Is 4C Hair Hard to Manage?

Many kinky textured 4c naturals may at some point in their journey believe that their hair is hard to manage. This is not because 4c hair requires difficult up-keep in fact it is the total opposite.  The belief that 4c hair is hard to manage stems from unrealistic expectations.

managing 4c hairIf you are constantly striving to achieve styles and treat your hair as if it were a looser curl type, you will find yourself disappointed. Our hair is different and that is okay! You have to give your hair 4c treatment, not 4a , 3c or 3b treatment. Use treatment and styles that works for your hair type.

Expecting Defined Curls with Wash n Gos?

More than likely if you attempt to do a wash n go with the expectation that you are going to have some curls, think again. 4c hair by its nature has a lack of definition. If you want an extremely defined curl you have to create them with twists, braids, and rollers.

Is 4c Hair High Maintenance?

4c hair is probably the most low maintenance type in some ways if you think about it. In order to keep it healthy and especially if you want it to grow it likes to be left alone. This means no daily styling or fiddling with your hair, just moisturize it and you are set.

4c hair thrives in protective styles such as twists, braids, cornrows, and flat twists.  Low manipulation styles such as twist outs, braid outs, and bantu knot outs are also a good option when you find you need a change from wearing protective styles.

Like anything in life at times it does have its cons

I will admit detangling is probably the area where 4c hair can be a bit annoying. In order to avoid breakage you have to be patient and gentle. If you often find those tiny broken wisps of hair you may find that finger detangling is more effective.

Aside from detangling 4c hair is really not as hard to manage as some may think it is. You have to do what works for your hair type. When you start setting realistic expectations for what your hair is capable of you will find that having kinks rather than curls is a beautiful thing. Love your kinks, they are yours!

16 thoughts on “Is 4C Hair Hard to Manage?

  1. Maybe you’re delusional because 4c is hard to manage, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have to constant talk about it. It’s impossible to comb and is always dry. Causing major breakage if you don’t find a way to oil it. It’s hard to grow and always breaks. And you have to spend more time and effort just which is the definition of hard to manage . And before you say “you’re trying to make it do what it can’t” you can’t just leave 4c hair alone because it can Matt up together requiring you to either painfully comb it out or worst CUT it out. So spear us the lies

    1. I agree with this article. Once you get realistic expectations, spend the time to learn your hair, keep it moisturize it will grow, curl and be very soft. Keeping 4c hair stretch is the key also to prevent tangles. I have learned the longer the easier it is to manage.

    2. Anybody’s hair will mat up if you don’t do anything to it. Even white people can get their hair to loc. And if combs and brushes damage your hair – stop doing that! 4c is great when it’s really short and once it gets long enough to twist or braid. It is kinda awkward for a couple of months in between but it’s workable.

    3. 4c hair is only hard to manage when it is not properly moisturized. There is such a thing as “scab hair” when you first big chop that is hard to manage but as it grows out the hair should become softer with the right products and techniques. Know what doesn’t work in your hair, don’t do wash and gos, and don’t envy other hair types. Hair texture can change naturally throughout our hair journey or with certain products.

      I don’t like that my 4c hair cannot be left on its own without tangling or shrinking into a mess, but I’m glad I am not a 3c or below sister with half-hearted curls or curls looking like a victim of heat damage!

      1. You literally just talked down on other hair textures as if yours is superior. My daughter has 3c hair. I have 4c. You trippin. Cus if someone went in on your hair type you would have a problem with that.

      2. I have 4c hair I believe you have miss understood the Concept of what she saying she speaking about her hair not anyone else’s

    4. There are many difference between 4c hair and other the hair types. The primary difference is the 4c strands inability to retain moisture. That is what all 4c curly girls should strive to attain – moisture retention.

      Try co washing, conditioning, and detangling for a week straight. Then adjust routine for several months two to three times a week. You will not recognize your hair. Be patient.

