Why does 4C hair tangle so easily?

Why does 4C hair tangle so easily?

4C hair tangles easily because the bends and curves of the hair strand are so closely coiled making tangles easy to occur. To avoid tangling or breakage you will want to take a protective approach to handling your hair.

What does “protective approach” mean? You want to be as gentle as possible:

  • No roughly combing through your coils. Try opting for using your fingers when possible to comb through your strands and use tools designed for textured hair.
  • Try to wear styles that will last you a week or two, so you don’t have to manipulate your hair often.
  • Use moisture rich products.
  • At night sleep with your hair in large twists or braids and cover with a satin or silk bonnet, this will aid in the prevention of tangles and help you to avoid breakage.

Implementing the above tips will help you to see a big difference in your hair. In most cases, tangles and breakage is why many naturals, especially 4C hair types do not see the growth that they wish to see.

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  1. Okay, a question for the house.
    I have damaged edges, my hair grows fast but the edges won’t just budge. What do I do?

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