Reader Question: What Products Will Grow Hair Fast

Reader Akiva asks,

“What products can grow my hair as fast as possible?”

My answer to this is: No product will grow your hair faster.

Do good products make it easier for your hair to retain length? Yes. But understand this, no product will “make” your hair grow.

products-that-make-hair-grow-fastIf you are treating your hair improperly by frequently using heat or over manipulating it no amount of product will repair damage that is done to your hair. You have to give your hair good care and use products that keep it moisturized.

Another thing to keep in mind is that hair grows at an average of 1/2 inch per month. Depending on your genetics some people grow at this rate, above, or below it. No pill or hair product will change what your body is programmed to do.

If you want to grow long hair, you should care about using good products, but it definitely should not be your only focus. Your hair is growing all the time so if you are not seeing progress this means your hair is breaking faster than it is growing.

Which means a regimen of  low manipulation styles, moisture, conditioning, and cleansing is in order. The products you choose do play an important role in that they help to keep your hair moisturized and ultimately breaking off.

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However, you cannot expect to use any particular product and see your hair grow 3 times faster than your average rate. With time and proper care your hair will grow.

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3 thoughts on “Reader Question: What Products Will Grow Hair Fast

  1. I totally agree! Hair can’t grow “faster,” but the right products will help you retain enough length. I’ve been using the products from Nutress Hair, and though my hair naturally grows fast, it is healthy throughout and I don’t have to trim very often. Check them out!

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