Loza Tam African Headbands: Protect Your Hair and Look Good Doing it!

Loza Tam African Headbands: Protect Your Hair and Look Good Doing it!

Headwraps are god sent and perfect for creating stylish looks in a matter of minutes. The only thing is most are made out of cotton, which is drying to natural hair. Loza Tam African Print Headbands have a combination of that gorgeous African print fabric we love with satin lining on the opposite side of the band. The satin protects the hair from damage, dryness and is perfect for smoothing your hair down.

Create Low Manipulation Styles in Minutes

Simple low manipulation styles is a good way to keep the maintenance on your hair minimal and retain length. Loza Tam Headbands can be used to quickly create a style like the classic puff. The satin on the back works to smooth your hair down, so in addition to being a great accessory for natural hair it can also aid in helping you to create sleek style.

Add Glam to Protective Styles

Any style in which your ends are concealed is considered a protective style. This helps you avoid breakage from weathering of your ends and damage from manipulation since very little daily styling is required. While this is all great, many of us aren’t too crazy about keeping our hair tied up all the time. Sometimes these looks tend to fall flat and leaving us feeling bored with our hair. Loza Tam’s African print headbands add that wow factor and that special final touch.

Fix a bad hair day in a snap

Sometimes our hair just doesn’t seem to want to let us be great! This headband is a life saver, that can give you that quick cover up that you need on those bad hair days.

Styling Made Simple

Most of the time when we have trouble coming up with what to do with our hair we are making it much harder than it really has to be. To keep your hair healthy your day to day styles should put minimal strain on your hair. When you do more elaborate styles that require more combing and manipulation of the hair, the more breakage you will experience. There are variety of styles that you can come up with that are easy on your time and your hair with Loza Tam headbands. Get stylish with a Loza Tam Headband, by ordering today!

All of the headbands are handmade in Ghana. They are created by women entrepreneurs so the support of Loza Tam goes back to communities across the diaspora, can’t beat that!

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