Reader Question: Don’t Want to Rush Into Transitioning

Delbra Asks: “I am scared to chop off my hair. My hair is pinned up in the back. 6 months new growth.  I trim my hair myself. But I am ready to wear my own hair, but do not want to rush”.

Don't Rush the Transitioning Process Natural HairWell the good news is you don’t have to rush! Just look at naturals like Napturally Curly, she did her entire transition in 18 months without doing a big chop. Take your time, you want to be happy with your hair. If you feel like you are not ready to make that step keep transitioning until you are.

In the mean time to help you through you transition you should try styles like rod sets, twist/braid protective styles, or braid extensions.  These styles will help to minimize breakage and you will not have to worry about the inconsistency of your hair texture. While you are transitioning you have your curly roots and straight relaxed ends so you will want to wear styles that do a good job of blending or disguising this.

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Breakage is also a concern while you are transitioning because the differences in the two textures create weak points on your hair strands, so low manipulation styles like roller sets or protective styles like braids are definitely the way to go.

There is no rule as to when you should cut off the remainder of your relaxer. You make up your own rules! Cut your hair based upon your own terms and will you feel you are ready for that change.

I know it’s just hair, but for some people seeing their new look can be devastating if they are not at a point where they are prepared for it. It’s a bit more timely but if you transition long enough you can grow out your hair to a point where you are losing little to no length. Or if you find that you are ready to make that step you can wait until your hair has grown out to a point that you know you will at least be comfortable with it and then do the chop.

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3 thoughts on “Reader Question: Don’t Want to Rush Into Transitioning

  1. Great advice, A. I agree that you should take your time when transitioning and get to know your hair. Furthermore, you want to be prepared for what’s to come when you chop.

    There’e nothing wrong with long transitioning. We all in up at the same place 😉

  2. I transitioned using the Nutress Hair transitioning kit to transition and avoided the big chop! I still use the products now that I’m natural! And it’s super affordable

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