The Basics of Length Retention (4b & 4c hair)

This is a very basic beginner’s intro for retaining hair length in kinky hair types (4b and 4c hair). When you look at what it takes, it really is pretty easy. It is just a matter of remaining consistent and sticking to a good routine. This infographic breaks down the two most important factors that will dictate whether you are able to retain hair or not: how frequently you manipulate your hair and keeping your hair moisturized.
Grow 4c hair long

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15 thoughts on “The Basics of Length Retention (4b & 4c hair)

  1. This site and your blogs have really given me an incite on what I’ve been doing wrong with my hair all these years! You definitely have a new fan. Thanks so Much

  2. with respect to spritzing your hair with water, what is/are the implication/s if you do saturate your hair daily when you spritz with water..please advise

    1. Well the implication may be nothing depending on your hair type. Some hair types benefit from using an ample amount of water. However, if you have high shrinkage 4b or 4c hair I wouldn’t suggest it. It will ultimately shrink your hair up, leave it matted, and this can lead to tangles or breakage.

  3. I really am truly grateful for this site. All your info has been found useful. I went natural 2 years ago and I almost regret it at first because no matter what I tried I felt nothing worked because of how thick my hair is but this just gave me a lot more encouragement to Continue my journey now that I can better understand my hair. Thank you! Type 4c

  4. I love the advice you gave. I am just having issues finger detangling my hair. Its so coily, and tight and it is just insanely difficult to detangle without a comb (wide tooth). Any advice on how you finger detangle your hair? I have the kinky 4c type hair as well.

  5. I really needed this. I constantly sense myself playing in my hair. I think for me personally, I need to keep my hair in protective styles for at least 3 weeks out of the month. I do puffs and afros way too much and the constant twisting manipulates my hair way too much. I think Ill do pin & tuck styles and some sort of corn row braids just to keep my ends tucked away.

  6. Hello,
    I really like this article and will put it into use. I see that you have a lot of info on 4c hair. I have 4b hair and I am trying to grow it out, I take biotin 5000 mcg a few times a week and I put treatment in my hair every week. I shampoo and condition once or twice a month and I co-wash once or twice a month. The product line that I am using is the cantu for natural hair product and I am loving it so far. What do you suggest for length and what treatments go well with my 4b hair? Thank you

  7. my hair is partly 4c and 4b. my hair was to the length of 7 inches in front and at the back around 4 inches which was uneven. basically this makes me think my hair will never grow evenly. i have just shortened it to the length of 5 inches front and 4 inches back. my challenge is how do i grow long,even and healthy hair. which regime should i follow. i wash my hair daily.

    regards Doreen

    1. Hello Doreen,

      You may need to try balancing out the way you wear your hair. If you normally wear your hair down, try wearing it up for example. Especially since you say your back is shorter, it may be rubbing against your shirt collar or coat which can cause friction and break your hair off. Make sure you are keeping up with your trims too.

    2. Seen washing your hair daily rips your hair off it’s natural oils making it look frizzy and dull, cut down to washing twice or even once a week

  8. I find it uncomfortable wearing weaves and other extensions. How do I still retain length if I have to be styling my own hair?

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