understanding hair length retention

Reach Your Length Retention Goals and Avoid the Breakage Cycle

understanding hair length retention
Your hair is growing all the time. So if you are thinking to yourself, “Then Why am I not seeing any growth! : (” The answer is simple, you are not retaining length or in other words your breaking off the ends of your hair. So when your new growth comes in, you do not see any difference. Your hair is a fiber that can be preserved or destroyed. To gain length you have to keep your fragile ends from breaking.

Do Your Genetics Limit You?

Some people have come to believe their genetics are the reason why they cannot grow longer hair. Yes, genetics does play a role in your hair growth. However, in many cases, looking to your parents’ hair growth is not always a good indicator of how long you will be able to grow your own hair.

In our culture, we have had many long generations of bad hair care practices. If you happen to come from a family where the knowledge of proper hair care was simply not known and therefore not taught, then you cannot look to your familial hair growth as an example.

Once you have cut off any damage that you may have have, maintain moisture protein balance and take a low manipulation approach with long term consistency (we are talking months and months here) you will reach your length retention goals. Remember our hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month which equals 6 inches per year so be realistic when setting your goals.


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8 thoughts on “Reach Your Length Retention Goals and Avoid the Breakage Cycle”

  1. A healthy diet also comes in to play when you think of reasons why hair does not grow, there have been may people who say just get you ends clipped and moisturize, those things are great but put the right foods in your body and taking the right vitamin daily make a big difference. And lets not forget to drink lots of water, water water. eat right and cut the heat and stop the coloring/relaxers/texturizing. we wanna look good but forget what it takes.

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