5 Ways to Experiment With Color Without Using Permanent Hair Dye

5 Ways to Experiment With Color Without Using Permanent Hair Dye

At some point in your natural journey you may want to experiment with hair color either for fun or to cover up some grays. Thankfully there are a few options besides permanent hair dye that will allow you to do so without it taking a huge toll on your hair.

#1 Hair Wax

This option gives you a dramatic color change without any harsh chemicals are bleach. Hair wax color works on all hair whether your natural hair color is dark and light. Absolutely no bleaching is necessary.

#2 Henna

In addition to being a more gentle way to change up your color, Henna can also has the effect of being a protein treatment for your hair. Which means be sure to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner afterward. Again, it won’t give you a drastic transformation but it can be used to help hide grays or give you a nice red or light brown tint/hue change.

Recommended Products: Henna

#3 Hair Chalk

Okay so this method is super temporary, but it is great at giving you a drastic transformation in minutes. Hair Chalks come in a variety of colors, are simply smoothed onto your hair, and by the next day will dissipate. It’s a great way to experiment with fun and funky colors without the commitment.

Recommended Products: Hair Chalks

#4 Eye Shadow

Have some eye shadow to waste? Well, this technique essentially is much like using hair chalk only you are using what many of you probably already have at home. See the video below to see how it works!


Product Recommendations: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow

#5 Hair Extensions

This is a more longer term way for you to enjoy color without actually altering your natural hair color. Of course when you are done rocking your extensions all you need to do is remove them, return to back to your natural color or try another!

When doing a permanent drastic color change this often requires either bleaching, lifting or stripping of the hair. This will without a doubt take a toll on your hair and will require more work to maintain healthy color-treated hair. For those who are looking for other options I hope you enjoyed this list!

Did we miss any alternatives to permanent hair color? Let us Know.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Experiment With Color Without Using Permanent Hair Dye

  1. Hello I have been following you for awhile now and have learned a lot since I did the big chop and became a natural. My thing is now i would like to dye my 4c hair a lighter color from this boring brown but i wanted something that would last a little longer than your suggestions. I thought about adding extensions but during the spring and summer seasons i don’t because of the heat. Besides the ideas you have provided, is there anything else i could do without destroying my natural hair?

    1. If you use a permanent hair color it will not destroy your hair, but it will make it drier if you are going to go with a lighter shade. This will mean that you will have to be diligent about your conditioning and moisturizing routine. If you are up for the maintenance go for it.

  2. HI Arianne, I just undo my loc hair. I had it for four years. What can I use to gain it’s strength. Surprisingly, it is not to weak but I would love your advice on caring for my hair.
    Ps. I really appreciate my hair as never before and I don’t want any chemical in it.

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