Expectations for 4C Hair

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Many beginners to natural hair are unfamiliar with how hair types affect what will and will not work for their hair giving them unrealistic expectations. In particular 4c hair types are more likely to develop these false expectations because often times other textures have the majority of the spotlight.

Jouelzy covers this in her video Realistic Expectations for 4c Course Hair. Much of her advice can even be applied to those with 4b hair type or those who have a mixture of 4b and 4c hair.

Every point that was touched upon in this video was great information for 4c naturals to know. In particular when she discusses wash n go’s, permanent hair color, and the use of heat, all of these topics are common questions that many beginners have.

Wash n Go’s on 4C hair – It is possible to make a wash n’ go look good on 4c hair, however it definitely isn’t as simple as wetting your hair, putting product on it, and leaving. It’s tedious work and not a reliable go to hairstyle.  Women who find themselves lacking time will not find this to be a good approach or a hairstyle that they can count on.

This is simply because this is just the nature of the 4c hair type. It does not have a defined curl pattern to it, so any curls that you can achieve will be through manipulating your hair through twists, braids, or bantu knots. My “wash n’ go” experience was pretty cool, however my hair was twisted the night before, dampened in the shower (not drenched), and then kinky-curly curling custard was applied.

Had my hair not been manipulated beforehand, I would have had a hot matted mess on my hands.

Permanent Hair Color – Think your hair is dry now? Try adding color to the mix. Now it is possible to maintain healthy color-treated natural hair, but are you prepared for the upkeep?

Usually 4c naturals already have low porosity or dry hair and when you add hair color this problem gets even worse. Which means you have to be even more strict with your moisturizing and conditioning routine.

Skim down on the moisture and your reward is breakage from dryness and split ends.

Heat – 4c hair is the most fragile out of all the natural textures. Its very structure, its bends and curves make it easily prone to breakage. When heat is regularly used this will only make breakage worse.

Using heat from time to time of course is fine. However, whenever possible avoiding heat is best. When blow drying your hair if you see tons of  tiny wisps of hair and quarter inch snaps of breakage then this is a sign that you should take long breaks from heat, especially if you are interested in longer healthy hair.

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All hair is beautiful regardless of texture as long as you know how to care for it. Embrace and love your hair for what it is and you will find the journey to meet whatever your hair goals are to be much easier.

3 thoughts on “Expectations for 4C Hair

  1. Wash and gos work great on my 4C TWA hair (after a year of being natural, my TWA is not as TW anymore – i.e. I don’t look like a boy anymore, hehe).

    Takes me about 10 minutes, and I actually “created” a method to cut that time in half (used to take me approx 20 minutes). It’s not tedious for me….it is, for me, as easy as wetting my hair and putting product on it. I’m a low maintenance person, so if a wash and go was tedious I definitely wouldn’t use it as my go-to style. In fact, it’s the easiest style for me.

    Idk…I always hear many of my 4C sisters talk about wash and gos not working for them and I sincerely wonder why. I wonder what is it that I’m doing that other 4Cs aren’t doing. Guess it’ll remain a mystery (unless I see someone attempt to do it from start to finish).

    1. As your hair continues to grow, you will see a difference and completely understand what she’s talking about. Wash n go was my go to style when mine was much shorter as well. Life was GREAT!!! LOL. Now…it must be put in a puff. I love my texture and thickness though…wouldn’t trade it!

  2. I have 4c hair which is really dry. My hair is naturally dark brown, but I want to dye it black, should I pre poo my hair for moisture before dying it?. And can I use box hair dyes for caucasian hair? I’ve already researched on Henna, but I don’t know where to buy it in South Africa, and I’m too impatient to wait for shipping. Please help before I cause anymore damage to this mane of mine.

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