project at school, I have my notebook and pen and take notes. Most of all I listen, research, implement or archive until needed. Very well said.

      1. Oh I forgot I haven’t used a comb or brush on my tresses in 3 months, and my curls are always pop’n, wash and goes or damp and goes. I don’t have to 2 strand twist either to have curls, my hair loves water.

      2. This is awesome! Keep learning! Keep challenging and pushing! That is truly what our Brothers and Sisters need to do to move further; not just in hair care… in everything! Do what is right for you and your hair. As long as you keep learning, listening and showing humility to those who have really “walked it out”, you position yourself for excellence!

  4. Oh, and one more thing. Regarding models 3a and 3b, 3b Hispanic descent – naturally curly. 3a Irish descent – naturally curly i.e. no need of “perpetrating curls” as you put it. You would notice that if you weren’t lurking trying to be critical.

  5. Braids, cornrows, twist, “wash and go(s)”, etc. are styles unique to OUR heritage. Resistance of embracing your hair’s natural state and feelings of getting acquainted with grooming YOUR hair is one of the many subliminal effects devaluation, slavery and miscegenation has had on our race. Knowing how to groom your hair should come naturally because it is YOU. It is essential to detangle and eventually comb your hair to prevent breakage. If we are going to be true to ourselves as African Americans, being honest with your true hair structure is essential and not just treating it as a trend or political statement, otherwise you’ll just end up becoming an uninformed victim in search of that product that will give you “good hair”, when there is really no such thing because it actually involves genetics. Creating a 4a, 4b…, etc concept stems from the “Madam C. J. Walker” syndrome all over again. It is another maneuver of the hair industry’s to make money by deceptively feeding on your insecurities.

    Hopefully, the day will come inwhich the consensus in this country is that the kinkier the hair is symbolizes higher status and (beauty).

    1. Evidently you do not have good reading comprehension; and miss lady, I was far from angry and just in case I confused you with the CAPS, I will use bold to emphasize my points.

      Too bad that you exemplify one big thing that is going on with many of our youth today… you don’t listen. You think you are so educated; you buck against experience and wisdom and move towards arrogance and pride. You speak of things that you only read about and think that makes you well spoken/educated but you don’t stop to listen to those who lived it in order to gain wisdom and eventually, real respect. The bad thing is when I read your post, it makes no sense as a rebuttal to my previous post. It sounds like you are cutting and pasting information and not understanding a thing; you’re not even backing yourself up… you are contradicting yourself from your first post!! Your post is schizophrenic. Also, I notice you only mention the 4 hair structure. It sounds like you only have animosity towards the breakdown of the 4s. Hmmm… why aren’t you bothered by the 3s if your so against categorization??

      I’m not mad at you, I feel for you. And like I said before, I have studied, and continue to study, so I do not need the hair industry to let me know what is good for my hair. I am southern old school so I make things that are natural for hair… always have and always will. I do not push products, but I do know that classification does help people understand how to take better care of their hair; to know what to expect from their hair. It’s like using abbreviations, but unless you are a person that never uses an abbreviation (never … and I highly doubt that you are), then you wouldn’t understand. I educate people on how to come out of the mindsets that you speak of. Education is key! And please stop trying to give me a history lesson… it’s laughable. Much of what you’re talking about I, and many of my friends and family, have fought through, especially when it comes to disproving what people say about natural hair. Your hair and your body have strengths that you will never know if you continue to allow people to feed you blocks and stops about it and you not learn from those who have been around much longer than you (do I really have to reiterate this??) Come on now… T.H.I.N.K! I can talk about this till I am blue in the face, but the more I think about it, the more I think you are a Troll. As I reread this, I can’t believe that you would post such a confusing post after reading my post. So, I hope that others will learn from what I wrote, even if you only did this to prompt some sort of rise, I am grateful for the chance to share with others who would be wise enough to take wisdom and not just talk!

      1. I read somewhere that Andre Walker did not create the 3c and 4c classification, but that someone on did. I did not research if this is true, I just read it on a blog. Anyway, I have 4c hair and I went for years not knowing my texture, because I bought into the idea that it is dividing and we don’t need to know blah blah blah blah. So I would go on youtube and watch people get these magnificent results on their hair and then try it or buy the product and it just did’t work for me. It wasn’t until I sat down and looked at the hair typing systems (Andre Walker and LOIS) for myself and found out what my texture is that I started getting better results and feeling better about this whole natural thing. So I think there is some merit to the typing system, it keeps expectations in check. Now I follow what works for me and not what I see other people do. I could wash my hair everyday and it wouldn’t hurt, my hair loves it. It grows more when I wet it down than when I keep it dry to try to retain some style, like twist out to get that curly look. So I am officially over all of that. I love my 4c hair, even though I do get frustrated at times. I wear my fros, corn rows and things like that. I remember having a next door neighbour (a big woman for me at that time) who had natural hair and now I recall some of the things I saw her do and try to implement them, because otherwise with all the noise currently about natural hair, you will get lost and do the wrong things.

  6. I leave everyone with this last post… S.T.R.E.T.C.H. what you learn! C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. what you hear! Don’t just read something from an internet site or a book or hear a lecture and call it “bond”! Always find out if there are people who have done things differently… successfully!!! Find out how they challenged and changed the status quo!

    Don’t be lazy DO THE WORK! (Yes, I yelled that one) Do the work that no one else will do. You want to know about hair??? Search the archives for the old, tried and true, tested and approved folks. Not these new age, “this can never be done”, wet behind the ear folks who think they are doing something cause they read a book or two, watched the DVD series of Roots (and NO! It’s not about hair) and now they think they are experts. Don’t follow the Hair Care industry! Make your own hair care! But you can’t do that if you don’t fully understand your hair (whatever the categorization it is!)

    You will get foolish people (those who despise and lack wisdom) to try and flex their knowledge all the time! Be discerning, listen and read thoroughly! You will eventually see them for the fools that they are because foolishness can never cease to show it’s ugly head. Do not be deceived!!!

    Much love, much peace, much wisdom, much life…
    Yaya “Mama Priestess”

    1. Thank you. Actress, I wish I had elders like you to help me embrace my natural curl pattern. I did turn to science before I even thought of youtube. Then plenty of product and procedural trials got me here. I love my 3b/3c curls ,and I even love my stubborn section that wants to play 2a. Yes, everyone….I am a black American. Dark skin, even.

  7. Wow! This has been truly distrubing. It makes me really sad to see women talking to each other this way. You don’t empower someone by putting them down. Here I am browsing, reading, looking for insight in different places, and to come across someone with “40 plus years experience” talking to another female in such a terrible way, is very sad. I think there are ways to get your point across without being rude. I look to challenge younger girls in a positive way and help them gain confidence. I do that because its the right thing to do and hopefully other black women will to the same for my daughter as she grows up.

    I really hate a read this.

  8. hi i started going natural about 2 months ago and i really enjoy embracing it since i have alreaddy had dread locs twice in my life.but im having a hard time getting my hair to coill r dfine twist outwhen ,i untwist my hair is stretched then when it hits the air it puffs out agin help what advice do you have otherwise i settle for short pulled back afro puff i have4c type but i want to get defne curls

    1. Hi Wanda. There are a few methods to try. First,I would like to know what you are using. Hair that isnt retaining moisture will frizz out and lose definition. You may need a better sealer or some hold. Second, is your hair completely dry?

  9. I have been natural for 5 years & still don’t know what shampoo to use for my hair. Most shampoos dry out my hair to the point where its matted and locked immediately after washing. I was using Shea Moisture and it was working for a while but now my hair is matted with that too. Is there any shampoos that you would recommend??? I use Kinky Curly Detangling which works well after but I need to start at the source.

    1. Hey. I had the same problem. I also used Shea Moisture, and it did the same thing to my hair. I now use Terressentials, the cool mint. It’s an organic shampoo that cleanses your hair without drying it out. It’s very gentle and pricey, but you can make your own. There are several recipes online. The two main ingredients are Bentonite clay or Rhassoul clay and Aloe Vera Juice. The rest is a mixture of oils and essential oils. Washing your hair with clay will make a big difference. I hope this helps.

      One recipe:
      Naptural85 recipe:

      1. Thanks Bre. I fear the effects of shampoo but you just reminded me of a great option. I have used this while relaxed.

    2. Have you tried Organic Shampoo? I had the exact same problem as you. I converted over to the organic products from shampoo, conditioner, oils. The shampoo and conditioner I use is JustNatural Organic hair care. I love this company because its all natural no petroleum chemicals are in the shampoo or conditioner that dries my hair out. One thing I have learned about my hair is that after I wash it I have to oil the tips and braid it to lock in the moisture for a day or two ( but I am lazy it ends up being a week). You could try this shampoo:

      Natural Extreme Dry Hair Shampoo
      Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Quillaja Bark Extract, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Avocado Fruit Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil, Silk Protein, Chamomile Extract, Olive Fruit Oil, Almond Butter, Green Tea Extract, Coconut Oil, Decyl Glucoside (Corn), Essential Oils of Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Colza Oil, Ucuuba Butter, Panthenol -Vitamin B5, Quince Seed Extract, Buriti Oil, Vitamin E.

      Here is there website as well

      1. Thanks Chiquila. I have tried similar ones. I am about to try one of the new 100% pure shampoos. I am stil afraid but I am willing to try.

  10. I have 3b/3c type hair; most of my hair is 3c. I’ve been natural for two years now and I still don’t know how to maintain my hair. when i try a wash and go my roots and the middle of my hair is frizzy and my ends are extremely curly. When my hair was shorter I didn’t have that problem. I try using Shea butter moister and it leaves my hair feeling heavy and when I use Eco styler gel it looks good wet but when it dries it feels like I have a lot of products in my hair and sometimes it feels dry. I’ve been putting weaves in my hair for the past 6 months because I don’t know what to do with it; however, I would like to wear my hair out and enjoy my curls. I live in the Islands and there’s a lot of moisture in the air. Also, I can’t find anyone here that specialize in natural hair. I notice the beauticians would do natural styles such as braids, locks, and coils but I feel they don’t know much and they don’t really specialize in natural hair. Can anyone please help me!!! I’m so frustrated.

    1. Hey K! I have mostly 3b/3c curls too. I also live near the water where it is always humid or damp. I know exactly what you are going through. There are a few things that I do to tame my hair. I hope that they work for you too.
      I will start with my detangling step. I double condition. I rinse the first conditioner out with regular hot shower water and detangle my entire head from tip to root with a wide-tooth comb. I add more conditioner and put my hair up, so I can finish my body biz. After that is complete I turn my water temperature to as cool as I can stand it. I rinse the conditioner out while combing root to tip. The cold water will seal in tje nutrients from your conditioner. Once the conditioner is ourtand my hair is detangled and silky smooth, I squeeze as much water out of my hair as possible. Then I add a leave-in conditioner to my ends; then to the rest of my wet hair.
      I section my hair into four parts. Pin up 3. One by one I slap on and finger in my gel. I ponytail or pinapple my hair until dry enough to go out. The higher the hair is up the more volume.
      To keep root tame you can split the four sections into two each. Slick down your roots with the gel and as tight as you can twist your gelled/tiny sectioned hair at the bottom of you scalp line. You can leave it in over night. The dryer the better. When you take the twist out make sure you put some type of oil on your hand. You dont wany to ruffle your hair or take any moisture away. Then seal with an oil like jojoba to keep hair shiny, sleek, and moisturized.

      1. Thank you Stacie!! I will definitely try that. I have a bad habit of rinsing my hair out with warm water and I think that’s the problem…I will try rinsing with cool water. I don’t have jojoba oil; however, I will purchase a bottle this weekend. Thanks again for your advise. By the way, what products do you use when you do wash and go’s?

        1. Hola K!!! Right now in my shower I have all Curl Junkie products. I have the cleansing conditioner, the smoothing conditioner, Curl Rehab ( for days that my hair is extra dry), and Repair Me! (my monthly treatment and sometimes used after when my hair has taken a beating from pool/ocean water and sun).
          I also use the smoothing leave-in and pattern pusha gel. I have currently run out of the CJ gel and had to pick up my faithful Eco styler. Eco styler does hold my style longer. Pattern Pusha will only last me a few days; if I am lucky, which makes it great for daily wash-and-gos.
          We get cold and damp winters where I am from, and will be changing my leave-in to Karen’s Body Beautiful’s Sweet Ambrosia. I also live in an area where natural curlies are few, so there arent many teachers or stores that carry products that cater to our needs.
          Also, you may want to try products that suit your hair. Products that are for your porosity, density, curl pattern, etc. Find out what you mind and dont mind using on your hair (curly girl method, shampoo or no shampoo, etc.). Remember to always seal in moisture. I hope this helps you. I would love to know how helpful these tips were. Please let me know. Every curly is different, and I can always learn from you experiences as well.

