5 Ways to Fight Hair Breakage

Whether you are natural, relaxed, or transitioning a major complaint that is common among women of color is hair breakage. Believe it or not  the power is in your hands to keep breakage at bay using very simple yet effective strategies.

stop black hair breakage

Start Fresh

It is important that you have a clean start when starting a healthy hair care journey. Hair that is filled with split ends is not likely to see much improvement unless you ditch them.

Not comfortable trimming your own hair? Go to a professional salon so they can get those ends in order and give you a nice and even trim.

You can take good care of your hair, but if you have a bad split end problem no amount of care will eradicate this situation, which is why it is important that you start your journey off right.

Be Gentle

It may sound strange at first, but reducing the usage or eliminating combs and brushes from your hair care regimen could possibly be a way for you to cut down on breakage.

Hair that is fine and extra kinky is fragile making it easy to break even from the use of combs. Brushes are especially bad for your hair  regardless of hair type because they essentially rip and tear your hair overtime.

You may not want to eliminate the use of styling tools completely but drastically reducing the usage of them can do wonders for your hair. Finger combing is a more gentle approach for detangling your hair because you can feel knots and snags that combs cannot.

Many naturals opt to only finger comb their hair, while some finger comb first to get the rough spots out and then gently detangle with a wide tooth comb.

Balance Protective Styles with Low Manipulation Styles

Protective styles are one of the best ways to retain hair length faster but too much of a good thing can also be bad. You should have a balance between protective and low manipulation styles.

When you wear your hair in braids or twists for a long period of time, you are able to retain your hair because it isn’t being manipulated. However doing this for an extended amount of time can cause tangles and if your hair is kinky it may even start to dread.

Wearing your hair in a protective style for 3 weeks or more then giving your hair a week of wearing it out in a low manipulation style such as a twist out is an example of a way you can balance your routine.


Protein strengthens the hair, making conditioners an important part of your regimen. Even if you co-wash your hair, deep condition it.

Hair loses protein daily, which is why we replenish it by conditioning it. After cleansing use a quality conditioner on your for 30 minutes.

Intensify the effectiveness with a hooded dryer or a warm towel. When you wash the conditioner out of your hair use lukewarm to cool water for the best results and more moisturized hair.


Everybody’s favorite part, keeping moisture in your hair! In addition the products you use the styles that you wear also play a role in how well your hair will retain moisture.

Use the L.O.C. method using products of your choice and wear your hair in a protective style like twists, braids, or buns and you should notice a difference in how well your hair will retain moisture.

Make sure you moisturize the ends of your hair particularly well because they are the oldest portion and need the most attention.

There really is no magic product that you must have, it’s all about what works for you. However, if you are looking for product suggestions or a starting point check out our product recommendations page.

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