5 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Will Not Grow


Hair that is tightly coiled will experience extensive breakage if it is not cared for properly. If you are not seeing the natural hair growth that you would like to see you are breaking hair off at a greater rate than you are growing it. In this case, the way you care for your hair has to be changed.
detangling natural hair
Detangling is an aspect of natural hair care that all too often is overlooked. Proper detangling involves some form of moisturization, whether it be a conditioner or moisturizer, something that will give you some slip is needed.
combing natural hair
Combing the wrong way is another thing that will cost you some hairs. When combing your hair always start from your ends and then work your way up. Do it the other way around and you are making your job harder, losing more hair, and causing yourself more pain.
protective natural hair style
Going to bed without protecting your hair is a sure way to break it off. By protecting it, I mean more than just wrapping it up with a satin scarf.  You should either be braiding or twisting it to avoid your hair from becoming matted and tangled.
protective natural hair styling
Our hair is very prone to damage from our environment, so it is important that we implement protective styling to prevent breakage. Any style where the ends of your hair are tucked away qualifies (you could were a bun, French roll, twists, or braids).
shea moisture
Moisture is the one thing that every curly girl seeks to achieve. You don’t have to spend tons of money in search of the perfect product. Keep it simple. Don’t use sulfate shampoos as much, try natural oils like olive oil or argan oil, don’t skip conditioning, and moisturize as needed with a product that gets the job done.

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  1. Hey this is Joe a black male, I’m having trouble with matted hair growth. The front and side of my head grows just fine but the back tends to give me trouble and appears very stunted. Any tips ?

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