How to Do a Fermented Rice Water Rinse for Stronger and Softer Hair

How to Do a Fermented Rice Water Rinse for Stronger and Softer Hair

That rice you have lingering in your cabinet has another use besides being a complement to your dinner, you can use it in your hair! Rice water rinses are used to strengthen, soften and add shine to your strands.

Step #1: Rinse your rice 

Rinse off your rice to remove any dirt or impurities

Step #2: Boil two cups of water

Add rice to boiling water and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Swirl throughout this process until the water looks a little cloudy.

Step #3: Strain out the rice

Strain the rice out and place the water in a clean mason jar. You can stop here if you wish and just use the rice water once it has cooled but, it will not have all the enhanced vitamins that fermented rice water has!

Step #4: Ferment

Let the rice water sit in a mason jar at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours.

Step #5: Stop the Fermentation Process

Once you are done fermenting the rice water you are going to pour it back into a pot and boil it. Just a minute or two is fine, don’t let it evaporate watch closely.

Step #6: Dilute the Rice Water

Once you are done boiling place the rice water into a large bowl. Then dilute it by adding a couple of cups of water. Rice water on its own is too potent.

Step #7: Let it cool and use!

After the mix has cooled it is ready for use. You can add a few drops of essential oil or use alone. On freshly washed hair add the rice water to your hair and scalp. You can let your hair soak in the bowl or you can put it in a spray bottle to apply to your hair. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse out. If you have any leftover store in the fridge for 7 days and then discard.


Asian women have been using rice water for their hair and skin for centuries. A 2010 study focused on Japanese women who used rice water found that it improved the condition of the hair’s elasticity. So if you are looking for an all natural way to strengthen your hair the amino acids, vitamin E and minerals in fermented rice water may just do the trick.

There are a plethora of rinses out there that you can try from beer (yes beer!) to coconut water, but what impresses me the most about rice water rinses, is that there is scientific research to support that this can actually benefit your hair.

21 thoughts on “How to Do a Fermented Rice Water Rinse for Stronger and Softer Hair

    1. Rice water rinses may help because it has been shown to improve the elasticity of hair. I actually did one this past weekend and I do feel I saw an improvement. Normally when my hair is wet I do find it to be more fragile but the last time I washed my hair a couple of days back it seemed to be very strong even in its wet state. I do want to give the rice water rinse a couple of more goes before I give my final verdict on it, but so far I love it! For more information about growth see this page:

  1. I had a weave in my head 2 years ago and cut it out myself and I cut a bald spot in the middle of my head and the hair does not want to grow back yet what should I do

    1. I did something similar some years back. I had a ponytail weave and I was being impatient and ended up ripping out some of the middle section of my hair. I did take some time before that spot was restored (I believe it took at least a year). The best I can say is nourish it consistently, condition, and don’t wear styles that put tension on that area I would advise against braid or twist extensions because it could further agitate the situation. You may want to try doing updo’s with your own natural hair that way it will hide the spot and also be a low manipulation styles.

  2. Hey, I recently chopped 18 inches of relaxed and IMO very much damaged hair…actually it was 4 days ago.
    I’m still crying daily…. That’s beside the point ( I needed to vent).
    My question is , how much rice do I use in addition to the 2 cups of boiled water… Also, could you share tips or a link for a natural newbie to grow health hair, styles,etc. My last relaxer was in November so I’m left with 3.5 inches of hair… that I have no idea of what to do with ! Help me please.

  3. I had one of the most vivid dreams yesterday morning..A professional rep was selling a room-sized three compartment rice cooker to ‘distill’ water.The bubbles were pushing out at the bottom of it and sucked right back in.It was dirt cheap for its size.I was absolutely AMAZED when I found a Pinterest article on this phenomenon this morning!God is sooooo faithful!!!Thank you!

  4. If you’re using essential oils, you *must* use an emulsifier in order to mix it in with water. Oil + water = do NOT mix together on their own.

  5. I am so afraid to try this. My hair is low porosity and does not react to products like most people’s hair. And super fine hair as well. So, I am quite sceptical

    1. For fermentation to take place the lid should be ON! Preferably ferments faster in a warm dark place or dark-colored jar or bottle.

  6. I used rice water for 3 months and I will say my hair has grown so much. I didnt expect it to really work but I got about 5inches!!!
    I think I’m going to keep going, giving my hair a break ever few months. But you can find my on YouTube @ Precious Kisses here is the link for the video;:

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