          1. Thank you Stacie!! I currently have a weave in because I am frustrated with my hair. I’m taking it out in a few weeks. I had enough of weaves; I just want to learn how to manage my curly hair and embrace it. I will definitely let you know how my hair turns out when I take my weave out. Thanks again for sharing.

  11. Not everyone can grow long, full, natural hair. But, if you want the look without the hassle while protecting your hair at the same time, you should try Bubble Braids. This is a unique style that Braid Heaven Salon of KC, Orlando and Houston has come up with. Check it out on IG @braidheavensalon.

  12. My hair is 3A type and I usually straighten my curly hair with a flat iron at home. You can use it for curling hair, too.

  13. My hair is very short thin it’s not nappy have a little waze black American I cut my hair off to about a inch to go natural when my hair started back it was like baby hair what type and what style should I look in to

  14. Hello! i’m new to this and very excited to get my hair healthy again. the problem is when i look at my strands to see what my hair type is, my strands are an mixture of everything and don’t seem to even have a curl pattern. some are half zig zag then end in a very bendy twist, others are extremely bendy and finish in a kinks, some are fully straight,some a wavy,some coily. i cant even think of a word for the other strands. how do i find my hair type?

    1. Hey Pat,

      I completely understand. I was natural until 16. When I was 18 (more than a decade ago) I shaved my head, and all of my hair was straight for the first week or so. It took months to see perfect curls. However, that was in only two sections of my head. I got sick of it and I permed my hair.
      Now that I have been back at it for three years I have learned that it is possible to have and love more than one curl/wave/straight pattern. I have a straight section that makes up an eighth of my “keen” head, continuing to the right I have a series of 2b waves, 3b curls, 3c curls, and a bunch of 4a coils under my nape. I am mostly 3b and 3c, so when people ask that is what I tell them. (Just like the crazy question, “What are you?” That I get a lot of. I tell people I am black, because that is what I look like. I believe that it is silly of someone to ask a dark complected person such as myself.)
      I suggest you look at the curl pattern chart on
      The road is not going to be easy. It is called a hair journey because you will learn along the way.
      Normally to get my hair to look the same all over I do the following after a rinse out conditioner: put hair into four sections and apply leave-in conditioner, detangle each sections, apply gel, and create 3 to 4 twist, allow it time to air dry. Sometimes I only twist the straight and wavy areas, then pull all of my hair up into a pineapple until it is 70% or more dry. Then a low ponytail to stretch some of the tighter curls, and keep my hair in a more formed position. When it is completely dry I remove the ponytail holder and untwist the twisted hair.
      I hope that this comment/info is helpful to you.

  15. Hi

    My hair is very Fragile I lose a lot of hair if I wash It or brush , but my hair is very curly. now I want to know is 4b or 4c my hairtype I’m very confused i really dont know

    1. My hair is normal and not thin. But the best thing for strengthening my tresses is 50% henna and 50% oil masque

    2. We’ll Maria, if you want to find out the texture try using hair masks (I recommend avocado, extra virgin olive oil & banana) . This will nourish and strengthen your hair so you can determine your hair type.

  16. Dear

    I have a tiny hair with curly. also got lots of hair lose and would wanna know which type of hair I have and how to care for it


    1. Shampoo and condition your hair.
      Let your hair air dry.
      You will be able to see your natural hair texture better now that is completely dry.
      Your hair may be 3a/3b or 3b/3c or 4a/4b or 4b/4c meaning that your hair has both textures or is very close to more than one texture.

  17. I cannot figure out my hair type. My hair is very thick and coarse. It does not have a defining wave pattern, and it is not cork-screw shaped. I cannot find many examples of the type of pattern. I am in the process of going natural and trying to research which products would be best to use for maintenance.

  18. Hi my hair is very fine and straight to wavy. I have not had a relaxer since 2007. I did the big chop on May 5, 2008 and my hair came back the same way when growing back. So l cut it off again in 2010 and it’s still the same. I can’t get it to curl what should l be doing to it. I refuse to go back to relaxers, but l want curly hair. In testing my hair l guess l fall into the 3a category, although my hair is more on the straighter side. Please give me some tips. Thanks!

    1. Hey Laurie!

      I would suggest a good ole twist out. I have a complete 2B section that takes up a fourth of my 3B/3C head. It is so frustrating.
      After a good cleansing (and conditioning) slap on some leave-in conditioner, then apply a generous amount of gel to all of your hair. Flat twist/ twist the straighter sections. You can twist all of your hair if you desire. Try yo let it air dry. When you take it out the curl should match the rest of your hair (or be swirly enough to blend). You can also use perm rods to help create a curl on the hanging twist. Hope this helps.

  19. My hair is very coarse. It is growing and I do not want to perm it, but I can not find a suitable hairstyle for my face. I have a lot of gray and I want to dye it black, but when I do it turns orange. The last time I tried a brown and it worked, but then later it started looking red. I have a dark chocolate complexion and red is not looking too good on me. My only other solution is to wear it short which looks really nice, but I need suggestions for products to maintain it and keep it healthy. Natural hair is a lot more work than I realize.

    1. Hi Karen
      I have a lot of grey also I wanted to just go grey but the grey grows in patchy and is unflattering, I had stopped relaxing my hair for many years when I started roller setting and blow outs it worked effectively to straighten my hair, but my hair grows fast and every two to three weeks I had to dye my roots, I also started having so much breakage- of the newly dyed grey-so I have a lot of flyway and freezies on the crown of my head. Anyway the point: About two months ago I started using henna: The first step I did a whole head henna, my hair was a very dark brown but in the sun it was very red- iloved it but- I also had to address my grey roots which usually come out orange on grey hair from henna- I knew this so I prepared for a two step process: I applied the indigo after the henna process and once my hair was dry-to the orange parts only: I left on for about 25 mins and rinsed it out. No more orange: with natural hair sytles the color blends seamlessly.

      For you If you want black hair naturally: do all over henna, then all over indigo and the longer you leave the indigo on the darker your hair will be. You have to do henna first (or together, which doesn’t work for me) , to treat the grey. Indigo on grey turns blue, but indigo on henna grey turns black or dark brown.

      Hope this helps

  20. You forget to mention it can be 3c/4a not just 4a/4b. My hair is really frizzy and I have 4a hair with some 3c strands .

  21. I have been transitioning for 7 months and my hair tends to do be like a corkscrew and th etop portion of my hair is way looser than the rest it does a loose spiral and I don’t use heat. I was wondering what hair type I could be, and some of my coils are big and small to really tiny and form loose to a little tight not much. I am 15 years old.

  22. Hey guys! I recently did a Big Chop, and I really want to grow back my long beautiful hair. I’m now 16, but when I was 12 I pressed my hair with the iron comb and since then my hair has changed its texture. Before it was 3c and now it’s about 4a. Would it be difficult to get back my hair to its super long length?

  23. Hi. I am not new to the whole big-chop thing. i have big-chopped several time over the years and regrew my hair, but this time it is a very serious matter to me. I am tired of the creamy crack (but due to the usage my texture has changed.) I do however use texturizer to soften my hair due to constantly breakage, and obsessive need for water. (It cries Help Me!) I am using the Hairfinity and Miconazole which work and the water bottle. As a co-wash I use main and tail and I dress my hair with a texturizer gel and water topped by my tips being lathered withed castor oil. I know it seems like much but it is a root to tip process not a overall head thing. Miconazole is for the Trich area. (If you don’t know what Trich is look up Trichotillamania online) The and tell is so that my roots can grab conditioning and so etc, etc. My question is, is there is way I can cut down on so many conditioners and slathering so I can retain water ,retention and grow my hair. Between the Trich and the breakage I feel like just being bald.

  24. I have 4b hair I think. The of my hair is an afro but some salonist say I have 4c hair its not coily its kinky and real soft.

  25. I allowed a beautician to color my gray. In the process my 4c coils have totally disappeared. My hair does not coil after washing. What must I do to get coils back? I was thinking about getting my hair cut very low to start over again. Please help me with any advice. My hair is just a nappy bush. I had really pretty curls. I forget to say she combed out my coils

  26. I still don’t understand my hair type. I’ve been natural for a little over a year and I have curls that are always very defined just like the 4a picture. The difference is that they are really small and I experience a ton of shrinkage. Does anyone have a similar type of hair?

    1. I feel I do… I’m not sure. I get a lot of shrinkage too. Though, I don’t have hair that I can sleep on from a wash and go and it be all bouncy in the morning. What about you?

      1. Same here, I also don’t understand my hair. My hair is still short and when I wash it, it has a lot of springy curls that looks like 4a and then when I comb it, it looks like I have a very soft 4c but it still has curls but just a bit. I know I don’t have 4b cuz my curls aren’t zig zags curls. So I guess I will just have to wait for my hair to grow longer

        1. GeEu,

          That’s certainly possible! My curls were much tighter when I had a teeny weeny afro, and my hair behaved very differently.

    2. Hey i also don’t know my hair texture and it also looks like 4a, the coils are defined but are a lot smaller, sometimes i don’t feel my hair type falls under the 4a b and c, can someone tell us our hair type??

  27. My hair is like 4a I guess but it gets super poofy and shrinkage and just a mess with a wash and go. I struggle with this whole natural thing because I’m not sure how to handle so much hair. Does anyone else feel the same?

    1. Lola,

      You definitely have to find your niche. My hair is 4a as well and also gets poofy with a lot of shrinkage. I personally wouldn’t even think of doing a wash and go at this length because I like a little hang time! But other naturals totally embrace all the poofiness and shrinkage that their hair brings and that’s perfectly fine, too. Have you tried any stretched styles like braidouts, twistouts, bantu knots, or even rodded sets using perm rods, flexi rods, or curlformers? Stretched styles tend to make the hair easier to manage come wash day and are absolutely stunning! You can also try a protective style such as box braids, twists, wigs, or sew-ins, but be careful with the installation so that the hair is properly protected and not being tugged harshly.

    2. My hair type is a 3c is that considered mixed hair. My mom always says I have mixed hair also on my dad’s side there are ppl that are Irish and cubian or Spanish so I guess I get it from him but I’m not really sure

      1. Kk,

        The term “3c” comes from Andre Walker’s hair typing system, which only seeks to describe the pattern of the hair- it has nothing to do with ethnic backgrounds, etc. However, your heritage certainly plays a role in your hair and other features.

        Hair typing is tough because more often than not, there is more than one pattern on your head. Plus, even if you have the same pattern as someone else, it doesn’t mean your hair will behave the same way as theirs. I recommend using hair typing as a jumping off point to getting to know YOUR hair: what products work for your hair, how it responds to certain styles, etc.

        Hope this helps!

  28. I think I have a mix of hair types right now. I have been natural for 5 years. I love natural hair. But my hair is soft, very soft and fine and needs some thickness. Any suggestions?

    1. Michelle,

      I have used Jamaican Black Castor Oil in the past for thickness and I received wonderful results. When using this oil, just know that it is extremely thick so a little goes a long way. I like using it when my hair is in box braids or twists because I don’t have to worry about it weighing my hair or my style down. Also, vitamins help with thickness as well.

      Hope this helps!

  29. hi you guys i have the 4b type hair and i dont know what to do with it , its super thick and dry and sometimes when i comb it out i have a few dreads and this is my 1st time goin natrual and im considering going back to my relaxed hair but i dont want to i just dont have nothing to do with my hair now that its natrual
    somebody please help me

    1. Hi! I read your comment, and I am no hair guru by any means, but you should definitely go to YouTube and check out the multitude of videos regarding natural hair! It’s a great resource. I’m 16, and I’ve had natural hair my entire life, but only recently have I taken an interest into natural hair care and maintenance. DON’T GO BACK TO RELAXING YOUR HAIR.

      I recommend starting your YouTube exploration here:–eTk

  30. Hai,
    i have beautiful hair, but I just dont know what to do with it.Ineed ideas for hair styles. I’m in need for help.Help me with my hair styles.

  31. please help me find out my hair type a!! i have been natural or attempting to be natural for almost 3 years i did my big chop and i have still never known my hair type which i want to know so i can check my progress and know how my hair is suppose to be i dont know if i could send you pictures of it through email or not but its making it hard to buy product when i dont really know my hair type….

