Get a Defined No Frizz Wash and Go By Following These 7 Steps

Frizz is the number one reason why a wash and go style can end up being a complete fail. Luckily there are some things that you can do during the styling process that will reduce the chances of this happening. Here is a step by step of how you can get more defined curls and avoid a frizzy outcome.

#1 Get a fresh start! Shampoo.

It is always best to have a fresh base so you the products you apply will be more effective and fully define your hair. Do your wash and go on freshly washed hair, if you have a good amount of product buildup, make sure you use a clarifying shampoo so you have the best results.

#2 Condition

Conditioning your hair will aid in smoothing out those cuticles which in turn means less frizz, so do not skip conditioning your hair.

#3 Begin Defining Your Curls on Wet Hair

Your hair will better absorb the products you apply and it will give you better curl definition. You may have more elongation if you style on dry hair, but the curls will not be as defined and there is a higher likelihood of frizz. This is probably one of the most important steps!

#4 Section your hair

Get more thorough coverage when applying your products.

#5 Use a leave in conditioner

Doing this will smooth down those cuticles even more, improve manageability and it will moisturize your hair. Never underestimate the power of a good leave in!

#6 Use a good gel and rake it through your strands until you get definition 

#7 Opt to dry your hair naturally or use a diffuser 

For times when you decide to blow dry, use a diffuser so that your hair can be dried evenly.

7 thoughts on “Get a Defined No Frizz Wash and Go By Following These 7 Steps

  1. I usually use African black soap and Cantu as shampoo. I love the way they make my hair smell when I use both of them. And black soap is really really good, not just for your hair; also for your body too.

  2. I have type 4a/b hair. I have been using Easy Wave gel. It makes my hair soft and the curls are well defined. Curls last for about 4 days. Can anyone suggest on a good treatment for my hair as i have damaged tips through hair dyes. Thanx

  3. I have 3b -c hair and have yet to achieve a good wash and go. there are way to many products out there for natural hair that is misleading. I would love to rock my curls but refuse to walk out the house looking like a fool.’
    I work in the corporate world and my appearance is very important to me.

  4. It sounds like your hair is porous. You need to use heavier products so that the moisture last longer. So instead of just using a gel, it may be best to pair the gel with a butter so the moisture doesn’t escape you so quickly. Also deep condition often to help fill the gaps and holes porous hair has. You can even do your own DIY deep conditioner with Avocados. The styles you wear also effect your moisture retention try doing two strand twists on your hair and wearing them for a while and then undoing them for a twist out. I hope my feedback helps!

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