      I am tightly coiled 4c whose hair used to break if a slight wind blew through it. I now wear the wash and go style exclusively. My hair has few tangles and it is soft and shiny. I define every coil on my head. I receive plenty of compliments.

      I have learned to work with my coils and I am in love with this hair that I nearly gave up on. 4c coils defined – not matted – shiny, healthy, growing and full, is the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. I never thought my hair could look like this. I have a million tiny coils popping out all over.

  2. Yes 4c hair is difficult to manage if you do not know how to manage. Many of the tips shared in this article are very relevant. My daughter has 4c hair and she is 13 years old. She only uses her fingers to style. She is a cheerleader, basketball player, and swimmer. She receives compliments on how soft and “curly” her hair is and that it looks so good on her. I use to tell her that all the time but she still wanted me to press it out until her friends told her. She spends little time on the daily maintenance. Her hair looks great!

  3. 4c hair it totally easy to take of. The only thing I don’t like about is how much time it takes to do it. I’m a very busy college student and I’d rather spend one Saturday every few weeks getting my hair done with a weave than every Saturday twisting it myself. Plus, it’s really frustrating because I two different textures and it makes the 4c hair look damaged in comparison.

  4. I think 4C hair is easy to manage and I know I’m not delusional. As of yet, I haven’t found a tremendous amount of styling options, but with finger detangling, daily moisturizing, using good conditioners my hair doesn’t get very dry and I really have few single strand knots. Detangling takes me about 20 minutes. With all the trauma on the internet about 4c hair, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. I don’t think so though. I just like to let my hair do HER lol. If you treat your hair like 4a/3c/3b etc. it’s going to be extremely difficult. Wake up and smell the coffee and love what you got.

  5. Natural 4c hair thrives if properly cared for and not treated harshly. If it is treated as naturally straight or naturally defined curly hair then its growth more than likely will be stunted. Many people are unable to accept the facts concerning 4c hair and still expect it to behave as other hair types without having to manipulate it. It is what it is. I have achieved great length with my 4c hair. I do wear it stretched ( braids, twists, and twist outs). I occasionally wear it straighten, 4c is very versatile hair, but again the key is proper care. For some folk 4c hair maintenance and grooming does not fit their lifestyle or it does not naturally have the look they would like on an everyday basis. It just may not be the best choice for them, but for sure I must agree that the article is very relevant. I am very happy that four years now I have not had to spend an hour or more every morning to style my hair as I did when I wore styles that required heat for straightening and curling. My regiment on a daily basis is very low maintenance now, Yes initially doing neat twists takes time. I sometimes go to the shop for my twists, but after done. I just pull my twist back into a pony tail or some other neat up do style. Low maintenance hair care daily for sure. Moisturizing is key as well.

  6. 4c hair is not difficult to manage. Perhaps those harping on how hard it is to manage need to change their mindset and quit secretly wishing they had type 3 hair. I have type 4b hair that’s BSL and I have had challenges but I had no delusions about my texture And what it can and cannot do.

  7. THANK YOU!! I have 4C hair and find it so easy to maintain. its only difficult if you want it to look like type 3 hair! and yeah detangling is annoying but yeah other than that its not difficult. I seriously put so much more effort looking after my relaxed hair than 4C natural hair. I have no idea what people are moaning about with type 4 hair. Definitely still have some hair acceptance issues!!

  8. I have a four year old daughter and k believe her hair texture is 4c and honestly it is hard to maintain, but I admit it’s because I do not know any better. I would like some tips on what to do with her hair. As of now I recently started using My DNA Shampoo and conditioner. I also only use coconut oil for her dry scalp. As of now she wears braids with beads but I am wondering if this is just too much for her hair. But her hair is short the back is to her ear and the top reaches her forehead. I am having issues because she is four and I really want it to grow longer and healthier. I do not want to perm it and I am not sure if I should add weave because I want her to love herself she is young. I use to have hair issues until I got my dreads and now I love my hair. So I am trying to prevent that insecurity in her. Please please help me in the steps I should take in caring for her hair so it can grow healthy without damage.

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