Are Keratin Hair Treatments Safe?

Ever wonder what trying a keratin hair treatment would be like? Many of them even call themselves natural hair straighteners. Well, how natural are they really and are they safe for your hair? Cathy Howse offers a good breakdown of what keratin hair treatments are, the process involved for the application of the product, and her take on whether or not they are good alternative for hair straightening.

According to Howse, keratin hair treatments side effects outweigh their short term benefits.  There are potential risk factors that may have you think twice before getting one of these treatments:

  • The product contains formaldehyde. If you are unfamiliar with formaldehyde this is the same stuff that is used to preserve the dead with. Yeah, this sounds exactly like something you want in your hair.
  • Once you receive the treatment, you cannot let your hair touch water or curl for 72 hours. Oh and when you are sleeping the formaldehyde junk can seep into your skin.
  • Your hair may look sleek and shiny at first, but later on you may encounter hair loss.
  • The use of these products, increases your risk of developing cancer.

Keratin Hair TreatmentsIt sounds amazing to have a “natural” way to straighten your hair but unfortunately it’s simply a marketing gimmick to make you think that this product is natural. The best words of advice that Cathy gives viewers is this: If your stylist has to put on a mask to apply this product onto your hair, maybe this option isn’t the best route.

You can also read more info about keratin hair treatments here, apparently there are some treatments that allow you to wash your hair but you must use a specific shampoo to avoid hair dryness:


3 thoughts on “Are Keratin Hair Treatments Safe?

  1. Did she say metocylcol? Is that how it is spelled? Could someone list the products she named that can change to formaldehyde?

  2. Very informative article. I went through the process and I am really happy with my decision. Keratin is much better than relaxer where they break the bonds of hair. I don’t like the poker straight hair. I wanted to go with something that looks natural and I can try different styles. Keratin treatment is absolutely worth it.

  3. I believe I have 4C hair, very kinky. Is there a natural way I can texturize my hair with out damaging it.

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