How to Transition to Natural Hair Without a Big Chop

How to Transition to Natural Hair Without a Big Chop

Transitioning is the way to go if you don’t want to sacrifice your hair length and go natural all at once. You can pace yourself and go back to natural hair at a rate that you are comfortable with. Here is how the process works:

#1 Stop using chemical relaxers 

To begin the process give up the creamy crack completely.

#2 Give up all forms of chemical hair treatments

This includes texturizers, keratin treatments, and permanent hair dyes. All of these products alter the structure of your hair and will prolong the transitioning process even further. They can also add extra fragility to your hair which is something you don’t need.

#3 Avoid heat usage  

You want to avoid heat usage (flat irons & hotcombs) because your hair is already in a fragile state and because if you encounter heat damage this could also potentially permanently straighten your hair, which is what you are trying to avoid.

#4 Strengthen your hair with protein treatments and frequent deep conditioning

 Aphogee Protein Treatment

Where your relaxed hair meets your natural roots there is going to be some weakness in this area due to the texture differences. This is pretty much unavoidable, but what you can do is keep your hair in tip top shape by deep conditioning with every wash that you do, and doing protein treatments every 6 to 8 weeks.

#5 Moisturize your hair with water or water based products daily, then seal in with an oil

You may be uncomfortable with water, as growing up we were taught it’s our enemy but this is so actually far from the truth. Water or a water based moisturizer is the best thing you can use, you can also use an oil to help seal in the moisture you are putting into your hair.

#6 Wear low manipulation or protective styles

A low manipulation style, is simply a style that does not require daily styling and maintenance, hence less strain on you hair. A good example of a low manipulation style would be a roller set, twist out, or braid out. Being that you texture is not going to be consistent while you are transitioning you will probably like the results of roller sets better or combing twists with rollers on the end (this way the ends of your hair will look nice and curly)

A protective style, is a style in which the ends of your hair protected by being tucked away and the style doesn’t require daily maintenance other than moisturizing. Good examples of protective styles include buns, box braid extensions, or even wigs!

#7 Trim as little or as much as you want until you are fully natural and your hair has reached a length that you are comfortable with

How long the transitioning process will take will depend on the current length of your hair. If your hair is shoulder length or longer and the majority of your hair is relaxed it could take up to a year or more before your natural hair reaches a length that you are okay with. You don’t have to rush into a big chop, that’s the beauty of this method, but you must have patience!

 #1 Why to Go Natural
#2 What You Should Know About Natural Hair
#3 How to go from Relaxed to Natural Hair
#4 Know Your Hair Type
#5 What’s Your Hair Porosity Type
#6 What Products Do I Need?
#7 How to Create a Natural Hair Regimen
#8 Natural Hair FAQ

121 thoughts on “How to Transition to Natural Hair Without a Big Chop

  1. I’m getting more and more interested in transitioning… Presently my hair is relaxed but I guess I have to start somewhere. My challenge is that I don’t have any idea whatsoever what my hair type is… I’m willing to learn

  2. “Being that you texture is not going to be consistent while you are transitioning you will probably like the results of roller sets better or combing twists with rollers on the end (this way the ends of your hair will look nice and curly)”

    Please could you describe how to do this. Currently in the transitioning stage. All I have been doing is braids and weaves, sick of it. I have shoulder length hair and it is taking forever to achieve full transition

  3. If I just start washing my hair with transitioning shampoos , conditioners & deep conditioners . Doing treatments , Doing Protective Styles , n chopping time from time I’ll start seeing my natural hair ?.

  4. I have pretty short relaxed hair (mostly grow out now) because the relaxed hair has broken off over the months. How do I know when to cut, what to cut, and where to stop cutting my hair? I haven’t started transitioning yet but I would like to!

    1. You would be cutting off the chemically processed portion of your hair. So wherever you see straight strands of hair is where you would cut. Once all of your relaxed ends are gone, there will be no need to cut.

  5. Im trying to transition from relaxed to natural and to also gro my hair but i dont know the exact steps i should take i havent had any perm in like a month and im eliminating all chemicals..Please help

      1. well after i cut my relaxed ends what type of treatment and products do i use to get it curly?i didnt see that in the tranistion page

  6. I currently have relaxed hair that is not even shoulder length. My mom has had my hair relaxed ever since i was a little girl and i’m 18 now. I really want to grow my hair out by going natural and i realize it might take a while, If i start transitioning 1) are ponytails still an acceptable hair do? 2) do i need to oil my hair daily? 3) how would i straighten my hair if i needed to occasionally? 4) is air drying better than blow drying?