    1. Bambi,

      There is a really great visual of different hair types here.

      Still, knowing your hair type isn’t everything when it comes to buying products: that’s just a jump off point. Every head of hair is different and even if curls/coils appear the same, other factors such as protein/moisture balance and any type of damage play a role in what products you should purchase.

      Hope this helps!

  32. I have 4b hair and I’m looking for a natural hair product that doesn’t require water to rehydrate my curls the next day because the water makes my hair hard and crunchy and dry.

    1. Are you sure it’s water that is making your hair hard and crunchy and dry? Water is what causes our hair revert to its natural state, so if you apply water and your hair becomes hard, that may just be the condition of your hair.

      I would try a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. Right now I’m really loving the Lavish Curls Leave-In Conditioner by CURLS. It’s a terrific product. If your hair is suffering from dryness, you may want to try a moisturizing deep conditioner after your next wash. We have a great article about that here.

      I really hope this helps!

  33. Hi, I’m just starting my transition from relaxed hair to natural ( stop relaxing hair in October 2014). My scalp is so tender. Is this normal?

    1. Yes. It was for me. January 12, 2013 was when i started and my head was tender for about 6 months. Keep it moisturized and that will help.

  34. Yana, I am a 4B too. Just this month, I decided to wear the marley extensions. You can do same for a while.

  35. I want to go natural but don’t want the chop route. How do I start and what do I use for my 3c/4a type hair?

    1. You don’t have to do the big chop . Start deep conditioning your hair 1-2 times a week , moisturize it an put it in safe hairstyles. NO MATTER WHAT ****NO HEAT* ****

  36. I recently did the big chop (I’d been transitioning for about 7 months so I have a little fro left) and I noticed I have at least 3 different types of curls in my head! The front of my hair is a 4c, the middle is 4b/4a and the back just above my edges is a 4a? Is there something I can do or use to ‘uniform’ my curls?

  37. in 14 and i decided to start going natural long term….but I have no support and no moisturizing product but I still want to go natural any tips.

    1. Sorry if this is late, but I wanted to help you out anyways! Hope you don’t mind!

      I’ve been natural on and off (sometimes texturizers, though I’ve stopped doing that). Right now I’m committed to being a natural and I’m loving it!

      As for tips, I’m assuming you’re either transitioning or have big chopped? Either way that’s great! You can still take a look at your hair strands and compare them to the textures in the picture posted. But here’s a link for more info on hair texture:

      For moisturizing, try to determine your hair porosity. Hair porosity is how much water your hair can hold depending on how much your cuticle is raised. It can help you figure out what products to buy so that your hair can handle the moisture being brought in.
      Here’s how it works: note that before you find your type you must do the water strand test or dry test. More information can be found on the link provided.

      >Low porosity: hair cuticle is closed and heat is required to raise the cuticle. I’m a low porosity natural and I use steam to help lift my cuticles in a safer manner. This hair type is described as feeling like straw when it’s wet. Products needed: light moisturizers that have nutrients (shea butter, coconut oil, etc.) or can attract water (honey or glycerin).

      >Medium porosity: hair cuticle is opened enough to have just the right amount of moisture in. Hair is described as feeling simply wet. Products required: routine deep conditioning and protein treatments add strength and moisture to this hair type!

      >High porosity: hair cuticle is opened so much that water escapes as quickly as it enters. Hair feels dry even if it was conditioned. Products required: leave-in conditioners, moisturizers, and sealing oils like heavy butters keep moisture PACKED!

      If you need more support on your journey try to find people at school (adults or friends) who are going natural too! They can share tips that might help you on your own journey. Also, look for Natural-hair you tubers who post videos on hair maintenance and styling (my favorites are DiscoveringNatural and Green Beauty Channel).

      Oh, and remember to look for products for your hair regimen that work for YOU! Don’t get discouraged if someone recommends something to you that doesn’t end up working, just keep your head high and keep trying! 😀

      Hope my babbling helps! If you need more info, explore this webiste and the rest of the internet! There lots of info that’s helpful!

  38. I have been braiding my hair every night before I go to sleep and some days when I am in the shower I rinse my hair with just water only and then braid it . NO HEAT . Let it air dry . And if you ever get a change you need to get a moisturizer , hair oil . I use Sunflower Mega Care Vitamin E Oil and Dark and Lovely Deep Conditioner and works well for my hair

  39. Hi,
    I avoided this website for a while as I searched for online sources to find my type of hair because I do not like words like naps, nappy or kinky to describe Black hair. Maybe there are those types of hair, however. Well, I’m glad that I stopped by because I wanted to see a chart of sample hairs to describe types 3 and 4, and according to the chart on your website my hair is type 3 instead of 4 as I previously thought. Thanks for the information.

    Btw: You may not have realized it, but in your introduction there is a typo. The word “being” is repeated.

    1. Shrink hair is a term that best describes most types of Black hair, and it doesn’t offend.

  40. Can someone please tell me what my hair type I am super confused even after reading this? I Know I have type 4 hair just don’t know what type. (14 btw) and I don’t have anyone else natural in my family I’m the first one to be natural so I can’t ask them so HELP?!! PLEASE?

    1. Try to look at your hair strands all around your head (front, back, and top) and compare the hair texture to the one in the picture. This method is a great starting point for your natural hair journey but I recommend that you check out Naturally Curly for more info on hair density, porosity, and strand thickness. Especially porosity, it’ll help you figure out all your moisturizing needs!

      Here’s the link:

      If you want some ideas on how to style and manage your hair here are some my favorite Naturalistas on YouTube!

      Discovering Natural (gives great advice on empowerment and everyday natural hair health. Plus, she has some great styles!)
      NaturalMe4C (gives demos and reviews of natural hair products and even accessories too! I love how she makes everything so simple and easy while still keeping her hair fresh and healthy-looking!)
      Naptural85 (has great DIYs when you want to go on a budget and control the nutrients put in your hair. And her hair is the bomb!)

      Hope this helps! Oh and I’m 14 too!

  41. just researching what type my natural hair really is. i am a physically active, motorcyclist and outdoor girl. i am fumbling through having natural hair, trying to keep it a clean-smelling healthy part of my lifestyle. i appreciate this information as a push back against posner and all the icky stuff i have used in my past. Thank you for your site and your insights.

  42. I’m really scared to go natural. I love natural hair though. I’m afraid I won’t know what to do when caring for my hair. I’m afraid of what my man will think. I’m afraid of the waiting for it to grow out. I’m just scared period. My youngest daughter has naturally curly hair. She loves to wear it wild. I wish I had her courage. I’m wearing my hair cut closer as I do every spring and summer but I haven’t relaxed it n over a month. I’ve been contemplating taking this step for awhile. My sister did the big chop. Her hair always grows fast so it was nothing for her and she looks fabulous. Her Hair is a super big Afro now. I shaved my head last summer and it grew but so slow. I finally gave up and went back to relaxing. What tips r there for those of us still on the fence?

    1. ok i did the big chop on my hair and people call me a boy at school but now they show you respect

      1. Stop comparing yourself to someone else. This is your journey! Have fun and stop caring about what other people think, I cut my hair into a Mohawk and did not put a relaxer in it again! I love my natural hair. It took me some time but I absolutely love it! Just do it and have fun! You will need to try different products to find the one that works best for you but when you do, you will feel so free and different! I believe that natural women has a different beauty about them. Do it girl! 🙂

  43. I have been on repeat fright with big chop for the last three years. With trich I can’t get my natural locks to last and when I perm it falls out. I am ready to permanently go natural. My daughter was natural for 6 months but I felt it was hard to maintain because of her temperament and the fact she cried when I tried to maintain it. Her hair is a 4C beautiful coil. Too bad my son and I have 4C combination some looks all frizzy while other parts look fabulous. I’ve done the biotin, black castor oil and Shea Moisture treatment. With me being stressed now I’m trying the biotin, MSM and the Just for me natural grow. I am praying my hair will grow as fast as my son, but until then I’m working on keeping my hands out with lacefront wigs. Pray for me ladies. Thanks!

  44. I love my hair natural hair but it is prone to dryness and breakage.I have recently acquired the Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil,besides these two products what else mus t I use to keep my hair healthy,i think I am a 4C type kinda hair.

    thank you

    1. One side of my head is 3c the other side 4a, how do I even them out to put them under the same category ?

  45. The hair typing or rather curl pattern system is not the best, I feel it could be improved but it helps when ur a newbie . I say this because I have a type 4a curl pattern but my hair has all type 4c hair characteristics. This was confirmed when I tried the revised MHM , so far the only method that has and is working for my low porosity kinky hair. My curls are defined, soft, smooth ,hydrated and manageable!

    1. Would you please clarify/explain “revised mhm”? I’m newly natural and trying to soak up as much info as I can.

  46. my hair is so confusing it mainly has a 4a curl pattern with my edges towards the front of my hair being a mix between a 4a and 4b but some of my strands are more of a 3c pattern and i have yet to find good styling products that work well for my hair.

    1. It’s all a trial and error process. You will have some hits and some misses. You could try finding someone on YouTube that looks like they have a hair type similar to yours and see what products they use.

  47. Can some one please help me to find out my hair texture im transitioning from relax to natural so i only got like a 1 inch and a half of new grown hair

  48. Thank you so much for this website! This is a new journey for me…I tried to go natural in college (too many moons ago) and gave up because I just didn’t know what to do with it. There was no internet full of info nor the wide array of products to use like today. Plus I was living far north where the few around were hard to come by. So I appreciate the information on this site that not only provides answers to the “what can I do with it” questions but also makes me feel more secure about my decision. I’m transitioning with braids and last relaxed it in March 2015. I’ve developed a lot of breakage and only ever relaxed it just so I could comb it. It’s very coarse and extremely thick. But why should I fight this anymore. My biggest challenge will be learning a whole new set of care and maintenance techniques. And getting used to seeing myself with a mass of hair. Just wondering what the actual texture will be… 🙂

    1. I am assuming, of course, that you want to grow your natural hair to a anglo-socially acceptable length since, no matter how hard we try, we cannot let go of “length obsession” and the satisfaction it brings us when we prove to other humans that we can, indeed, grow hair.

      When we women of African Descent make an attempt at living in our natural state we tend to fail psychologically because we insist on bringing things over from our relaxed past. The concept of combing as you know it is one of those habits of which you will have to let go. Your hands are your new combs.

      You must rethink haircare in a new context. What do I do with my hair? I wash it, deep condition it–the only time I comb/brush my hair out with a paddle brush–spray it with a water/coconut oil/olive oil/nature’s gate herbal conditioner concoction to moisturize it and plat it. I PLAT IT EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Why, because that is how you maintain a stretched coil, keep it moisturized and braided. If, when I am ready to style, I unbraid it and there is a section that feels as if it is getting tangled, I either use my hands or the end of a rat-tail comb to break it up.

      The thing I hear the most when women ask me about my hair are complaints about natural hair taking too much time/work and they went natural not to have to do anything. No one said natural hair was easier! It is simply you being you! It still takes, as you’ve discovered, imagination, self-acceptance, perseverance and self-esteem. Go forth and discover how to be who you are and if you’re not ready for that, go watch a youtube video of others who have learned to be who they are until it clicks…and let go of that crutch a.k.a relaxer.

      Hair Is. That is all.

      1. I just wanted to give you a quick update! As I said in my original post, your site has been such a help and very encouraging! The photos, the Facebook updates, the reference material, all got me through the frustrating times while trying to get cope with my transition when I thought, “should I just get a texturiser?” Well I persevered! It took a while but I’ve gotten quite good at two strand twists and corkscrew knots. My father even declared he preferred it to the long straight hair! LOL

        Well the relaxed bits were cut off in January and now a year later after starting in March 2015, I LOVE rocking my afro on days I want easy and twist outs when I want stylish. I’m amazed how many compliments I get on it and even told it makes me look younger! (Important at nearly 50! LOL)

        To answer your question in your reply, I’m not sure how long I want to go. As an older woman, shorter hair may look better – and less work maybe. I feel like I’ve joined a club with my mother and the other ladies in my family who went natural years ago.

        So thank you again and I look forward to the Facebook updates every day. A truly great resource!!!

  49. My hair is very curly when I have conditioner in it, but when I wash it out my hair becomes dry and trashy looking. I don’t know what is my natural state or how to figure out my natural curl pattern, if any. Can someone help me?

    1. You will see what your true curl pattern is after your hair has been freshly washed with no products in it. If you are going for a wash n go look you will need to apply something like kinky curly custard to bring out and hold your curl.

