4 Tutorials for Thin Natural Hair You Gotta Check Out

I’ve been getting e-mails from readers requesting that there be more style posts for naturals with thin hair and I thought it was high time that Black Naps started delivering on this. Here are some great style tutorials that are sure to give you some options:

#1 The Right Hair Accessory Makes All The Difference

Want a full looking bun or ponytail? You most likely won’t get this from using just a regular elastic headband, which is why an accessory like the banana clip is perfect. The puff cuff is a similar item, that is good for creating full afro puff styles. Another trick that YouTuber Santina uses is more sections for more volume.

#2 Set your hair in large twists for more body

For a more fuller look Monae sets her hair in large twists. Once she is ready to style she also uses a banana clip and sections her hair to create an illusion of more fullness. For her tuck and rolls she loosely two strand twists each section and tucks into place. She also recommends using gels on fine hair such as Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls and Eco Styler.

#3 Lift and fluff for fuller twist outs

Again, you might want to employ the technique of using thicker size twists for a more full look. To further add more volume, you will want to lift and fluff your roots. Be gentle and concentrate more so at your roots to avoid frizz. Use your fingers for more control or you can use a hair pick.

#4 Marley Hair Never Fails!

Marley hair is great for adding volume when you feel that you are lacking in this department. It seamlessly blends in with kinky textured hair giving you a nice full look. It’s easy to create elegant styles within minutes, which is perfect for those who need a simple style solution.

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