4 Steps You Can Take to Prevent Flakes From Hair Products

Most of time the reason why you are experiencing flakes from hair products is improper application. Styles like wash and go’s or a more sleek look almost always require that you be a little heavy handed with product, but take the wrong step and it’s flake city. Here are some steps that you can take to prevent this from happening:

#1 When styling start with a clean slate

Other products that we already have on our hair may interact with a new product that we add onto it and the reaction may not be so hot. Also for the best result, starting fresh is best.

#2 Apply to damp hair for better absorption

Adding product to soaking wet hair may cause the product to slip off and adding product to dry hair is definitely a flake factor because it may not be completely absorbed into your strands. Kinky Curly Custard, for example is a great product for wash and go’s but if you don’t use it with water you will find some boogies in your hair. But hey, it does clearly state to use it on wet hair in the product directions.

#3  Apply section by section

With medium length to long natural hair it is crucial for you to work in sections for the best results. Working in sections helps you to get better coverage and an even application.

#4  Know what mixes well with what

Most naturals will find that they have to layer their products for moisturized hair and for styling. However, some products do not mesh well with others and that can cause some bad flaking. It could be a leave-in conditioner that does not pair well with a styling product that you are using, but only trial and error will reveal the culprit.

Always read the directions on the product to see whether  it can be applied on dry or wet hair, follow these tips and you will avoid flaking out. In some scenarios you may follow the right protocol and it is quite possible the product just may not be a good fit for you. It happens, just move on to the next one!

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