  50. Hi,

    My hair is 3B. how to manage baby hairs. I fed up with my baby hairs in the hair line. Can you suggest anything to groom it properly?

    1. Create a moisturizing spray, buy a soft bristle boar brush (not the hard bristle one with the brown tips) and a satin scarf. After you have styled your hair, spray your baby hair, lightly brush it in an upwards and back motion and tie the scarf firmly around your style making sure that it covers your brushed baby hair as well. Remove scarf once you arrive at your destination.

  51. My hair is very wavey, when wet is lays down. If i use a perm it will come out . Heat will turn it red and it will break of insanity. What kinda hair do i have??

  52. Can anyone tell me products that TRULY work with quick growth? I take biotin and use “T-Tree” growth creme. I am not sure if I am being impatient, don’t know how to properly take care of my hair, or what. But I am not seeing much progress with any product I use. I have been natural for 11 months (no perms, no heat, no weave even). I just need some guidance. Also, I might try braids again, how can I keep my hair/scalp moisturized during this?

    1. Rachel,

      I don’t know any products that contribute to quick hair growth, and I personally do believe patience is key. It takes time to really see the results of your efforts. However, some women praise the inversion method (check it out here) for rapid hair growth and you’re welcome to try it. Also, MSM is a vitamin that is said to increase the hair’s growth phase. As far as braid extensions, check out this post on how to care for them.

      Hope this helps!

  53. Create a moisturizing spray, buy a soft-bristly boar brush–not the hard, brown tipped one–and a silky scarf. after you have styled your hair, spray your baby hairs and your kitchen, brush in a upwards/back motion, tie style firmly with the scarf ensuring that you have covered you edges as well.

    Remove scarf once you have reached your destination. You may have to bring these items with you where ever you go so that you can do a five minute touch up.

  54. Hi. I’m really considering doing this and I have lots of questions because I’m a but clueless right now. My hair is long and I don’t want all of it to fall if I do go natural, what would be the best way for me to start my hair jounrey.

    1. Start with a simple weekly routine and Sunday wash day, if you don’t need shampoo used condition on wash day, style and set your hair and do not restyle until wash day

  55. Hi! So I’ve never had my hair relaxed, but I have had it dyed a honey blonde color for about 6 years (it’s my color, love it). I also straighten my hair a lot with a flat iron and pressing comb. I don’t think I have a curl pattern, when I wash my hair I have really pretty curly bits throughout but my hair as a whole just has the look of a afro ( also my hair is slightly pass my shoulders). Would I be able to define the curls? I don’t have?
    Am I dealing with heat damage from straightening and dyeing my hair and will have to do a BIG CHOP to have a curl pattern?
    Should I big chop?

    1. If you are seeing straight pieces of hair when you wash it you have heat damage. When the heat damage isn’t so bad sometimes you are able to revive your curls with a protein treatment. However, in most cases to remove heat damage, you must cut it off. If you have a lot of heat damage and don’t want to get rid of it all at once, you can cut it off once it has grown to a length you are comfortable with just as if you were transitioning from a relaxer.

      1. No, I don’t have any straight pieces. Maybe I’ll try a protein treatment. Any recommendations.

  56. i would like know what is a good water base shampoo and water base conditioner. that would be my BIGGEST PROBLEM.

      1. I can only tell you what I use- SheaMoisture’s Tahitian Noni & Monoi Smooth and Repair Conditioning Shampoo is my holy grail right now. It’s the only shampoo I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry or stripped. As far as conditioners, I honestly use just about anything but I’m a huge fan of all Garnier Fructis conditioners (especially the Triple Nutrition one) because they make my hair feel really smooth, soft, and moisturized.

        But there are a ton of excellent products on the market, you just have to keep trying different products until you find what works best for your hair.

  57. I really need help figuring out my daughter’s hair type. It’s very confusing! lol When it is very short, it tends to coil and wave and looks 3c/4a ish. As it grows out, it gets straighter. Think of an afro with coarse texture but no coils/curls/waves. Very soft and easy to comb, but tends to be coarse and dry. My own hair is a mix of 3c/4a/4b that has coils and curls and tends to be dry or frizzy, but once I wet it or add products it coils right up. Her hair is nothing close. Not even water or products will cause her hair to coil/curl up, but she has no problems with tangles or frizz, only dryness. Her hair is not chemically treated nor do we use heat to style so there is no damage of that sort. Help! lol

  58. Hi my daughter has type 3c hair, it tangles alot till she hates being combed, what type of condition and hair oil should i use on her to reduce tangle and make it a little bit straight rather than curly.

    1. Hi, you might want to have a look at this Youtube video (the mother is a natural hair expert and in here she talks briefly about how she take care of her son’s hair…he also has 3c hair).
      Tittle of the video: Momma & Son (Micah) Hair Tutorial VLOG! – (Full DEMO/Talk Thru, Chill, & Chat) – Kids Natural Hair.

    2. Try argan oil it helps with knots and it also gives hair a sleek shine and for a condition I recommend Pantene

  59. I need help ryt hair is extremely dry nd breaking nd I don’t know what to do. At first I use to perm but now the perm is still on it ba the root of my hair is soo grown that I can’t comb it

  60. Hello my name is Raquel and I have recently gone natural and cut most of permed ends off. My hair was very long and is now just above my shoulders. I have type 4A hair. It is very curly and frizzy when dry. I was just wondering what to use on my hair to cut down on the frizz. Like I said before, I am a new natural (8 months now) and all I have used is Pink Lotion and from time to time Mouse. In the mean time I am researching your site for information on caring for my hair. Help!

  61. I need serious help I don’t know my hair texture, I’m 12 and have always relaxed my hair but I wanted to leave my hair natural and I don’t know ow to really do that but I have stopped relaxing and I want to know my hair texture so I can have a regimen or something like that. Now both of my parents are African’s from Cameroon and so are their parents, I don’t have curly hair at all and I also don’t have kinky hair I think… my is decently full and was breaking and I don’t know if it’s still breaking. I don’t want to do the big chop because I won’t look good with short hair and I don’t have the curls or kinks to help it look better. But my problem is knowing what my hair type is, and one more question. Do you have to do the big chop to be fully natural because i feel like I still have relaxed ends, and I think I do, so would I be okay with just trimming my relaxed ends?

    1. You won’t be able to see your real hair texture until you grow out some of your relaxer. You are only seeing strait hair because all of your hair has been straitened by the relaxer. Grow out some of your hair for a few months and the hair that comes out of your scalp without any chemical processing will tell you your hair type. And no you don’t have to big chop. When I was transitioning, I got my hair pressed every two weeks to blend the new growth with the permed hair. I don’t recommend this now, but you can try protective styling and trim off bit by bit as you hair grows. You can also do things like twist outs, braid outs, or Bantu-knot outs until you are fully natural. Good luck on your natural hair journey.

  62. Hi I’m 16, I been transitioning for 4 months now and I just wanted to know how can I make my hair soft and not rough when I comb through it and get rid of the knots HELP

    1. Do not detangle your hair unless it is damp with water (not soaking wet) or you add some product to it first. When your hair is dry it will be hard to comb through plus it will break your hair off. Always use a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush and comb from the ends of your hair and work your way up section by section.

    2. Curly perms moisturizers or simple glycerine are excellent for helping retain moisture and manageability after your hair is dried.

  63. Hi my name is Ki and I do not not what texture of hair I have?? Its fine, soft, and curls when wet. I want to know what can I do to strengthen, thicken, as well as grow my hair?? I notice alot of breakage and I feel like my hair is really weak whenever I comb or brush it, its alot of hair on my comb or brush. Do you recommend any products?

  64. Hello my name is Shelley and my hair has been perm free for about 8months.I have yet to use a product don’t want to mess my hair up. I have a lot of new growth and don’t know what to do. Help I need advice Thanks in advance

    1. Try some natural oils like coconut or shea butter. Also, you can use maintenance moisturizers such as the products for curly perms like wave nouveau. It’s not so greasy and it won’t do any damage to your hair. You can also wash your hair, use moisturizer and twist it while wet. You can air dry or sit under a dryer to create some different styles.

  65. I have box braids in one and it’s been like a week or two weeks and I haven’t oiled it because I don’t have any oils that don’t have sulfate or oils that don’t have ingridents in which damage hair. I have 4C kinky hair but with a lot of straight relaxed ends I’m transitioning. So what I’m asking is what oils or moisturizers should I use for my hair in box braids?

    1. You can create your own mix of oil and water. Get a spray bottle add water and you can use something like Extra Virgin Olive Oil if you already have some or Coconut add a couple of tablespoons. When you are wearing box braids you have to dilute the products that you use so it is easier to penetrate through the braids.

        1. If you use a conditioner, product, shampoo etc. The product consistency is going to be to thick to penetrate the braids. However, if you mix it with water to (dilute/thin it out) it will be easier for the product to get through the braids when you are moisturizing and easier to rinse out when you are cleansing your hair.

          1. I have another question can I mix extra virgin oil and black castor oil together with water in the spray bottle because I can’t wash my hair with box braids?

          2. I understand now so all in all i can mix black castor oil, the shampoo i use, coconut oil, and water and it will be okay? and also how many times a week or how many times should i do this? like once every week twice every week?

  66. Hi, I am 78 years old with (of course grey hair) natural hair. My hair type ranges from 3c to 4b. It is dry and I only cut it in the summer. I just don’t know what products I should use. You would think at my age I should know. I have tried everything, I was going to purchase As I Am. I just can’t stand the dryness. Suggestions PLEASE>

  67. Hi my name is Roslyn and I have type 4c hair. I have been wearing a wig for my protective style for about 2 years. I wash my hair once a month because under my wig my hair is in corn rolls. I’m thinking about coming out of the wig but I don’t know the products to use. I am 56 years old so I have a lot of gray …would it be wise to color that, if so what product should I use for the color

    1. Hello Rosyln,

      I have found when it comes to using permanent hair dye, it hasn’t been damaging for me if I am using the same color as my own or something similar to it. When you choose a color that is light in color it has to strip the hair which is why if you go with a lighter color you will have some dryness. However, if you wanted a natural way to color your hair try this:

      As for products read these pages:

    2. Ok….so what product should I use to transition from the wig. My hair has really grown while wearing it and I don’t want to break my hair on the ends

  68. I have a question. My daughter is 2 and she’s mixed PR/black/white… Her hair is kind of in between 3c and 4a. Very curly. But its more defined curls on the top of her hair. I was wondering (from others experience) what do you ladies use to keep the hair soft and help it grow at a steady pace. Last year(age 1) she had about 2 inch curls and now (age 2) her hair touches her back if stretched out but bounces back to a curl when let go. I just want to keep it growing at a steady pace. Any help is appreciated!

    1. Hi Kassandra,

      Your daughter is young enough that I’m sure she has a natural softness to her hair. As long as you are keeping up with a regular shampoo, a little bit of water and a touch of oil should do the trick(dependent on the thickness and coarseness of her hair). Trial and error will most likely be the best way to determine the amount of oil and water needed on her hair each day. Try argan oil. You can find it at most local grocery stores and all beauty supply stores.
      Hope this helps!!

  69. My hair ranges from 3a to 3c in different places on my head and at different lengths lol (ex: from the root to middle i am a 3b from the middle to my ends im a 3a and my crown is a 3c super curly almost impossible to keep long no matter what i use to weigh it down #Struggles) Im trying to find the best natural products for my hair to repair some breakage preferably organic. I am a professional chef and because my hair is almost always in a bun i want products in it that will encourage moisture and help it stay healthy despite not being able to leave it down or manage it as often.

    1. Hi Tanisha,

      It’s not uncommon to have different curl patterns in different areas of your head. I find that any of the following oils have helped keep my hair moisturized: Olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil and castor oil. Those are a just a few. Being a chef I’m sure you know how oily coconut and olive oil can be. Castor oil is great for breakage. Try mixing the the three together in a bottle and applying to your strands each day. Also be sure to sleep with a satin cap each night as this helps retain the moisture while sleeping.

      1. I am new to this site. My hair range from 3a to 3b but my daughter is 4a to 4c. I definitely will trying the 3 blends of coconut oil, olive oil, and caster oil. But What you recommend good for all types? Also can i mixed with with water or is it best to wet my daughter’s hair and then add the 3blend in? Her hair is a more kinky then mine that i was told it mignt be manage to relax it but really i want her to enbrace her Ethnicity. I was told to try a texturizer but i stopped putting relaxers in her hair 3months ago and her hair is breaking alot now. I think its more to do with nothing seems to moisture her hair. PLEASE HELP!!