    1. #1 Yes you can still wear ponytails

      #2 You should moisturize you hair daily and seal the moisture in with an oil

      #3 If you need to straighten your hair you would blow dry it and use a flat iron

      #4 Air drying is better than blow drying all the time because you don’t want to use too much heat

  7. I’m 15 and I have had to cut the front of my hair very short (boy length) due to a bleach incident. I want my hair to grow long naturally. I also want to put in a lace wig (sans glue!) and I am wondering if it will still be possible for me to take care of my natural hair while I have the wig on? And I would also like to know what to do in order to help my hair grow faster. Thanks.

  8. I had my last relaxer in January 2014. I have had regular trims since the last relaxer. Since Jan 2014, I’ve had three keratin treatments. The last one was approximately 6-7 months ago. Now I want to know what products to use for transitioning, how often to wash my hair, is it safe to do flat ironing once every week with a protective oil?

  9. Hello, i’ve just started my transition on May 11, 2015 I’ve been keeping braids in my hair, i do not want to do the big shop becasue im scared so i dedcide to just grow my perm out, after having my seond child im tired of the same old lokk an want to go towards the natural look loving the styles wish me good luck

    1. I also just started the transitioning phase and so I’m loving it… good luck to you 🙂

  10. Hi ladies, I just started my journey of going natural, and I’m scared but feel like I would be empowered by my natural hair. I work in a professional field as a nurse, and I was told that being natural wasn’t a professional look. I’m ready to prove them wrong. I’m proud of my roots and tired of hiding THEM!!

    Wish me luck ladies!!. 🙂

    1. Wow that’s pretty rotten to tell someone that it’s not professional to wear their natural hair….. I’m glad I work in the fitness field… and can wear my hair natural everyday

  11. Hi ladies I started my transitioning august 2015. But I did an artifical dread will it affect my transitioning reply

  12. Wow! Great site! I did the big chop already. I was frustrated with the knots in my permed hair. I kind of regret it because it takes some getting used to. But its done now so here I am au natural.

  13. Hello, I have been natural for two years now meaning I haven’t gotten a perm or relaxer. However, I have still been using a blow dryer to dry my hair when I wash it. I have been wearing my hair in braids and protective styles to prevent the urge for a relaxer. I think I am ready to train my hair now. Where should I start? How do I define my curl pattern more?

    Also, these tips are very helpful!

  14. its a new year and I”m aiming for a new me in every way possible and i decided to start with going natural. i”m excited and nervous at the same time. My main concern are my edges. They can get really nappy which is the reason I use relaxers. Any body as any suggestions on how to deal with that?

    1. Use a thick butter to lay your edges down and then tightly wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head. Remove the scarf after an hour or so, and your edges will be laid.

      Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque does the trick for me.

    2. Yay for healthy hair in the New Year! Honestly, sometimes no matter how much edge control I use my edges still end up frizzing up, especially during the summer. But I will say that laying your edges at night and tying them down (not too tight) with a satin scarf will help them lay better throughout the day. There are a ton of great edge control products on the market- my favorite is Hicks edge control.

  15. I have short permed hair that’s a pretty nice length. If I just keep getting it curled tight with rollers until it’s long enough cut would that be cool?

    1. Absolutely! There’s no right or wrong way to transition. I transitioned for about six months. My go-to style was flexi rod sets. 🙂

  16. Hi Kanisha

    i shaved my hair last year September, Got frustrated December and i permed it with chemical hoping for it to grow faster
    now it looks relaxed , what can i do? shave again ?

    1. That depends on what you want to do. If you want to go natural then you have to stop getting relaxers. Also, relaxers don’t make your hair grow, by the way. You can shave your head again if you want, that would be a big chop. Or you can transition without a big chop by simply growing your hair out and not relaxing it again, and trimming off the relaxed ends gradually.

