Why Having Short Natural Hair is an Advantage

Advantages of Short Natural HairMany of you are excited for the day that you will meet your hair length goal, but in the meantime enjoy what you already have. You may not see it this way, but short natural hair comes with its advantages.

Shorter hair means less maintenance and easier care. As your hair grows you will see what I mean. You might find yourself longing for the days when you could simply take one or two steps and go, which will no longer be the case with longer tresses.

Wash Time

Since there are less tangles that you have to deal with wash time is a breeze. There is hardly a need to section your hair in braids or use some special technique to reduce the chances of knoting. During your short hair days you may find that because your hair is shorter you are able to co-wash or shampoo it more often than if it were longer. As opposed to every week for your wash time you may be able to handle washing it every few days.

Protective Styles

As your hair grows longer it is prone to damage from coming in contact with your clothes and being snagged or the ends may simply become dry from being exposed to the elements. This is because the hair at the ends endured years of exposure to a variety of different things. When you have shorter hair this isn’t a big concern because the hair is still new and fresh; you also don’t have to worry about your clothing attacking it. Whether you choose to wear it curly or braided that’s up to you, there are no worries about protective styling to retain your length at this point.


When you find products that work for you, moisturizing shorter hair is a bit easier than it is for longer hair. Moisture in black hair has a tough time traveling down to our ends, which is why if we want longer hair we have to concentrate on manually putting moisture on our ends for ourselves. It’s always good to get in the practice of this habit while you can but reaching the ends of your hair to provide moisture at a shorter length is fairly easy.

Not much to do at bedtime

As your hair grows longer you will find that you have to do some sort of protective style before you go to bed to avoid breakage and matting. Whether its putting your hair in twists, braids, or a bun you should always set your hair at night to avoid tangles especially if you have type 4 hair. When your hair is shorter all that is required is a little moisture if you find that you need it, put your silk bonnet on, and go to sleep. Of course if you are wearing a curly braid or twist out style you will want to set this at night but if you don’t want to it’s no biggie.

Although many of us don’t see it this way because of what others may think, short natural hair is beautiful. It shows off the beauty of your face and it’s pretty low maintenance. There are many women who choose to keep their natural hair short because of how care free upkeep is and or they genuinely love the look. If it is your goal to grow longer hair that is fine, but while your hair is short make the most out of this phase in your journey.

9 thoughts on “Why Having Short Natural Hair is an Advantage

  1. Great post! I love my natural short. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I wear it with a bit of height on the top. Just as you’ve stated here super easy to manage. And it saves on products ;).

    Thanks for sharing and posting. Take Care.


  2. Is it necessary to twist or braid your hair every night? Also, what is a good product to use to moisturize my natural hair? Please help.

  3. Looking for a product that will give me some curl on my short natural hair that is chemical free. Any suggestions?

  4. I’m in the beginning of transitioning and my hair is short. I haven’t had a relaxer in little over a month. I think trying flexi-rods will make me look too much like a boy. HELP……anymore styles I can try??

  5. I straightened and hot curled my hair now it looks a hot mess how do i get my hair back curly i have washed it several times and the ends are still sticking out

  6. My hair gets seriously damaged every time I cut it short and let it grow out again. Most of the breakage occurs in the middle of my hair. It is also very coarse. What could I put in it to help it from breaking off? Help! I hate adding chemicals and relaxers.

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