Yes I have Naps and My Hair Can Still Get Laid With Some Waves, Yours Can Too

Without a doubt I have kinky high shrinkage 4c hair yet from my last post How I Keep My 4C Natural Hair Laid and Moisturized Without All The Drama  some of you beg to differ. Which is fine to disagree that is what the comments section is for; to voice your opinion. But let me tell you the waves you saw are not there naturally.  As I have stated in one of my most popular pages (know your hair type) the best way to tell what type of hair you have is after you have washed your hair and it has air dried with NO products in it. My hair in the picture from the previous post was smothered in moisturizer and molded down with Eco Styler gel, my hair without product in it has an entirely different look. I am sure if you were to see it without product there would be little debate as to what hair type I have.

4c hair with gel and moisture

The picture on the left was taken the last week of this August at Long Beach Island. As you can see I really didn’t feel like spending much time on my hair and my hair has little to no product in it. The picture to the right is more recent, taken from last week and my hair is loaded with moisturizers and gel. My hair has an entirely different look, but nevertheless it is still 4C hair. Without products or manipulation of some sort I have very little to no curl definition.

With gel and without

Again another view of my hair dry with no product and on the right my edges are smoothed down with some gel. This concept isn’t new either haven’t black men been getting waves for days for like ever?



My hair has simply been molded down. Period. Without doing that  I wouldn’t have waves or curls, they are something that I have to create. I also use a technique to maintain the curls that are in my puff. Usually my hair is twisted at some time during the week, I cleanse my hair and I only lightly rinse or co-wash it. I also do not comb it ( I finger comb lightly) so that is how I still have some curls in tact in the puff. I call this method my “Faux Wash n Go” I went into more detail in this post on Natural Hair Rules: Faux Wash n’ Go on 4C Hair Tutorial

What I will say about this method is that it fully embraces shrinkage. As time goes on the ponytail definitely gives some stretch, but not to my hair’s fullest extent; this is okay in my book. It is low maintenance for me and low manipulation for my hair. I talk about this in my latest YouTube Video:

4c natural hair

I am definitely a 4c girl all the way and proud! I love the versatility of Afro textured hair, it’s truly amazing what it can do. There is also a new method called Max Hydration that gives 4c naturals the ability to mimic the look of  ringlets and curls which is something I will discuss in an upcoming post. So yes, it is possible for 4c ladies to have the look of wavy curly hair.

10 thoughts on “Yes I have Naps and My Hair Can Still Get Laid With Some Waves, Yours Can Too

  1. This was encouraging, my hair is at the in between stage and the only thing I can manage is a twist out or afro puff. I was liking my hair when it was very short but now I’m not so much in love with my hair but I’m holding on because I don’t want to go through this faze again. My hair is definitely 4c no curl pattern, very thick and holds no Moisture. Thanks for your articles.

  2. I thank you for this post. I must still say that if your hair is considered 4c then mine is not. No shade…your hair is beautiful but the hair texture rating scale is obviously a unreliable. I love your hair texture. Anyone with 4c hair has to work hard to keep it moisturized. I think that’s why the thought of returning to a relaxer often sounds appealing. Your hair looks great even without product. Look at your edges. I’m going to definitely follow your articles because I’ve got to see how you keep your hair in such great condition. In the meanwhile I will find out if there is any way possible that I am an 8c. If so, that explains it all.

  3. Thank you for this post! I was really surprised to see the reactions to the previous related post (“How I keep my 4c natural hair laid”). I think it’s a shame that those ladies thought that our hair can’t have any kind of definition because it’s 4c hair. I used to think that way, too, until I learned how to work WITH my hair.

    I am a low- to no-maintenance hair type of woman. If I can’t twist, band it, or just rock an afro, I don’t even bother. My hair wouldn’t bother either, and was always dry or dull-looking. When I learned how to properly maintain by keeping my hair MOISTURIZED and protecting it at night (sooo important), my hair started to act right. Not magically became wet & wavy, but much more manageable. It just takes the right routine for you.

    Ladies when you keep your hair properly moisturized, your 4c hair will be start to surprise you. Believe me, I went natural 10 YEARS ago, and in the last 2 years is when I started learning what truly works (and doesn’t work) for my hair. I’m still learning, but it’s still all good.

  4. That hair type (not manipulated) is not 4C. It may be coarse in texture and clumps (4 type characteristics) but the natural curl pattern is not 4C. Looks to be 4b at closer inspection. The first comment above was spot on when she second guessed her judgment. I think based on other articles and the 10 year natural journey has slightly changed your pattern. I have 4c (with 4a at the nape) hair texture and though it takes work my tight coils can be pronounced and popping. I still don’t like wash n gos lol.

    Also comments on the waves she has; it’s possible with plenty of gel, manipulation, and lower hair density.

  5. You definitely have 4c hair, so do I. I do the same thing to my hair and its so beautiful! it just appears not to be because it is stretched and moistured.
    I thought i was the only one who did this lol.

  6. Reading this makes me feel so much better about the future. I am currently transitioning and sometimes I feel super nervous I might not be able to deal with my 4c hair.

  7. I just read this article from a link in a more current one. They say misery likes company and so i am somewhat relieved to see that I have lots. My 4C hair is very short and I am having the hardest time keeping it moisturized. I too have learned that co wash is the way to go and it looks its best after a 2 day build up of products but by day 4 or 5 it feels terrible. I am still learning what works best and am determined to stick it out for the long haul until I can grow some length.

  8. I’m sorry, and I hope I don’t offend you, but your hair is not 4C it’s 3C at the most. I have 4B hair and my “curls” are much tighter than yours. You don’t have naps you have curls. I have naps. Look the reason why naps are called naps is because of how close to the nape of the head they “curl” which is really, and I mean extremely, close to the nape of the head, hence the word nappy. They are also called naps if the hair isn’t actually curling it’s more of a zigzag pattern growing tightly to the head.

    A girl who doesn’t perm her hair could have waist length hair or longer if straightened but her hair looks like a small to very small afro if not. This is someone with 4C or 4D hair.

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