  17. i have really long hair and im tired of relaxers how long will it take and whats the best products for my hair type ( thick and coarse)

  18. Great article; makes me kinda glad my hair’s short so the process should be a little shorter 🙂
    My biggest problem with not relaxing is the fact that I have a really tender scalp and pretty thick hair, so parting my hair in any way is usually super painful, which makes doing my hair a difficult process.
    What would you suggest to make my scalp less tender? (someone suggested conditioning my hair, but apparently that makes doing braids difficult as my hair becomes slippery).

  19. I do not and have not had a Relaxer in YEARS , but i use alot of heat because i like straight hair. What are some good tips to help me not get discouraged and using heat again ? I’ve tried to start the transitioning process and I love my curls but I get irritated when my hair tangles and end up straightning it again, any good detanglers ??

    1. Giving your hair a good deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner can help cut down on tangles. The Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner made my hair very smooth and easy to work with. Also for detanglers, I have used Kinky Curly’s Knot Today and this has worked pretty well.

  20. I’ve been transitioning since August 2015. I got box braids in December, and I’m really scared that my hair hasn’t grown at all. I’m also worried about what to do about styling, like I have Prom in a few months, then Senior Pictures. I love natural hair, but I’m still afraid at the same time. Any tips will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

    1. There’s no way that your hair hasn’t grown at all, your hair is growing all the time. If you don’t see growth odds are it’s because it is breaking off at the same rate that it is growing. When you are transitioning naturally you will lose length because you will be trimming off the chemically processed ends and breakage.For styling options right now, if you don’t want to wear extensions/weaves for your prom or senior pictures I would recommend going to a professional to get a nice rod or flexi set. This way your hair will have a more blended look and you won’t have to worry about the straight ends clashing with your roots.

  21. Im just transitioning into natural hair. I had a perm about 2 months ago but im really getting overwhelmed with different products for my hair. My hair has been growing slow for years and never reached my desired length. What treatment should i use for faster hair growth?

  22. Hi I started mini transitioning about a year ago but a few times inbetween I used heat. My transitioning is stemming from heat damage. I haven’t had a relaxer in a lil over 10 years. I started fully transitioning, hence no heat on 10/27/2015. I 1st did crochet braids, then a sew in. Now I’m currently rocking wigs, which I love. My hair is really growing fast but it’s still too short to big chop for my liking. My hair comes to my collar bone but the majority is heat damage. I only have about 2/3 inches of my natural hair. My main problem is starting to get into products and keeping my hair moisturized. I do not do it everyday, especially because I wear braids under my wigs.

      1. Hi,i am a 15 year old that used flat irons a lot in my hair to make it look good and see how long my hair is.Bombing my hair with a flat iron all the time some of my hair fell out.My hair used to be on my back but now it is on my neck.I regret of using those flat irons to my hair to cause hair damage.SO i do my researching on how to get my hair back and new styles to do to my hair without letting my hair out.So i found out many of these products like shea butter products and also cantu products so which brand should or it is a another brand.Also the flat irons that did to my hair i suggest that i am going natural maybe it will bring back my hair back and might bring new hair .So what kinds of products should i use for straight hair and bring back my old hair.

  23. I’m glad I found this website. I’ve been transitioning for almost a year now and my major problem is getting good natural hair products ranging from shampoos, conditioners to moisturizers. Could you please help me out. I need to know what and what not to use. And also where to get them easily. Thank you

  24. I want to begin transitioning to natural hair but I don’t know a good brand to help maintain healthy natural hair. Also, Since I don’t plan on doing a big chop, I want to get braids. How long would you recommend keeping braids in before getting more?

  25. I’m just starting to transition from relaxed to natural. Actually today is my first day and I’m excited to see the results. This helped a lot!

  26. Hello, thank you for these tips they are so helpful! I plan to start transitioning as soon as possible, after noticing just how thin and lifeless my hair has become because I have been flat ironing and using relaxer since I was 13. I’m 21 now and I’m ready to be loud and proud about my natural hair, so I’m reading up as much as I can before diving into things. I have severe self-conscious issues so a big chop would not be the way to go, if you know what I mean, so I’m going to try my best to be patient!

  27. I started transitioning November 1, 2015 so it’s been almost 4 months for me. Sometimes I become very fustrated and just want to perm my hair because I don’t know what to do to my hair. I have short hair and I used to love bantu knots but now they don’t look the same and twist outs don’t look right. My hair is too short for a bun. Do you have any suggestions or anything on what to do to my hair .

