4 Steps to Achieving the Best Roller Set Ever


I have yet to perfect my roller set technique!  If you’re like me, you need some help in that area.  After much research and perusing through article after article, I have found 5 tips to get a perfect roller set on your 4C textured hair.

Choose Your Products Wisely 

This seems like an obvious time, but for some it’s not so simple to understand.  Some products should be avoided when attempting a roller set. Humectants in leave in products can help your hair revert fast! In rinse out products, they are not that much of an issue.  Also, you want to avoid using gels and go for setting lotions or mousse.  Gels can dry your hair.  They are fine for perimeter styling (and keeping your edges in place), but not to maintain the hairstyle.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

The way to a smooth set is to make sure the hair is flexible and soft.  Remember that wet hair is one of the weakest states. Therefore, allowing it to partially dry to a damp stage gives you flexibility and some additional strength to prevent breakage. It’s best to utilize whatever means that you have found that makes your hair soft and pliable but does not let it snap when wet.

Detangling – Finger Detangling 

The best roller sets rely on many rollers of an appropriate size applied to small sections of hair. It is really important to pick tools that suit your hair texture. If your hair does not lend itself to fine tooth combs, all you have to do is make sure that your hair is really well detangled and the vast majority of strands are not intertwined.

Tension and Drying Time

A good roller set relies on tension to smooth out the curl. If your hair looks smooth and taut over the roller, it will set smooth. If your hair is slack over the roller and has curls and kinks, it will set in this way and you end up with a stretched but not smooth style. Small sections and selecting the correct roller type/size will help you with winding hair with the correct tension. Finally hair must be completely dry before taking out the rollers or once more, you will ruin the set.

Watch Jouelzy as she demonstrates the technique she uses to achieve a beautiful roller set:


Practice Makes Perfect

Achieving the perfect roller set takes some patience and practice. If this is your first time trying a roller set, you should practice on a small patch of hair with a couple of rollers. Once you have perfected your technique, you are ready to move on to a full head. When applying the rollers, remember that it may take some time, but with practice it becomes easier and you get faster.

Do you have any roller set techniques and/or tips?

7 thoughts on “4 Steps to Achieving the Best Roller Set Ever

  1. I just put up an article on my perm rod set #fail…it’s so important about the drying. if the entire head is not completely dry, the set and your hard work will be for nothing…i.e. bunny puff day lol thanks for the tips!

  2. I just discovered that my Jane Carter leave-in conditioner contained a humectant! Oops! So that has made my roller sets revert. Now I’m trying to understand how to seal in moisture. I use Lotta Body setting lotion and I love it but need a product that I can apply before the setting lotion. And even after the set is finished. Any suggestions?

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