  70. Hi

    I have been natural for about two years…but no matter what I try I can’t seem to get the thickness back in my hair. I was in a car accident years ago and had to get staples in my head and ever since that time my hair has never been the same. I think my hair is a 4b 4c…I wear protective styles…mostly because I don’t want to put any unnecessary strain on my hair. Do you have any ticking and strengthening suggestions?

  71. My baby is 9 months old and her ha is is curly in the top but very dry…in the back of her head it’s coarse and very dry…I tried coconut oil and Jojoba oil and it doesn’t work. Her hair has broke off in the back. When I oil her hair, about an hour later, it looks like I didn’t…what natural products can I use on my baby hair? She’s African American…

      1. That’s how I was doing it…I would spray her hair with water that I have in a spray bottle, then I would put the Shea moisture coconut oil in her hair and her hair is always dry. I now use olive oil that I bought off the cooking aisle in Tom Thumb. How do I suppose to apply the oil to her wet hair?

  72. I have just started to embrace my kink so I am fairly new to the natural look and texture (3 weeks in) after over 30yrs of chemical processing. I went straight for the ‘big chop’. Some of the ends are still processed and I will be trimming as I go along. After researching and help from friends and family who have gone natural, I think I will be able to this. At the moment I think I am in between a 45 and a 4b but I am anticipating more changes.
    Any suggestions for the transition?

  73. I did the porosity test before and after I moisturized. Before I applied my products my hair floated, but after I applied my products my hair sank is that normal and what’s my porosity? On top of that, everytime I run my fingers through my hair I have strains on my hands is this normal? I need a way to combat my daily dry and brittle hair. Please help 🙂 thank you

  74. Hi,
    My hair is type 4c and I’ve always been a natural. Problem is my hair is really unmanageable though I tried using an oil based moisturiser. How can I make my hair softer and more manageable?

  75. My hair is natural it’s kind of straight and puffy at the end and it coils when it is wet

  76. My hair is a type 4c it is very difficult to manage. I really do like my natrual hair but on a daily it’s very course and doesn’t retained moisture. I literally cry every day. How can I make my hair more manageable and retained moisture?

    1. Thank you for posting. I am going through the same thing. My two strand twist don’t come out like others do the videos on Utube show ladies with curly hair. I found one true video. Use true 4c need help. Please

      1. hi, it could also be that the styling product you use contains humectants such as glycerin or honey which absorb moisture from the enviroment into you hair. this can make your twist out definition to be very shortlasting, as the twisted out hair begin to absorb the moisture and “explode” as in my case. try products without humectant

    2. I suggest investing in a steamer and using it weekly to deep condition. I also mix various oils and spirits my hair daily. I to have 4c hair but have no problem now keeping what use to be dull, extra dry hair moisturized. Also, learn the porosity of your hair, it makes a huge difference….hope this helps!

    3. Hi, i am a cosmetologist. The best way to retain moisture is to use a spray bottle with water, olive, castor & jojoba oil, spray all over at night and twist or brain it up and cover hair with silk scarves, in the morning apply your favorite moisturizer and hair will feel soft and manageable. Good luck

    4. Try a hydration treatment! I have 4c hair also and its more manageable now! Just make sure after you you wash to moisturize directly after to maintain your moisture and it’ll be a little softer also

    5. Awww…don’t cry, there is always HOPE!
      It really helps to get a good & manageable hair length.
      Think of the process of finding what works for your a challenge.
      Stay calm, try different products & enjoy your hair journey.
      You will succeed! Be patient 🙂

  77. um i have 4a hair but i want 4c or 4b hair is there anyway i can get ine of those two i really want them so bad please tell me

  78. New to the Texturizer seen.Jst did a full head chop of my natural hair. I need help with the you mosturize then use the curl activator??

  79. I have 4c hair.
    It’s kind of a bitter sweet relationship.
    As much as I love my hair, we practically fight everyday.

    1. Be patient…
      Our hair is strong & manageable with the RIGHT products.
      Try and keep the relationship with your hair…a sweet relationship.
      You may want to consider using CANTU products. That has worked
      very well for me.
      Once you find what truly works, it will make life sweeter.
      Your natural hair is a beautiful blessing of pride & power.
      Learn to simple relax & love it.

  80. Hi , my name is pamela… I want to start a natural hair, so basically i will have ro cut my hair.. I have this stubborn hair but full… Please i need to know how to go about it…

    1. you don’t necessarily have to re-cut your haie. I went natural by doing weaving with extensions, having a track under my weave-on and washing every 1-2 months depending on when I took my extensions out. the un-natural, relaxed hair broke off by itself quite easily usually from the ends as my roots became natural. now I have a full head of natural, thick hair without cutting any hair!

  81. I have fine soft 4ab hair & maybe a bit of 4c. I went old school after a couple of bad winters that Qhemet Biologics, Carol’s Daughter, &other new products couldn’t handle & decided to go back to Pink Oil lite & Blue Magic Super Sure gro or Bergamot. Far less split ends & hair growth is thicker & moisture retention is much easier.You can wash & condition your hair & apply grease, braid up & let dry. Also moisturize dry hair with a water or oil/water mix & apply hair grease before bed & wake up to moisturized hair. You don’t have to use them every day because hair retains moisture. Don’t listen to the anti hair grease & anti petroleum naysayers or sleep on old school products. My mom used Dixie Peach,Ultra Sheen & other petroleum based products & I had long healthy hair down my back. I used to use Alberto VO5, Pink Oil, & Afro Sheen on my huge,healthy 70s afros & it’s no accident that PinkOil, Blue Magic, S Curl,Alberto VO5 & others are still around after about 40 years. THEY WORK ! Petroleum based products really retain moisture & many naturals are going back to them. The local Targets in my area have started carrying them

    1. This is true because all i do to my hair is wash and condition and deep condition my hair. Then i put coconut grease and S curl in it. Sleep in a satin cap get up and go. My hair is growing. I went from a brush cut to one inch hair in two months. I thought about all the fancy products out there but if it work for me when i was a young girl it shall work now.

      1. S-Curl!!! Yes!! This is the only product that moisturizes my daughter’s 4bc hair!

    2. I am glad you said that because I was about to throw out the bottles until I started to use a petroleum based product called Softee’s Indian Hemp. It is soft on my hair and doesn’t dry out. I also have been blending it with essential oils to help maintain water, because my 4BD & C3 hair has been eating it. I agree also when you say start from basic. I recently had to big chop again because of alopecia and Trich, but my head is fully covered with at least one inch of hair and GROWING! Thank you guys for your post they are really helpful in the success of me growing my hair back. In the Summer, I wear wigs as my go to for protective styles. Who says you can’t be natural and still be chic? Do you and let love transform you!

  82. How true that is. Royal crown and any regular old lotion or water kept my hair moisturized thick healthly and growing. Im Not wasting any more time searching for products when everything Ive found sofar simply drys my hair out faster then ever before. Going back to the basics.

  83. I am 3c mixed with 4ab my hair has a curl pattern but multiple. I just went natural this year for good after watching my hair fall out in December 2015, It was 15 inches long . I am trying different products ones that work best I always wear my protective styles from twist outs , to my twist braids. I wash and use a protein deep conditioner once a week and wash my hair while I have my braids every week. I never have to worry about a lot of shrinkage on my hair. Which is a good thing.

  84. Loving my natural hair my daughter two strand twist my hair last yea, I left it alone and now it’s locs….I love it! I went natural about 8 years ago, it was nice although I wore it in a straight bob….my Dominican stylist was awesome (had mo breakage from that process). Sometimes I miss the straight look but plan to never go back….my hair is my crown very proud! Michelle_Atl, Ga

  85. I went back to natural in 2015. I had relaxed my hair for over 29 years. I got my first relaxer at age 12. I am loving my 3c/4a curl pattern. As a child, I became addicted to those ‘Just for Me’ kiddie perm commercials. I never appreciated my little curls. I never realized the greatness of my hair until I big chopped. So many people ask me, why I even relaxed my hair. They admire my curls and coils. I have learned that many people appreciate what we do nor like about ourselves.

  86. hi, more than a year now i have stop using permy relaxers, to jerry relaxer, how can i define my curl without applying the jerry relaxer, and what are the ingredients to be used, pls its urgent cus my hair is too bushy and untidy.

  87. I have been natural for about 3 years after relaxing it for 35 yrs. I have a horseshoe shaped hair loss section at the crown of my head. It seems to be damage from the years of relaxer with virtually no regrowth. I try to camiflague it and have used several sprays on the scalp to hide it but is there something you can recommend to use to give the area the look of hair?

    1. I had the same problem. My dermatologist recommended Rogain. Apply twice daily and use moisturizer as well. You will notice growth in six weeks to eight weeks. Continue to use this product daily or periodically but never stop or the area will revert back.

    2. I have it too. But as of today. I have about 3 mini baby twist in my crown. I’m a box braid girl and I think it may have broken off about 2-3 braids. Throughout my childhood I had a weak crown. My mom just gave up on giving me explanations- she say’oh that’s your birthmark’ – it just doesn’t grow-…? I’m 25 now & my crown has grown in 85%!!!! The first thing that grew my crown like a mad weed – was Carol Daughter healthy hair butter. I’ll leave it at that. I still use it til this day . It’s amazing the cream has been blessed my this woman’s hands! The second thing / sunny Isle Black Jamaican castor oil extra dark . (Real deal- real brand) the other brands of BJCO are cheap & you need the best of the best. The Thrid thing – blood stimulation. Look up the inversion method on YouTube. It works. Do it for a week on a week off for a month and watch your hair ! I swear by it. I read your post and knew what you were feeling instantly. Trust me this has helped! I’ll never give up CD healthy hair butter. (Does have a hope- earthy scent) I’m a free spirit so I love he smell.
      I have a YT – paiges of beauty. Check it out sometimes. I’m over dude for natural hair update anyway !

  88. I’ll admit, my hair would be longer then what it currently is but I am a very lazy natural. I hate doing my hair, I keep it in braids the majority of the time now because it’s easier for me and healthier for my hair. Because then I remember to oil my scalp and make sure it’s getting moisture. Taking it down is awfulness but I love being able to see all the length I’m retaining. If I’m not careful I can lose alot of hair being extra lazy after I take the braids out. It also helps with understanding my hair, my hair texture can be very frustrating, though today when I did my first successful wash and go(I was patient so it came out beautiful) My mom asked me how I achieved my curls and I was like, my hair is naturally like that, and shes like I’ve never seen it like that lol. I have 3c on the majority of my hair, however in the back it’s 3b, and the middle has 4a I think. There is a section in the mid back that is 2a, that section is a trip lol. I first thought it was damaged so I cut that all off, but it grew back just as wavy straight, it is by far the easiest to manage. Anywho, thankful for this forum, really need a regimen.

  89. It seems like my daughter has 3c hair (she’s mixed I’m white her daddy’s black, but he has good hair as well, naturally wavy. And when I was my daughter’s age I actually had a full head of thick, hard to manage, curly hair, similar to “Shirley Temple” if u remember her? However, her’s is obviously more course than mine was. Especially at the root. It’s a pain to have to part it evenly bc of the way her curls lay flat on her head when I go to part it in sections it’s more difficult parting it completely from root to tip bc her’s tends to become tangled both near the ends, where it tends to dry out easier making it easier for the curls to like intertwine if that makes sense, and especially in the thickest section with the most hair mid-bk of her head usually where a pony-tail or twist or bun gatherers. I use “Just For Me” products on her hair now + a few others that are co-wash detanglers. But as far as where it says “botanic gels” idk wth that means and idk what kind of moisturiser or oils to use when i braid it or put it in plats. I have come A LONG WAY and her hair is beautiful but it takes me forever just to eash it bc SHE FREAKS OUT IF HER FACE GETS WET! Her hair has grown a good 4ish in since Nov. 2nd of last year it’s down to her belly button/waste. So I’m doin good. But i want to be able to do it in cute lil fish tail braids and dutch braids but I only want to use natural (hell even proven hm remedies that actually wk) on her hair to do these things. Also I know wash it once a week, BUT how often should I brush/comb it bc it seems like every time i wash it I’m dealin with tangles! Ugh! Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx and God bless.

    1. “But he has good hair as well..”. PLEASE dismiss your white ass from this forum! And you don’t know when you should comb or brush your child’s hair?! This is an actual question?!

      1. Just wanted you to know that it is this type of ish that makes this world such a sad place. Were you not taught that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all? You’re ignorant as hell!