  28. The last perm I got was November 2015 and now its February 2016 and I’m thinking about transitioning to natural hair and my hair is a little pass shoulder length. What are some good natural hair moisturing products?

    1. You can use Cantu leave in conditioner and Cantu moisturize cream. Use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner also coconut oil for your hair. My last perm was September 2015 and these are what I’ve been using to keep my hair moisturized.

    2. My last perm was in November 2015 also. I decided I was going to transition in January. Right now what I use to moisturize my hair with is olive oil moisturizing growth lotion or water. I seal In the moisture with Argan or olive oil. I sometimes use Shea butter only because my hair is in braids.

  29. I have been transitioning for almost a year. I mostly wear my hair up or down in a ponytail with a little extension. I love combing my hair. I usually brush it daily. It seems that it is taking a longer time to grow out. I am pleased with the waves, and it looks almost like I still have a perm. Am I hurting it by brushing it fail? Thanks

  30. I’m trying to transition from relaxed to natural hair; but I’m having the hardest time because there’s only hard water where I live. While I’ve been switching over, the hair that grows out breaks off or falls out from the root as well as breaking off on the ends…Does anyone have any advice or tips while I under-go this transition to combat the effects of hard water??

    1. I also have hard water in my area you can use purified drinking water and grape seed oil to repair your hair

  31. Haven’t had a perm since 2003, but I constantly flat iron my hair, so the heat damage is most definitely there. Any tips on what I should do on my natural hair journey?

  32. I have been transitioning for almost 3 years but used a blow-dryer and flat iron to straighten my hair for most of this period. In January I decided I was done with the heat and began getting my hair set on perm rods. My biggest problem is that I literally have 3 wildly different curl patterns. One section of my hair is more 4b and the other is more 3c/4a mix (distinctly spiral curls). I am at a loss for products. Those that work great on my 3c and 4a curls do nothing for my 4b section. On the other hand, using heavy creams/butters on the 3c curls makes them lifeless. The 4b section feels rough, is prone to high shrinkage and “fairy knots” but I have none of these problems in the other areas. It’s frustrating.

  33. It seems impossible to not use heat on my hair because it is transitioning half is straight then the other half
    is just thick no cute curl just thick like afro thick…. So how could I not use heat? I like to straighten it because within a day or a couple hrs it has its thickness just a controlled thickness which I like….. Any hair styles like I am going to need pictures instructions or something!!!

    1. That’s the purpose of doing roller sets so you will have a more blended look. It will make your hair look curly and more consistent. You can also try doing braid or twist extensions or you can keep it more simple and do buns. Any style that will conceal the appearance of your ends or make it look blended will work.

  34. My hair is currently shorter than shoulder length and the last time I had a perm was last month , so how long do you think it should take me and the tips of my hair are dyed and what type of products can I use ?

  35. All of these tips are great but I am in the Army so I have to put my hair in a ponytail everyday! My hair length is a little past my soldiers. Any suggestions on how to take care of it that way.

  36. I haven’t used a relaxer since December and been trying to transition to natural but it’s honestly aggravating. My hair needs to be washed twice a week and I deep condition it everytime and my hair still comes out dry. I have also tried using protective styles but my hair is so unmanageable (very stiff, dry, puffy and stick-like) it can’t even stay in a bun or ponytail and won’t even curl!
    I don’t want to have to only rely on getting braids/twist extensions like I’ve been doing. I am so tempted to go back to using the relaxer but I don’t like my hair straight because then i can’t do anything else’s to my hair other than have it straight but it’s also easier for me to work with. Any advice please?

  37. Everyone’s transitioning hair type has varying degrees of moisture needs. There are many products on the market for natural black hair today than any ever before. However it can be very difficult and costly to find the best moisture mix for your hair so you may find it beneficial to visit a natural haircare specialist. He/ she may be able to recommend a range of products that can cater to your individual transitioning hair care needs.

  38. I am not trying to racist here or anything, but who can transition their hair. Like I’m multiracial, I’m identify myself mostly as Mexican and Puerto rican but is there a specific type of person who can transition or anyone can? ( once again I am not trying to be racist, I am just confused)

    1. Transitioning in relation to hair means that you are moving from one hair state to another. So, if you have a head full of hair (no matter what texture) that became damaged due to bleaching/split ends/ shedding etc, you would grow it out to TRANSITION to a healthier state. Unfortunately, the colored/bleached split parts will need to be cut out eventually because they will not look so great with the healthy hair that is grown on top of it. Any person who uses a relaxer may transition to their natural, chemical free state by growing their hair without chemically altering their new, “virgin” hair.

