I Did the Big Chop. So Now What?

The big chop is the way to go if you instantly want to return back to your hair’s natural texture. It has the benefit of giving you a fresh healthy start by allowing you to have one consistent texture and the removal of dead ends. However, if you are not use to having shorter tresses it can be daunting. You also have to figure out fairly quickly how to maintain your TWA (teeny weenie afro). Follow these 5 steps to go natural using the big chop method:

#1 Get a professional cut for the best results

If you are thinking about the big chop and haven’t actually done it yet, this is your first step. We can’t see the back of our hair, so getting hard areas like this may prove difficult. Go to a professional and have them cut all of your relaxed chemically processed ends off to have a more desirable result. Remember you may be dealing with only 1 to 2 inches of hair afterward so if you think you may feel uncomfortable with this consider the transitioning process. Already cut your hair on your own? Well if you feel like it could use some cleaning up take a trip to the salon.

#2 Remember hair is not everything

For those who are not use to having a short cut the first thing many of you will feel is that you don’t appear feminine enough. It’s silly but true. Many of us are taught to associate short hair as being masculine. When it really isn’t all about your hair, it’s the way you present yourself. To feel more girly wear larger stylish earrings, try soft subtle makeup and dress to the nines. And come on, we all know of women that rock their hair short and look flawless. If you don’t know any personally, we have tons of examples in the short natural hair style section of our site and our TWA chronicles style series.

#3  Moisturize your hair daily

This is great for wash and go’s or finger coils. This product works best when used on hair that has been saturated with water or after a fresh wash. Learn more or purchase this product here.

This product works great on dry or wet hair. One of my absolute staple products that I wish was in existence when I went through my big chop phase. Learn more or purchase this product here.

Moisture is going to play a key role in having a more desirable look. Depending on your hair type and how well your hair retains moisture, you may only need to moisturize every other day but in most cases every day is a good starting point. What you need to use is a water based hair product. Oils, pomades, and greases alone will not moisturize your hair. You will need to use a water based product first and then oils/pomades can be used to help seal that moisture in. When I went through my short hair phase at the time what I found to be a useful moisturizer was the S Curl Activator spray because it also helped with curl definition. Too bad Shea Moisture or Kinky Curly wasn’t out there and popping otherwise I would have used those products as they are really moisturizing and help to define curls.

#4 Feel free to cleanse your hair as often as you like

At this stage tangling is not an issue, so you can wash as often as 2-3 times a week if you like. As your hair gets longer once per week is more realistic because it will be more of a process. I know it sounds funny especially if you have been relaxed most of your life, but this only helps to keep your hair moisturized. Also since you will be moisturizing daily you will need to remove product buildup so your hair can receive the moisture you are putting into it. To avoid dryness after washes use shampoos that do not contain sulfates. Using conditioner only (co-washing) instead of using a shampoo can also alleviate dryness issues.

#5 Styling

In the beginning depending on how short your hair is, you may not have too many styling options. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This means all you have to do is moisturize your hair with a product that will help your coils pop and just go. Many women like the ease of this and purposely keep their hair short for this reason. However, if your goal is to grow out your hair, most women find that within the first year their hair grows out pretty fast!

Finger coils are one of the more easier styles that can be achieved on shorter hair lengths and they give you awesome curl definition.

Believe me the TWA phase doesn’t last that long! You will be surprised at how the time flies. Within a year you should be able to grow 4 to 6 inches of hair.

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18 thoughts on “I Did the Big Chop. So Now What?

  1. hi my name is Jasmin and i need help! i am trying to go natural but without doing the big chop any advise on what i do after i get my relaxed hair cut and how to wear it and get it curly & what products to use?

  2. So at first I decided to do the transition in being natural, but then I decided to do the big chop. As of right now I have been having trouble with my hair being dry and damaged. What kind of products can I use to help with my hair?

    1. Shea moisture products would be good for your hair. Try any one of their natural hair product lines. Buying it online will save you some money. If you want I’ll send you the link to it.

  3. Hello. Recently I big chopped. I cut all my striaght and damaged ends off, and while my hair was curlier and bouncier in the back, the front was less so. My hair in the front seems to be dry and straight (although it is new growth) and does not have a curl pattern. After doing some research, I have come to the conclusion that i have “Scab Hair” and these hair follicules are just damaged. As a result to keep my hair mosturized and healthy, I have been buying all natural paraben, sulfate, and silicon free products (shea moisture, cantu etc) but none of these products seem to fit my hair well. My hair is dry after applying these and even though I deep condition I cant seem to get out of this odd state. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe some at home remedies or products you have tried that have shown improvement on your hair?

    1. Well one thing i have done, because my hair absorbs moisture and still feel dry, use coconut oil. I have a spray bottle of just water, i dampen my hair. Then get coconut oil which is not cheap, but last forever, and rub it through my hair. It gave my hair a healthy shine, soft and moisturized.

    1. Girl, go ahead and chop it off! I recently did the big chop (2 weeks ago) and I will admit, this is one of those looks that will require you to do things to make you look more feminine (wear makeup, buy big earrings-hoops =) etc). People will stare but it will only be out of intimidation so by all means, take it as a complement! If you decide to do it, make sure that you give the cut a shape. Women think that they need to go to a hair salon to get an edge up, all you need is a razor to edge up your sides (follow the hair line and try not push the line too far back). There’s a lot I could say on this, but overall go for it!

  4. I wanted to go natural and do the big chop or atleast just cut off all relaxed ends for the longest but then I changed I mind. I was wondering, if I do the “big chop” is it a MUST that I go natural ?

    1. There’s no point in chopping off all the relaxed ends if you plan to stay relaxed unless you just want to start fresh, which you can. But I see no point in it if you’re just going to stay relaxed.

    2. No, you can do any style you please, BUT do not forget the reason you are doing the Big Chop, if you will cont. to perm your hair then why cut it, just perm again. Most people do the Biggie because they want to start fresh with healthy hair and obtain growth. Is that your goal?

  5. Hi name Noma my hair was breaking a lot and I my hair line was gone and I even had bald patches on my hair line I tried lots of remedies but none helped. So I only had 1 choice left to cut all of it ,late last month(August ) I cut all of it after 15 years and it felt funny but good but now im noticing my hair is growing but the bald patch isn’t .. and I am washing my hair everyday when Im taking a bath … please advise.

  6. Hi I got so excited about doing the big chop so I did it myself at home due to me watching YouTube videos of girls who does it at home and I still have relaxed ends so I’m actually going to get a haircut what kind of products do I need for coily curls and do I start using the hair products soon after getting the haircut?i really need TIPS!!! THANKS

  7. Hey I’m coco, I had recently chopped off my hair and like I had this really bad relaxer damage on the sides of my head, sores and all, the hair there is gritty crunchy and weird and I’m not sure if it’ll grow back the same way or different. What should I do?

  8. Hi. I’m Rocala . I’m like 3 months off of relaxer and I wanna BC but I’m soooo scared . My hair is in a mess ?

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