      2. Be easy Sister….we have to educate, not name call and intimidate. The woman is just seeking advice for her child’s hair.

    2. Hi Jennifer,

      Black people are sometimes offended by the “good hair” notion, especially coming from a white person. A better way to describe it would be to say, easily manageable, wavy, soft, etc. just thought I would help.

    3. I’ve got a mixed daughter with 3c hair. I’m “black enough” and her dad is white. Her hair is long and thick, and very healthy. If you need some tips, you can email me and I’ll help you out.
      But from now on, please don’t refer to hair as good, because it is an unmentioned idea that if there is “good” hair, then in comparison, there is “bad” hair, and that is offensive since black people have been raised for centuries in a white supremacist society, to be ashamed of their features, and that includes hair.
      One of the best tips I can give you, comb your child’s hair with a wide toothed comb while it is wet and some sort of crème is placed in it. Do not attempt to comb it while it’s dry. Use a natural oil (I use extra virgin olive oil in my daughter’s hair) while the hair is wet and slick it all through. then comb in sections. As for brushes… no… not unless you want frizz. The only time I use a brush in my daughter’s hair is when I’m slicking it down into a ponytail, and that is with ECO styling gel.

  90. What type of products for 4c hair? I want to grow it back and stress has been taking my hair so i went to a afro. Help!

  91. All hair is good hair as long as one takes care of their hair. Its so great to see this article and see the best way to take care of the different curl patterns. I have 4b with some 4a in the back. I have just recently learned to love and embrace my hair. Growing up I always wished I had looser curls or “good hair” but now I know all hair is beautiful. Please everyone embrace to the beautful hair God gave you no matter what society tells you what “good hair” is.

    -Lauray Co. Clothing

  92. I keep seeing a product line called Etae. I live in a very rural area where salons are not exactly on the cutting edge of hair care. I’ve found no one who has used this product . There are online reviews but I’d like to hear if it’s worth the price. My daughters hair is mixture of 4b and 4c. We work diligently to keep it healthy but she’s at the age where she’s wanting some variety but we won’t sacrifice the health of her hair to get it. Any opinions of the products would be greatly appreciated!

    1. There is an Etae salon around the corner from me. Not only are their products fantastic but they do great work in the salon. If you buy the products and do it yourself it may take more than one time for you to get it right, as far as how long to keep the products on, etc. Keep at it, though, I hear doing it yourself products good results, but often not the first time. Watch their youtube videos and pay close attention to what they do, that helps too.

  93. I have 4c hair, I cannot manage it. I am from South Africa and have tried almost every product available in my country to make it more manageable and soft. I now wear weaves if not I cut. Have been thinking of doing dreadlocks or cut again. Please assist on how to make this hair soft…

  94. Love this website, very helpful!! I have 3C hair and my precious daughter (8yrs old) has between 4A and 4B hair. It has taken a very long time to grow despite me using Shear moisture products, all natural oils, deep conditioning once a week, etc. It’s about 4″ if I leave it in a cute fro, but about 7″ if pulled out and braided.
    My question is I get totally mixed advice about braiding. I only get her hair braided when we go on vacation or when I go on business trips, so about every 90 days or so, then I leave the braids in about 3 weeks, any longer then they get super frizzy.
    Her hair has fine hair strands but it’s thick, so her sides are delicate, this is where my anxiety kicks in. Daddy loves her hair in braids and so do I b/c it’s easy maintenance; however, I’m very concerned about hair breakage on the sides if I have braids put in regularly, so I don’t.
    Any advice on the braids? and what will help her hair growth? Or do you think that just maybe her? She eats super healthy and is a gorgeous baby girl…

    Thank you so much, this is my first time asking online advice….

    1. Im no professional by any means however my hair is exactly what you described. Ive found that if my edges are left out or not pulled tight in braids I dont have a problem. My hair is very delicate and fine and tho I have a lot of it its ez’ly pulled out. Also spraying it w a braid spray helps to keep me from losing much hair if any during the take down. Hope this helps.

  95. I’ve just done the big chop. And I can’t really tell what my hair type is. Or how to take care of it.

  96. I’ve been wondering about the complexity of my hair, thank you. 4C it appears is me!! My daughter 4B…what a huge difference!

  97. I can’t figure out my hair type or if it’s just heat damaged. I wish I could send a pic so someone can help me. I’m so lost on this natural hair stuff as my mom has been perming my hair before I could even remember:(
    I’ve gone two years without relaxer but I didn’t really take care of it and I used hear a few times.

  98. Help! I’d like to try a wash n go (I’ve been natural since birth but it’s been damaged by over straightening and products so I cut it almost two years ago and just started styling it for the first time) but I’m having a slight confusion that could hinder that? Obviously 4c hair lacks defined curl shape and wash n go wouldn’t be very effective but my hair looks mostly 4b with some 4a when freshly washed and wet but once dry, even without product it looks like a mix of 4c and 4b. Is there any way to clear this confusion?

  99. How can I regrow my 9 yr olds edges and also retain more moisture on 4c hair
    I am very new to the African American hair care as I’m white and recently gained custody of my 9 step daughter. Her hair is severely damaged, dry and brittle,,due to constant perming. Her edges are almost completely gone and she has barely roughly 6 inches of hair but it is only growing almost like a mohawk . I am finding it very hard to find a balance of moisture ! And also need ideas on how to help it grow!! I find it does great and seems to grow and is somewhat not as dry ,, by doing big box braids with adding weave… Is doing that wrong?? I need over all hep

    1. Avoid braiding her hair too tightly or slicking back in really tight ponytails, this can cause more breakage and thinning of the edges. Give the damaged area extra attention when you moisturize her hair. When you moisturize always use water or a water based leave in conditioner first. Then you can use an oil or butter based product to seal in the moisture and prevent moisture loss. It will be more moisturized and grow in braids (what we call protective styles) because it isn’t exposed to the air and the braids will help keep her hair from tangling. You can always do box braids, two strand twists with her own hair as well don’t rely on the weaves too much. Simple styles work too like buns or ponytails anything where her hair isn’t roaming too free to encounter tangles. Also when you shampoo avoid shampoos with sulfates they are drying to Afro textured hair.

  100. I’m a 4b and all this time I thought I was a 4c even though my hair is much softer than my daughter’s 4c hair my hair is a cotton ball hers is more course so I’m glad to know we both have good hair. Healthy girl????

  101. Hi! Great blog! I am a hairstylist and looking for models with 3a-4c textures, and I would like to use your pics for a model call posting on Facebook and instagram. I just wanted to make sure there were no copyright restrictions. Thanks!

    Perfect Peace,
    Twitter: @hairtalkwelecia
    Facebook: Elecia Mitchell

  102. This is a great blog. Great for people like me who are just considering going back natural.

  103. This new generation of hair and hair products have left a great deal of women of color really unaware of their “roots” that may sound like a play on words but it is so true, point in case 20–40 years s ago there was an interment called a straightening comb! And it was used by woman of color, and the majority had the same hair type! Go ask grandma! There is nothing new under the sun, maybe other than the new “Carmel Nation” of women!!

  104. I am 4B according to the test. I use kinky curly to define my curls, but I don’t really like the crunchy texture. I just ordered shea moisture products and I’ll see if I like the feel of that better. I Want My Curls defined, but softer to the touch.

  105. I don’t understand why 4c curls are negated in the illustration and the model looks like she has straightened hair. We curls and a curl pattern, they’re just tight.

  106. Wow glad I found this! My hair ranges from 3a-4b A
    gypsy lady with about 30″ of brindle hair .

  107. The models featured all look mixed, so their hair types do not represent the whole spectrum of black women and your article does not show anyone of true African American heritage or the whole spectrum of black women hair textures which make up a more accurate representation of hair types. I personally do not see my own hair type represented here, which is very fine hair with a very soft baby texture, which is flyaway and flat with no body or much curl definition and I can’t identify my hair type from your article or photos.

    1. This page is meant to give a basic overview of ALL curly hair types using the Andre Walker hair typing system as a basis. This system includes type 3 hair, which are women with looser curls(mixed, latina, or white women) and type 4 hair which most African American women have. Hair typing is not the end all be all, as it is limited. There is so much variation in our textures that is simply not represented with this system. What hair typing is useful for is giving a basic guide on what types of products may be best and how to treat your hair.

    2. Based on my understanding of your comment, I think the complexion of the models is a different issue than their hair texture type. It seems that the hair types represented are a variance of all possible textures. Perhaps there could have been a darker complexioned model with 3b or 3c textured hair and like the 4b model featured, someone who has a fairer complexion with a more kinky hair texture. However, the description of hair textures would have remained the same, but your perception of the hair types featured may have been viewed differently.

  108. I know this sounds weird but my hair has the 3b curl pattern but my hair texture is similar to the one of 4a. What hair regimen should I follow as I’m not sure what to do? Majority of my hair length shows, it doesn’t shrink much.

  109. I guess Dee has a point which Margot explained quite diplomatically. An article on kinky hair should at the very least portray a range of our darkness and where our darker shades are ignored, it could alienate and prevent us from identifying with the content. I went further than the images just because I like reading. And the content was good. Thanks.

  110. I have type 4B & 4C hair.. I am completely white. IRISH/English/and some American Indian. I am fair skinned and blonde hair.. My hair is soft and dry and breaks fairly easy. My hair is short and I have Never really had a hair cut. Nobody and nothing has ever been able to help it to grow, not break, etc and now that I am menopause age it is thinning.. I have tried hundreds and hundreds of products.. I cannot do anything with it as there is no rhyme or rythym to it so straightening is all I can do at the salon. Yes I know this is hard on it but going natural is NOT an option.. you would have to see it to know.. hoping to try Monat products for growth and more next.. any experience with that?

    1. See my post about Qhemet Biologics. It’s for very dry Afro hair type but it should work well for you. I’m post menopause African American & have had some thinning. I use MEN’S ROGAINE on my way temples &nape. My dermatologist says my hair is very healthy but gave me a steroid cream for those thin spots. Try seeing a dermatologist; some menopauseal women have thyroid issues & that affects hair. Make sure you eat well with lots of veggies & REAL FOOD not processed stuff. Vitamins with essential fatty acids are good.I’ve also been using PuraD’Or hair loss shampoo I get from Rite Aid.

  111. I have very fine cotton hair it breaks easy, if I don’t use tons of gel it doesn’t hold a sleek look, If I don’t but a ton of holding spray before curling it will not hold a curl, after a while my hair will look like a afro. it gets a weird curl wave pattern and it’s stays dry. I don’t know what kind of hair I have. I wore a lot of weaves and braids breaks my hair and I get bald spots the last year I’ve gotten it cut and slick it down with tons of gel. I don’t know what to do. I said I was going to make some wigs and keep it moisturize and covered for the next year and see what happens. Im 55 years old and still don’t know what I want to do with my hair.










    2. Your hair sounds similar to mine: fine , cottony, tends to be dry , porous & won’t hold curls for a twist out. Just turns into a really nice Afro. I call it 4ab because I don’t have any Z Shaped strands just tiny coils. I find that QHEMET BIOLOGICS products work very well. It’s a BLACK OWNED company & I have the whole line; it’s pricey but is top quality & the two creams ( Amla & olive heavy cream and burdock root butter cream.) last forever .You can read about the company here : Qhemet . You can order sample sizes from them . You can also buy them at SEPHORA stores. I heard about Qhemet a few years ago & they are the best for very dry hair; a little goes a long way. I’ve tried other lines but always come back.


    1. Garnier fructis, and Giovanni both work great for your hair type. My mom and daughter both have thick wavie hair. Black hair products are probably not going to work for you. You shouldn’t be using “curly” hair products. Your hair isn’t curly boo❤️. I really hope this helps.

  113. My hair for some reason doesn’t grow as fast as others.I would say I have 4B type.of hair as my hair is for soft and definitely cottony, I would also say it is relatively light. I am a Jamaican BTW.I have been using castor oil since recently and I can say I am seeing a little improvement. Any suggestions?

    1. Try Jamacian Black Castor Oil this version of Castor oil works best and roasting of the Castor nuts is what is key. It doesn’t smell to great has a thick viscous consistency and works like a charm.

  114. I have type 4c hair, it is kinky when not pressed and curled and it is prone to be dry and break; also I do not have enough shine to my hair and must keep it moisturized. I would liie a moisturizer that does not weigh my hair down, but give it a healthy sheen.

    1. Hi Shelby. I have the same problem. I use Creme of nature’s with aran oil leave in conditioner for a nice shine. I spray it on in the mornings before i leave out for work if my needs a nice shine. I use it espeially when my braids are frizzy. Their hair lotion is also a good moisturizer to try.

