How to Make A Twist Out Last a Long Time…Practically Forever!

How to Make A Twist Out Last a Long Time…Practically Forever!

Love the look of a twist out but frustrated with the short lived results? It is totally possible to have a long lasting style results with very low maintenance. Here’s some tips for making a twist out last…..

TIP#1 Leave your twists in for a while to lock in the definition 

I know you want instant curly awesomeness right away! But… if you put in twists overnight and remove them the next day, your results are not going to be as long lasting as if you had left them in for a couple of days or better yet a week or so. If you don’t like wearing twists on their own you can pair them with headwraps or a wig/extensions are an option while you let your style bake.

TIP #2 Wear smaller sized twists

Chunky twist out sets are my favorite, but they also happen to not last as long. When you wear small twists you get better definition. They don’t have to be micro sized, that’s not necessary! Just small.

TIP#3 Twist on freshly washed damp hair

Wet hair will give you the best definition. However when your hair is wet, it is in a weakened state plus for those with low porosity hair it may take eons to dry if you twist while your hair is saturated. Instead twist damp hair. To give your hair some stretch prior to installing your twists pineapple your hair while it air dries.

TIP#4 Use a product with a good hold

If you want to go all natural try whipping a mixture of shea butter, your favorite oil and aloe or flaxseed gel.

TIP#5 Don’t Over Fluff When You Remove Your Twists

When you over fluff this creates frizz which up being a total style destroyer. If you want your hair to be more stretched out while wearing your twists cornrow them,  create an updo, wear them up in a ponytail or bun. The tension these styles create will elongate your hair. You could also gently lift your roots with a pick.

TIP#6 Wrap your hair at night, pineapple or put into large twists

To prevent matting and protect your hair, don’t forget your satin bonnet. For your nightime style pineappling or putting your hair into large twists will do.

TIP#7 Daily Moisturizing and Maintenance

Be sure to avoid weighing your hair down with too much product. You may only need the steam from your morning shower and a light oil to seal moisture in to refresh your style. Lightly fluff with your fingers if needed.

There goes my tips for a long lasting twist out! What do you do to get the most long lasting result?

3 thoughts on “How to Make A Twist Out Last a Long Time…Practically Forever!

    1. I wore my twists for about 1 week and half and after I took them out even with a lot of steam my pattern stayed on lock…but this is my hair and my experience.

      This may vary depending on how long you have worn your twists, products you use and texture. So take these tips and adjust to your individual needs accordingly. If you know for certain that this would cause frizz for your hair use other means to hydrate and moisturize.

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