Did You Know? The Reason Why Braiding Hair Makes You Itch Like Crazy

Why Braiding Hair Itches

Everyone loves the beauty and the ease of braid extension styles, but what isn’t so cool is the terrible itching! Thankfully there is a solution to prevent this from happening so you can enjoy your braids without having that unpleasant itch.

Well, why is synthetic hair so itchy?

To make the hair heat resistant a coating of Akaline Lye is sprayed on the hair. So when you are burning the ends of the hair or using boiling hot water to curl the Kanekalon hair, you have the Akaline to thank. The Akaline also helps to make the product more sanitary and aids in preventing mold and other growths. Unfortunately many people’s scalps become easily irritated by this coating which is why even on the first day of getting your braids you may find it to be quite itchy.

How to make the hair less itchy

Soak your hair in a solution of water and apple cider vinegar.

1. Fill your sink or a bowl large enough to fit your braiding hair in with warm water.

2. Add in a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Let the hair set in the solution until you see a white film appear.

4. Take the hair out of the solution and rinse with water.

5. Remove the excess water and let the hair air dry until you are ready to use.


Have you gotten the itchies from your braiding hair? Sound off in the comments!

52 thoughts on “Did You Know? The Reason Why Braiding Hair Makes You Itch Like Crazy”

  1. brittany matthews

    I prewashed my hair in acv and still have bad itching. It wasnt so bad the first couple of days but im a week in now and hurting.

  2. Valarie Jackson

    That’s the kind of hair I’m using but I can only use the synthetic micro hair. It might t just be me cause I have sensitive skin. Thanks anyway. You were helpful.

  3. Valarie Jackson

    I soaked it last night with ACV. I have some Morocon Oil spray I might try spraying some on my plats and see. If not I will take it out. I know I’m waiting money but hey.

  4. Davida Shawalli Duckett-Johnson

    I get an allergic reaction across the back of my neck. Thanks for the information. I’m going to treat the braiding hair before I use it next time.

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