  115. Can anybody tell me what kind if hair I have? I’ve been natural for 4 years now and can’t seem to find the right product for my hair. Help please!

  116. Can you also help me know my hair type as well, I’m confused about which one it is.

  117. I big chopped about two years ago to scalp length after having sister locks for around 5 years. I have never been able to figure out my hair type, and my hair looks different quite often! I struggle with length retention, frizz and dry ends, although much of that is due to dyeing and never having trimmed my hair. I couldn’t figure out how to attach a photo so here is a link to the pictures! Thank you so much for your help!

  118. Hello, searching to resolve tangling and knotting of my virgin hair. I call it virgin bc it’s a comeback from complete loss while receiving chemotherapy infusions. Within four months my hair begin to regrow and at right at two years later I have about 8/9 inches of hair. Started out a fine hair shoulder length hair woman, seems now the texture is a bit thicker than before. Biggest problem is the horrific tangling. It crazy web like balls knotted hair. I am using Shea Motion Raw Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and Conditioner for about 11 1/2 year and recently bought Extra Moisture Detangler which seem to not help, yangled more. Prior to adding this product I had twice used the Conditioner exclusively to unbraid and minimize the tangles (yes I have a braid down for a weave that I am wearing) and on the third use my hair seem to be a lil manageable. However, this hair is doing a great job of frustrating me with home care. I have a lot of hair loss each occasion, 🙁 yikes all my grow back breaking off. There are no chemicals, no blow drying, flat iron just natural hair. As I said I am wearing a protective hair style over my virgin hair planning to enjoy my regrowth once I am satisfied with the success of it recovery! Also there is a class action lawsuit about the particular drugs women like myself received as the likelihood of our hair growing back is questionable. I am thankful that my hair has begin the regrowth process, when or if my hair hits my shoulders, then it return is a success. But the tangles, like a spider web is preplexing. After following recommendations from the videos suggesting to saturate the hair first before unbraiding, I still have to work through the web/tangles! Any suggestions/ recommendations welcomed. Thank you!

    1. Saundra, I’m happy for you that your hair has grown back!

      I get cobwebby hair too. What has helped me a lot is oil rinsing at the end of my wash routine. The last thing I do in the shower is apply avocado oil all over my hair and rinse it lightly under the shower, which helps distribute it through my hair and remove some of the excess. After doing this, my hair is much easier to part and style. I find that in general, keeping my hair well moisturized and especially oiled (using oil rinsing and the LCO method) helps minimize the webs.

      Everyone’s hair is different, but it may be worth giving it a try. I would just use whatever you have on hand – coconut, olive, etc to test it out. It’s important to wash the oil off your face afterward if you have acne prone skin. Hope this helps and good luck!

  119. I’m going to a party and i need a hair style for it and i have 4c hair and I don’t know how to handle or control it and my hair does not like to stay straight even in the winter. Can you help come up with or know any hairstyles to wear.

  120. This hair rating system is the most hateful cast system targeting black women that I’ve seen in years. So you are telling me and my young daughter that “A” hair is most similar to Caucasian textured hair and if our thick resilient and healthy hair is “tightly coiled” (aka nappy) our hair is “C” or “D” grade. I pray you are just white and ignorant and not black and self-loathing. Facts can cure ignorance self-loathing is a more deeply rooted disease that requires serious, serious intervention.
    Either way, shame on you and shame on every company that perpetuates this insidious rating system.

    1. I’m sure the letters aren’t supposed to reflect grades, but rather just be a secondary separation like the 3 and 4. But instead of writing 3.1, 3.2, 4.3, 4.1 and so on, it makes it a little more simple to just write 3A, 4B and so on. And I’m sure a site that revolves around black hair care wouldn’t support such a system if it was implying that Caucasian textured hair is somehow better.

    2. you’re obviously triggered. the alphabetical order of hair types has nothing to do with racism what-so-ever

  121. One question I have is, could a person have 4c and 3c types hair which I suspect I have which means the style types wont work well for me and haven’t. I have been natural for the past 24 years where I wore a TWA requiring low maintenance and my barber became my BFF, and in fact did a wash and go daily. s
    A point I should make is that when my hair is wet, and it stays wet for at least five hours without assistant from heated apparatuses, no one except me can tell that it’s saturated as my curls are very tight. My niece and nephew have all commented on how “very curly”, their words, not mine, my hair is. My hair lies flat in a perfect “o” as well as with a springy “o” with the ends being zigzaged when dry.
    Recently, two years ago, I grew my hair out to be in my sister’s wedding party because she wanted a certain esthetic look, but I drew the line at straightening as that was not happening! Needless to say, I’ve combed every article I could find on caring for what all the pundits say is 4c type hair to no avail. Nothing worked to soften let alone manage the knot/tangled effect that happened at the end of the each day.
    While the LOC method worked marginally well, it didn’t tame the knotting/tangling and I detest the product build ups. I have to wash my hair weekly to get rid of this.
    The experience which prompts my question is that a few weeks ago, I was extremely busy and didn’t do my weekly wash and waited three weeks to wash, and to my dismay, my hair, which was in a side twist was locking despite using daily leave-in conditioner and moisturizer! Was I ready to jump right back to a twa after this? Heck yea! But I didn’t so now my curiosity has me wondering what’s going on? Is my hair type, curl/coil pattern, etc.?
    Thanks for the response and insights, and sorry for the long comment.

    1. It’s normal to have more than one hair type. My suggestion from reading your post is that you go to a stylist and have it evaluated for damage. Your hair shouldn’t be staying wet for 5 hours. My guess is that you need a protein treatment and a trim to remove damage, but you should have a professional evaluate.

  122. Excuse me but I cannot tell my hair type because I don’t know it. I am an African American Male with short hair.

  123. The problem is that some of you obviously don’t see the error in stating that something is an A, B, C, or a 1,2,3. This is a historically ranked system. We all know that if you win 1st place—then you’ve beaten out whoever came next. Also when you get an A in class… Let’s not be childish here and accept what is the plain truth. This, I I remind you is the problem. Next time, try to see what is in front of you before you call someone crazy. Beverly, more power to you for saying something. The next step is for those of us who don’t understand to now please try to. Sometimes, that’s all that is needed. It’s like an image that you can’t unsee. It will stay with you for the next moment when you think you know everything and that racism is a myth. We all have a right to be equals. I know it’s easier to categorize things. Don’t let that be an excuse to be ignorant.

    1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I really think it’s looking way too deeply into it and I am not a fan of being so sensitive and walking on eggshells about every word we say. Words have the power and meaning that we give to them. And if it’s your interpretation that “A” or “1” is better it is, what is. Also if you are against hair types why come to a page about hair types in the first place? Why even come to a website called Black Naps? If you are so against hair typing I would think you aren’t a fan of the word “naps” either.

      1. I’m not against being open-minded and coming to a page, or returning to a page, to hear what you have to say. I agree, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I’m a student by nature and I like to learn from others. That’s why I came to this site—to learn. I chose to address a specific topic, so forgive me if you feel offended. And I understand how you might think that I was being sensitive, since my comment was very direct. I was responding to the commenters that denied even seeing how someone could state that there may an issue with categorizing hair in a traditionally hierarchical system. Like you say, it may not even be that serious. But, why not imagine for a moment that it was that serious? Maybe we are labeling something as simple as a person’s hair type, with some form of subconscious (or conscious) grade like an “A=good”. Or in this case, “A=better than B, B=better than C”. I also agree with you that words have the power and meaning that we give to them. So why not just call curly hair, “curly hair”? Why not use our words instead of numbers or letters? Or why not take the numbers and letters out of order and randomize them to reduce the assumption that one is more important than another. I could come up with my own. Maybe I should, instead of just commenting here. I just figured, we’re all here to read and make comments and I had something to say. Specifically about how a lot of people, like yourself, were seemingly close-minded about what Beverly was saying. That annoyed me. By the way, I think this is a good site & I appreciate you replying to my comment. I don’t agree with everything, but that doesn’t mean its not worth still reading. Like I said, I enjoy learning. And sometimes I change how I feel about something when I’m introduced to another perspective. That is my main message to whoever is reading this.

  124. Maybe we should call the hair types names instead of numbers. If we all as smart as we act like we are, then this should be easy. Call curly hair “curly hair” for goodness sake.

    1. But their are different types of curl patterns genius.We cant call of them curly hair now can we?

  125. there’s a D in each lettering and for whatever reason it was left out. 3a 3b 3c 3d & 4a 4b 4c 4d.

  126. 3a-3b hair here. It’s a hot mess 97% of the time. Sensitive scalp and friz for days. What kind of products are suggested?

  127. My bi racial daughter is three. I love her hair and prayed for afro hair. As Shes got older it has thickened up and doesn’t take to the same products. I’m very careful touse natural products with no sulphates, parabens, animal products etc. Lately She seems to be losing more hair than before on her comb. When i wash and condition it, it’s beautiful. As soon as its dry it feels like straw. Anything i use seems to just sit on her head. Can anyone recommend anything? Anything at all please!

    1. Debbie, Try putting moisturizer in her hair while it is damp. Brush it in until you don’t see anymore residue. Look for a kids line. Like “cantu”

      1. Cantu has alcohol. Dried my kids hair out completely. Use the LOC process with a good creme, black jamiacan castor oil, and a good leave in. Try the diva curl conditioner. Kinky curl is a good line too.

  128. My hair is natural, course, and has multiple textures. It is styled in a short bob. The top and the majority of the sides of my hair is wavy. It gets blow dried, silk pressed, and curled with an iron. However, the back section of my hair is straight. Foam wrap is used to smooth it down, I am placed under the dryer, then it is curled with an iron. However, the curls will not hold. My hair sticks out like a porcupine. What products do you recommend for getting this hair texture to hold curls?

  129. I want to go natural and I’m a 4c hair type how do I start and be able to grow my hair and edges

  130. My hair looks kinda like 4c picture, (unless I do wash and go, then it looks 4a,) but when I do the quiz it keeps saying 3c! ??‍♀️

  131. I’m not sure what kinda hair type… I have, the quiz says 3c, I cut my hair off and i just washed my hair, I don’t know the pattern, because I guess I’m kinda slow lol. So it looks like a s pattern… I’m not sure because I was always told., well from YouTube video and googling that I am 4c… help me please, because, I need a good shampoo and conditioner and moisturizer.

  132. Hello im writing a story and i was wondering? what hair styles are good for 3c hair style? and if you could, find what styles (3c) were popular for the 1920’s (that’s the time period its in) she is African American also (I find that important she is my main character to!!).

    p.s I have no idea how to write characters of different colors and hair styles (im white and have wavy hair) that’s why I want to know so i don’t mess this up because i really hate when authors do that (plus I feel really bad if i do something wrong because I missed something in my research)

    Much thanks from a kid trying to write (sorry if i sound mean!)

  133. I’m a white woman with 3c hair and 4c edges/sections. All my life I have never fit in. I can only wash my hair twice a week, my hair breaks, frizzes and kinks in the weather, and I can’t exercise without my hair going full poof. It knots 10 seconds after I have tried to comb it, and if I don’t sleep on a silk pillowcase, I get broken pieces of hair in my bed at night. It’s shrinks up at least 50%. Traditional salons cannot handle my hair, but I have been turned away from salons that cater to WOC. Nobody in my family has this hair and it is so isolating. Blowing it out just dries it to the point of broken straw. But this is the suggestion I get every time I wear it natural. Like I’m being sloppy or messy. I understand that for WOC, this goes much deeper than hair. I don’t want to take anything away from what this means to WOC. But I feel like I cannot relate to straight hair ponytail swinging girls, and I would love to find a person with my hair that can relate to trying to conform to smooth shiny wash your hair every day expectations when your hair isn’t meant to do that. Just once I’d like to talk to someone who knows what it’s like to have people reach out and touch your hair because “I just wanna see what it feels like”. I even had someone at the gas station reach into the window of my car to touch my hair!! Who can I talk to? How can I find a salon who can show me the right way to take care of my very sassy hair? How can I find a way to talk to others about hair without treading on the cultural aspects of natural hair? Help!

  134. Hey! I have 4c and 4b type mix. I have ALOTTTTTT of shrinkage and i want to do box braids,My mother,However does not let me have weave or extensions. Do you have any ideas for my hair type,Shrinkage,Box braids or anything?

