4c Hair Doesn’t Like Combs, Think Twice Before You Use Them

GlamFun, a 4C natural on YouTube shares her advice about combing 4c hair

Have you ever noticed when you comb you get those tiny pieces of broken off hairs or those lovely quarter inch snaps of hair? What this really is a sign of is breakage.

4c hair is very fine with bends and curves that make it super fragile. The manipulation of combing often times leads to breakage, which is why many naturals opt to finger comb instead. 4b hair types may find this to be an option to consider as well.

Even with finger combing breakage is not completely stopped, but it’s greatly reduced. Seeing all your hard work on the bathroom sink, the floor, or your bathroom walls is discouraging. Hold on to more hair and keep your hair healthier with finger combing. Finger combing tends to be a a better approach because it is gentle and your hands can feel snags that your comb just can’t.

It is best to fingercomb as often as you can when you need to detangle. If you feel that you need more thorough detangling then you can follow up by gently detangling using a wide tooth comb starting from the ends of your hair working your way up.

7 thoughts on “4c Hair Doesn’t Like Combs, Think Twice Before You Use Them

    1. I’m sorry, but your comment is ridiculous. You hair may be curly, but if it’s 3c chances are it’s not kinky. It’s called a wide-toothed comb & conditioner, sweetie.

  1. I agree that the Denman brush is the devil lol I never had much luck with it either.

    Dreadlocks are a great way to grow your hair but they also have maintenance requirements. Just like loose hair you have to take care of your scalp and be gentle with your roots. And they can also break at the ends from wear-and-tear, old age, and thinning, just like loose hair.

    1. Woww! Thank you, Gracias, Danke shoene, Merci (I can’t thank you enough!!!) I’ve been trying to grow my natural hair since October 2012; but I’ve been combing (and brushing) and breaking so much of my hair off in tremendous amounts each time. This video FINALLY helped me to figure out what (not) to do & what to stop..lol. Thanks.

  2. I have fine soft mostly 4a with a little 4b hair & I tried a Denman & it was a hair ripper, even after I modified it by removing alternate rows & every other tooth in the remaining rows. That thing is the devil’s own comb for my hair. I still can’t believe how the youtube girls manage to detangle their thick kinky hair..and even define curls.. with that thing!! My curls would be defined all over the bathroom floor. My hair isn’t all that hard to detangle & I use the following combs : Tangle Teezer, Ouidad Double Detangler, & Sagemann Magic Star Jumbo rake. NONE of them rip out my hair.

  3. I appreciate YOU doing this video so much! I definitely have straight up 4c hair type and I did not realize at first that I should not be combing my hair. Every morning and evening I had to clean my hair out of the sink off the walls and floors bc I thought I had to comb it out. Wrong! I have been wearing the synthetic twist for a year and a half and last month decided to go natural. It has not been easy but I am educating myself watching videos like these and reading other info on line. Now I only read info regarding 4c hair type. I am just very appreciative of her video bc 4c hair is not like the other hair types and therefore has to be treated differently. I dont know how long I will stay natural, but I have learned more about my hair in this last month than in all my life. I appreciate and love my hair bc its my hair (and as my mom always says, at least we will never go bald headed). Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much for this! So, I’ll be finger-detangling my 4c hair. Seems like it I need to have my hair completely detangled to enable a smooth twist or braid. Do I also finger-detangle when I twist or braid my hair? 🙂

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