4C Natural Wishes She Did Not Try the 3 Step Method

The 3 step method involves using NO butters and NO oils on your natural hair. This method seems to definitely be coming from the new school of thought that you only need shampoo, conditioner and hair gel for your hair.

I understand the sentiment here, there are so many companies coming at you selling you products you may not need and that do not work. But Chile. This 3 step method may work for some but it definitely is not the answer for everyone’s hair.

In the summertime I may be able to get away with this a little being that there is more moisture in the air, but in the winter for sure this would not work as my hair is just naturally more dry. Even my daughters who have a much looser curl pattern need some lubrication with a butter or oil from time to time, I just apply lightly and more sparingly to avoid their hair from becoming weighed down.

I don’t know about this one….what do you think Curlfriend’s would you try?

One thought on “4C Natural Wishes She Did Not Try the 3 Step Method

  1. I’m type 3c with some 4a and low porosity. My hair needs oils and butters. It’s like fertilizers for our hair and scalp.

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