  135. Between, hair thinning because of natural hormones levels for 64y.o. woman, grey hair (which has a mind of its own) and former product discontinued -still searching for the right one) I am having a few hair issues plus keeping my curls moisturizer. I am using a 5% minoxidil foam(for the past 4 months for the hair thinning problem…need to see better results and concerned about the chemicals in these products.

    1. to nanettemps121 I am 66 and I started using wild grow hair oil my hair is soft curly but badly damaged from hair dyeing I had to stop using the wild grow about 2 week my hair thicken the first week and I do see a small growth that is exceptional for such a short period of time the smell is awful but wears off. don’t k now if this will help you and it thicken the hair naturally


  137. my hair is very soft and curly , I call it snap back hair, cause it shrinks up tight and gets dry in between moisturizing. What hair type do I have

  138. my hair is soft thin and fine with mixed grades. I need a wash and go style. I live in Baltimore, MD. Does know a good beautician in my area?

  139. My hair is very curly I have been natural for 14 years but I have been shaving my head for 10 years. I have been told I have type 4a hair. I am currently looking to let my hair grow out. I am starting my journey again and looking for the right products while doing so. Please advise me and thank you for your help.

  140. Please help me find a affordable product and regimen to dod to my hair. Just did the big chop and I want my hair to appear soft and curly as it grow. Now it’s in wash and go stage

  141. Quiz says ima 3b, its fine but has volume. Ive been using not your mother’s way to grow for quite awhile. Is this a good shampoo and conditioner for growing long

  142. Not sure what type of hair I have but it is fine, the waves are still there but more loose now. My hair gets oily by end of week. It retains moisture. But now it won’t grow. How can I get it to grow longer??

  143. My hair doesn’t fall and probably most Africans hair don’t fall into any of these category. It’s very kinky and nothing comparable to any of the hair types. I feel like there’s a kinkier hairtype that is excluded from this hair categories, otherwise what people potray as 4c is not 4c. People who have been to the southern part of Africa might know what I’m tryna say

  144. I don’t think this is accurate lol because I’m definitely not 3c. There are a few patches of 3c but the majority of my hair is 4a. I just wanted to see if this quiz was on to something.

    1. I took the quiz for the same reason. It gave me 3C. My hair is definitely mostly 4C with a patch of 4B in the front and a patch of 4A in the back.

  145. I have the most unusual hair i have ever seen. The 4c describes it but,my hair is 4c extreme. I cannot do anything ectra to my hair. All products effect it different. Super delicate i once had 6 inches of growth i died it with. Every inch in the top fell off but the stayed. Tightes coils.They can go from 1in to 8-10 in. Very frustating to style.

  146. I am Brazilian, which means extremely mixed race, The reason I straighten my hair is because I have at least 3 different types of hair on my head. I am not joking. My hair is extremely coarse middle of my skull, really soft curly at the sides. almost straight at the bottom and very thin in front.

  147. My hair is thick but straight on ends suck up moisture curly but, not nappy please tell me what kind of hair is this

  148. So I am of some mixed race but I have thick hair. I am a cross between 3c and 4a some strands are different. Thanks for the test because when I first went back to natural I was a 3c all around my head. My texture has changed throughout the years.

  149. This was helpful, but I’m still not sure. If I were to send a picture, could you diagnose my hair type for me.

    if I weren’t to have done this test I would have stayed clueless

  151. So my hair is curly and kinky. Rn my hair is in two puffs but if i were to take it out the front would be like 3a/4a/4b but the back would be more 4a/4b what would my general hair type be?

  152. please i am new to the natural hair thing and i have used to many products on my hair to bring out my natural curls but seems to not work and i think i have the 4c hair type

  153. Im still confused my curl patterns is more like 3c (strand test) i dont have a z shape strands more like circular coily which is closet to 3c based on the hair strand chart .. but my hair has the appearance of 4b or 4c.

    1. I had the same issue.
      I had heat damage, chemical damage and also damage from resetting hair that was already wet.
      you might have some damage to your hair that’s caused the strands in your hair to split and break making it dryer and frizzy

  154. I need help
    My hair has several different curls and textures
    My hair is a mixture of 3a 3b 3c with 4a and 4b with a little of 2c
    With frizzyness tangles and a z s and no shape.
    My hair does what ever it want’s at time when moisture is in the air I can not do anything with it because of the curls coils tangles and frizz.
    By the time I am down trying to fool with it I just braid it up.
    I need some help and advicr

    1. If you have those many types it’s possible you have some damage to your hair that is affecting your strands natural curl pattern

      Wash your hair and without putting in any chemicals or products look at the roots of your hair to determine true hair type

  155. I have loose, straight hair with no defined curls. It is fine and thin, highly porous. I can’t find where I fit in this category…the test keeps telling me to “retake” though my answers will not change: it is what it is! Help!

  156. my hair tends to separate and stand out in thick coil like strands when dried and it gets really hard to comb through. i used to think it was a type 4c or 4b but now i’m confused because the curls are loose and my hair feels fuller when wet but really thick, hard and shrunken when dry

  157. I am really not sure what my hair type is but I do know that it is course and dry and does not hold moistre very well at all and I need a product that will help to keep the miostre in my hair I have naturel hair. please help

    1. I have thin/fine (I think 4c hair) not sure but definitely not 4b and above and also it is tightly packed and always dry and breaking. i have struggled so much with it and sometimes I get frustrated. also, I am not so good with this hair stuff. I have decided to cut it off but then again, I want to leave a little hair. Where I live, there are barely black hair profs and my hair gets drier because of the weather. It is winter. I need help. I am so confused.
      Thank you.

    2. Try Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 Miracle Worker styling lotion green and white bottle (not the spray bottle). I discovered this recently and it keeps my dry 4C hair very moist for twists. I use just a little hair oil when I am untwisting and wow what a soft shiny difference. Make sure you saturate each section until slick twist and allow time for it to dry. I guess you could use a diffuser but I don’t have one of those things.

  158. My hair is 3A in the front and something else in the back. It holds moisture great in the front but that back is a desert. Gheesh

  159. My quiz result said that I have type 3c hair, but looking at the representative picture I think, “You must be kidding! My hair isn’t near that loose!” I stated that I have tight curls. When I say “tight,” I mean about an 1/8 inch in diameter — TIGHT! Does that still put me in the 3C category? Also, having hair that’s spongy like that, it holds moisture on the inside for days, if left alone, but the outter bits dry out really quickly. Wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. The individual strands to NOT hold ANY moisture, but collectively they will. Do you smell what I’m steppin’ in? Ideas?…

  160. I also thought the same thing when the results said that I have 3c hair. My hair does shrink a lot unless if I don’t stretch it. But it’s really soft though.

  161. I don’t know who came up with this quiz, but it is not accurate! First they said that I have 3c hair…Wrong, then I retook the quiz to them saying that I have 4c hair…I have short hair now, due to me cutting off my locs. But before I loced up in the first place, my hair is really thick, coarse, and wavy curly. When I brush it, I can make shirley temple curls all over. So I have to agree with Celina, and say do you smell what just about everyone has already stepped in?

    1. You should be basing your answers on hair that is freshly washed. No product added. Not combed or blow-dried. Your hair should be in its raw state. If you are basing how your hair looks in this state the results should reveal your hair type.

  162. I think i have a type 4c hair and i really want it to grow longer than it is now, Any ideas of a good hair routine, or good hair products that actually works

    1. Patience and love. Detangle gently. Crochet braids are a good protective style (do cornrows underneath as the base NOT flat twists). 4c hair grows best with very low manipulation. Make sure you feed your hair! Like a plant it needs quality moisture. Find products that work for you. I have low porosity, SUPER dense/thick 4c hair. My hair loves Shea Butter, Black Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil & Argan oil. For product, I recently discovered the “Creme of Nature: Pure Honey” line and I am in LOVE. I use the LCO method (liquid/leave in, cream, oil) when styling and my hair is always so soft and shiny and has been growing with little breakage. I also take biotin supplements too.

  163. I am between 3 c and 4 a. I am transitioning from a texrurizer and my roots are definitely curly almost wavy like. I have to go light on products or they would weigh my curls down. Very accurate quiz

  164. My hair is 4c. Looking for product to bring my Hair Texture back I used a product call Keranique to grow my Hair. Did grew. Stop using when seen improvement. This product you cannot stop using. It took my Hair out really really. Bad I had thin by little wavy texture. Now my Hair. Is really really Nappy.and tight Desperation for my Texture and Growth. Thank you

    1. Hey sis, my name is Daphne and I’m also 4c. I actually like to use heavy cream moisturizers. One I’ve been using for a few years now is Bella Curls, you should check it out. They have the entire line at Family Dollar. Yes girl family dollar. Check out the reviews on YouTube and it smells devine! I love it! I also use Naturall hair products (only the avacado deep conditioner and shampoo and conditioner) I hope this helps!

  165. I have been fully informed about the types hair trands,that I have. I think my type is,4a/4b

  166. Hey yall, i took the test and i have 4b hair!!! i also feel like i have some 4a curls, i need some hairstyles and a everyday,weekly and monthly hair routine…… girl pls give me some tipsssss

  167. My hair is a true 4c. It shrinks in seconds. I once blow dried it and in about 1hr it was back to original state. What do I do? I dont want to braid it because my hair line is weak neither do I wanna chop it off coz it is winter here what do I do?

    1. Maybe try two cornrows in a bun. I like that style and do it a lot. It isn’t tight and is a protective style. My hair has grown a lot in this style.

  168. My hair is a solid mix of 3c and 4a and I wanted some advice on how to style my hair. I want to leave it out rather than have it braided but I don’t know how to handle my hair and I finally want to learn how to manage it. My mom is willing to help but her hair is straighter that 3a so I’m a little unsure of how knowledgeable she will be about my hair. I appreciate any suggestions. You guys seem to know what you’re doing

  169. I have 4c type hair. I wore perms for years on my hair, frankly I forgot how curly my hair was. I haven’t had a perm for almost 5 years. A lot of my hair have come out and for a long time I wondered why my hair was shedding when I would wash it. It shrinks. For the past few weeks I have been using a mixture of oils on my scalp and hair. I have found aloe vera works well conditioning my hair. My hair have come out in the back. I am following a regime I have seen tutorial on mixing oils. I really don’t have a problem with my hair growing. However, the spot in the back I want to grow back in and thickness come back. I read an article on the types of hair women of color have; the article helped me to understand my 4c type and inbrace my hair type. The shrinkage is good. When I twist out the hair I have length, but it shrinks a lot. Just need help in what good products to use on my 4c type hair. Any feedback?

    Kind Regards ,

    1. Our situations are very similar. I’ve been without a perm for 5 years and experienced my hair thinning a bit. Until I started using rice water. Have you tried rice water? I have been using it for a few months now and I have 4c hair. I had a bald spot for the past 15 years but since using rice water the hair has finally started growing there. Try it and see if it works for you. It has been working for me.

  170. I am a owner of a festival call Afro-jewfro in Israel. I would love to have tips on how to take care of Afro hair and what kinds of products to use please.thanks comfort

  171. I took the test and it says I have 3c coils. However, it resembles the lady’s hair in the 4a picture. I guess I’m combination 3c/4a type? The lady in the 4a picture looks more 3c to me. Anyway, I would love more tips on how to care for my hair and more hairstyles. Thank you!

  172. 4C lady here my hair has been a true nightmare it’short kinky and has no volume whatsoever. I prefer to have my hair permed unfortunately for me I cannot retain growth and everything I try a new product it seems to make my hair fall out even more.Most of the time I wear wigs I can only dream of wearing my natural hair. Any advice will be gratefully appreciate it.

  173. I have type 4C hair type. I’d like to know of a product to use, that would avoid shrinkage after washing, and to have volume and body after blowing.

  174. I have 4a/4b hair and its very thick. but what I wanna know is can I do. a wash n go?

  175. I am anemic with very thin, coily hair. I don’t want to manipulate my hair a lot but I need to know what are the best products for my hair that wont weight it down?

    1. This might help: My individual strands form tight coils naturally, but looks like cotton candy dry. But I have discovered that if I do an olive oil treatment, wash with Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Shampoo, & then Pantene Pro-V 3-Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner, my hair will air dry in defined coils. I braid & band my hair each night to keep it stretched & moisturize (Pantene Smooth & Sleek) & finger-comb it every morning. That’s it. The morning I wash it, I wear it wash-and-go. It dries shorter than when I stretch it, but it’s shorter defined coils. My thin hair doesn’t get tangled & matted when I do this & finger-combing is so gentle that my hair breaks off less: only when I’m rushed & rough with it or neglect to moisturize.

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