This is How Long it Takes to Grow Natural Hair Long

grow natural hair long

It’s something that you don’t want to hear, but you are going to hear it anyway truth hurts! Long hair does not happen overnight. There is no magic pill, product, or diet that will give you long hair faster than what your body is capable of.

Longhairdontcare2011 is known for super long beautiful hair, but have you checked out the pictures from the beginning of her journey? To reach her goal of long hair it took 5 years. That is 5 years of good hair care and consistency.

While growing natural hair isn’t necessarily hard when you know how to treat your hair, it is a challenge of consistency. You have to keep giving your hair moisture, deep conditioning, keep heat use to a minimum, and let it thrive in a low manipulation environment. So in this sense, it is a labor of love.

protective style

While LongHairDontCare2011 wears her straight, (which has its benefits of avoiding tangles) she also has some of the best protective styles!

longhairdontcare2011 protective style

Our hair loves long periods of low manipulation and protective styles, which is something that can definitely be taken away from her journey.

Stay consistent with your hair care and you can reach your hair goals, but you must be patient. Typically women who have longer lengths of hair have spent between the 4 to 5 year range to grow what is considered a long length.

In addition to LongHairDontCare2011, Cipriana of UBB’s journey took 4 years, Alicia James took 4 years as well, and Natural Chica is now at year 4 since her transition in 2009, so ladies it definitely takes time.

Keep in mind this is also dependent upon the hair length that you are starting out with. If you already have medium length hair then obviously it wouldn’t take this long, but if your hair is at a shorter length it’s only natural that more time would be required to reach your goal.

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  1. Thank you for this message. People will say anything to get a sale. I know Nos it will take 5 year to get mine where I want it. Just wondering what styles can I do in the winter to protect an inch of hair?

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