    2. Anyone subjected to relaxers, texturizers, hot combs & such can transition. Even women with braids and weaves. After over 20 years of relaxer touch-ups, color & HEAT, I had to get my hair healthy again. That meant ditching relaxers, heat & color treatments every 6-8 weeks. Early 2012 I did not do a BIG CHOP but cut away all damaged hair gradually during my 1 year transition. I cut off approx. 1/2 inch – 1″ of relaxed hair till it was all gone. Then I searched the internet for help from the natural hair community. Fast forward 4 years later, my scalp is no longer plagued by chemical burns, all damage including HEAT is gone. My curls are thriving again. As a result it’s also growing more than ever b/c my hair is being fed from the inside out (i.e. clean eating/working out.

  39. Im transitioning but i used heat. Its like my hair is naturally straight because i put so much heat on it. It long but its thin. I want my thick hair back. Lately I’ve been rinsing it and adding leave in conditioner and ill braid it to the back. And i can see and feel my curl pattern coming back. What is a good moisturizer i can use? My hair is dry. I need a good daily moisterizer. I also use dark and lovely hair that ok?

  40. These are great tips! Another thing I would suggest is to get the
    Nutress Transitioning kit! This kit is really the best thing that works
    for my transitioning hair. One thing that I love about this brand is
    that they don’t make exaggerated claims and their products speak for
    themselves. Their formulas are effective but very gentle, which is
    perfect for Natural hair. You should definitely try it!

  41. I’m about to go into transition, I relaxed my hair last in July and it’s August now, apart from staying away from relaxer and hot equipment, what else can I do. Can I just keep braiding my hair?

  42. I’m trying to transition into natural hair but I’m scared because I’m a Nigerian and i school in uk and apparently I heard that the weather is not good for my natural hair to be left open just like that. If I’m to transition to natural hair my hair is most likely supposed to be open most of the time so I’m scared that it migh be a bad idea for transitioning, or am I wrong?

    1. I am from same country have just finished a masters program. My advice is to transition however you want as for exposing the hair look towards protecting styling with or without attachments. A few colleagues of mine bought wigs it’s was helpful…you will enjoy the process overtime. Just concentrate on simple products that work for you Shea moisture, organic hair mayonnaise, coconut oil , raw Shea Butter and water were all my great allies. Keep it real gurl! !!

  43. Hi, I want to start transitioning my hair, I relaxed last July this year, but dnt know if I wash my hair if I could make use of a dryer to dry the hair or I shouldn’t since u said I should avoid heat???

    1. You can use a blow dryer but do so sparingly because it causes dryness when you use it repeatedly. Use a blow dryer every once in a while and use other methods for stretching your hair the majority of the time. You can use braids, banding, threading or ponytails to stretch your hair.

  44. I am transitioning but not in the big chop method. I have discontinued use of creme relaxers and whatnot. But now, my issue is the knots and tangles i have everytime after I have washed my head? How can i detangle the knots easily? Also, can anyone explain the difference between a shampoo and a conditioner?

    1. I think that the best thing to do when you are transitioning is to separate your hair in six sections , detangle it with water and conditioner before you shampoo it (because the shampoo can matte up your hair if its not detangled before).Shampooing is to cleanse your hair/scalp and a conditioner is to restore your hair’s moisture or protein levels after you shampooed it.

  45. To detangle knots easily try using a conditioner such as Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (my favorite ) or any other conditioner you like;While in the shower using a wide tooth comb start detangling from the ends to your roots. This process is much easier if you section off hair into four sections. The difference between shampoo and conditioner is, shampoo cleans your hair while stripping it of its natural oils on the other hand conditioners softens and moisturize your hair making it easier to comb.

    1. Protein treatments help to repair hair damage and strengthen hair. Our hair is made out of protein, keratin. When using a protein treatment it fills in those missing gaps and holes that we have lost from damage with protein. I have used Aphoghee Protein Treatment and it works great. You can also make your own using an avocado, egg, banana and honey. Always follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to prevent brittleness and dryness.

  46. i recently relaxed my hair unfortunately its breaking a lot . i dont want to go the big chop way but would like to transition. which products can i use to strengthen my hair?

  47. Although I’m transitioning , I tend to still flatiron my hair , therefore am I still considered an translations natural? And is it going to delay my progress ?

    1. You are still considered a transitioning natural, just not at that moment. This will, in fact, delay your process because your putting heat to your curls, which is damaging them

  48. I have a wave by design curl system in my hair. It made my hair grow really fast but I don’t like the frizzed look it gives my hair on the ends. I am now wanting to go back to natural but I don’t want to cut my hair. How can I transition back to natural while keeping my hair length. I know I will lose some hair but I don’t want the big chop.

  49. I recently relaxed my hair but i want to transition to a natural look without having to chop off everything. What would you recommend? My hair is short like a Rihanna style short short hairstyle. As the natural hair grows from the roots, what can i do to keep a straight look and not a messy multiple hair texture look?
    Thank for the help.

  50. I recently relaxed my hair but now I want to transition to natural. What should I do without causing major breakage to my hair?

    1. The only thing you could do is just wait. Since you relaxed your hair in July which was a couple months ago , it’ll take about a year or two for it to get back to its natural state. I relaxed my hair last year December and now my hair is half way through the transitioning stage. It all depends on the texture of you hair and the length.

  51. I want to go natural my last relaxer was in September and I have a pixie cut. I don’t know if I should cut it down more or just transition. When I do my hair I mold it and sit under the dryer and sometimes I’ll use my flat iron to curl it. I’m just not sure what to do because it’s already short. Please help.

  52. Hey,

    I literally just started with my transition. What can I do to avoid hair breakage?
    And also, do you have any tips and/or styles I could use to blend the relaxed hair with the natural hair?

  53. I have been transition since July however, I’m a more mature woman with grey roots which are more prominent since I have stopped dyeing my hair which is not a good look. Plus my re-growth is really dry. Please advise.

    1. A year and a half later for you. Congrats. Would love to see your hair now. I’m only 6 months in. Haven’t gone back to the creamy crack but I can’t stand the gray so i do color.

  54. I was natural for about 5 years – and some days I could not manage due being older your hair goes through changes along with the body – lol. but I made the BIGGEST mistake this past October and relaxed with a mild relaxer and I have HATED it since. Now getting ready to transition back to natural and leave it alone. Yes, I have gray to, but I love mine. Getting ready to purchase a wig and have my hair crocheted as well. Thanks for the info. I did not want to big chop my hair like I did the last few times.

  55. I transitioned more than five years ago I love it I had the big chop for the second time a few month ago I am a silver fox I love mine I do not use hair dyes my hair type is 4c I believe it is always dry i hate using leave in conditioners they weigh my hair down i basically use hair oil

  56. honestly I haven’t tried this yet because I don’t have deep conditioning things but I have moisture and when I use it on my hair it works kind of. But I trim my hair then I put africa’s best moisture which is made with shea butter.

  57. Since I’m quarantined, I haven’t had a touch-up or trim since March. I was going to order some relaxer and do it myself, but I don’t want to risk damaging my hair, so I’m growing it out instead. I don’t know how I’m going to style it because of the length (short bob length if not straightened). Where can I find some styles? I have to do a lot of video meetings for work so I need to make sure it’s neat.

    1. Hi! Just starting my natural hair journey and made the decision to transition a month ago. I’ve been getting relaxers for 28 years and due to many factors but also how much damage chemical relaxers and heat were doing to my hair I stopped using relaxers and using any heat styling products. I’ve been noticing a lot though that my hair has been shedding a lot mostly after I wash it. I’m not sure if it’s due to the amount of times I wash it or what??? I try to keep it moisturized on a daily basis but it also tends to get dry very quickly. I’ve been noticing really tight curls in the very back section of my hair but the sides and top are completely straight. I really don’t know anything about taking care of my of my hair type and I’m learning as I go but just wanted to check and be sure that was normal? Or is my hair really unhealthy and may be too far gone to transition?

  58. I have been getting relaxers for over 20 years. I have long hair on top short on the sides like a Mohawk. I don’t want to do a big chop. Will crochet braids work.

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