5 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Will Not Grow


Hair that is tightly coiled will experience extensive breakage if it is not cared for properly. If you are not seeing the natural hair growth that you would like to see you are breaking hair off at a greater rate than you are growing it. In this case, the way you care for your hair has to be changed.
detangling natural hair
Detangling is an aspect of natural hair care that all too often is overlooked. Proper detangling involves some form of moisturization, whether it be a conditioner or moisturizer, something that will give you some slip is needed.
combing natural hair
Combing the wrong way is another thing that will cost you some hairs. When combing your hair always start from your ends and then work your way up. Do it the other way around and you are making your job harder, losing more hair, and causing yourself more pain.
protective natural hair style
Going to bed without protecting your hair is a sure way to break it off. By protecting it, I mean more than just wrapping it up with a satin scarf.  You should either be braiding or twisting it to avoid your hair from becoming matted and tangled.
protective natural hair styling
Our hair is very prone to damage from our environment, so it is important that we implement protective styling to prevent breakage. Any style where the ends of your hair are tucked away qualifies (you could were a bun, French roll, twists, or braids).
shea moisture
Moisture is the one thing that every curly girl seeks to achieve. You don’t have to spend tons of money in search of the perfect product. Keep it simple. Don’t use sulfate shampoos as much, try natural oils like olive oil or argan oil, don’t skip conditioning, and moisturize as needed with a product that gets the job done.

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  1. hi my hair is showing progress in the growth area. i;ve been natural for about 6 months and my hair is about 31/2 inches when strectched, however the back is growing rather slowly and is about maybe 1/2 inch to an inch shorter…. anything i can do to help this problem???

    1. Lol, Brittany I have this same issue, the right side of my hair tends to grow faster. It’s normal to have these rough spots. You may want to wear in a protective up do style to give the back of your hair some more air. This also can be an effect from sleeping on the back of your hair as well.

    2. I noticed this in my hair, too. I used bobby pins to lay the hair flat to simulate my relaxer days. I think it helped some. And try aloe vera oil when doing this technique. Hope all is well.

  2. Thanks for the info, but my hair is breaking off no matter what i do . For example: 1. I wash with Shea Moisture Shea shampoo for damaged hair, next i condition with their conditioner and rinse out. 2 i leave in their deep conditioner treatment masque. 3 i mist my hair with water and olive oil .4 i flat twist my twa and put a shower cap over my damp hair, wrap a silk scarf over the cap and sleep. i usually take off the shower cap and put a silk scarf on under a cute beanie, i mist again at night with then repeat the routine of the plastic bag. After a few days of that i take my hair down and mist again and add some unrefined shea butter, except when i take down my hair i notice tons breakage and idk y? But i do detangle after i put the deep treatment in. Please could ny1 give me some advis3?

    1. There is the possibility that you are over moisturizing. If your hair is constantly in a wet state, it will weaken your hair strands. You want your hair to be balanced. Do you use protein treatments at all?

    2. uu should try switching Shampoo’s.I suggest Mane ‘n Tail.And don’t do that routine every night,you r irritating your hair.

  3. Hey!!! I really want to go natural, but I think my hair is UNnatural… There is nothing I can do with it to keep it from being so dry. It continuously breaks off… kinda defeated by this, but I just wanna see if anyone has any other ideas I may be able to use…. HELPPPP

    1. That’sI started using the super potent black castor oil. It has grown my hair and keeps it moist even wearing hair coverings. You can get it at potentblackcastoroil.com

  4. Hey is it bad to go back and forth from straight to wash and wear. I’m considering wearing my hair straight for the winter here in Illinois would that be a bad thing to do

  5. Hello, I’m a newbie with natural hair. Had very thick long hair as a youngster until I was about 18 when I just had to get a relaxer (crap!). Damaged hair badly, then got ‘THE CURL’…ugh! Fast forward about 30 years later and did the Big Chop…er… Big Shave. I literally took clippers and shaved every bit of hair I could reach. It actually looked better than I thought it would. Loved the way it felt and the reddish color of my hair (mom was born with red hair and myself and couple sibs had red hair as well). I have always dyed my hair black, however, because it blended easily with black extensions/wigs. So, now about 4 months or so later, I have about 3 inches of tightly curly hair. Any tips to keep it growing in (it’s very thick), but have no idea what to do with it at this short length. Any tips/ideas?


    1. My daughter experienced something similiar. I purchased the Nzuri Elixir Childrens hair vitamins for her 6 months ago and have seen tremendous results. Also got a bonus, her mood is better and so is her focus. I would give it a try if I were you. I got them on Amazon but sometimes my sister gets hers from the http://www.hairvitaminstore.com good luck and stay encouraged. Be careful with those edges as they are very fragile. It will grow back but you have to be sure to not use any sulfates on her hair.

  7. Hiii, my name is temii, ma natural hair is lyk a year and half old.i always dread d day I will wash my hair, cause it thicker and very hard 4 me to comb, I get headache combing ma hair after washing, so I don’t wash my hair, till lyk a month and half.,, dats bad aiit.and ma back hair is so slow, and kind of softer than the rest part of ma hair.

    1. I had the same issue with my hair tangling up immensely but i finally figured out how to handle it. My hair was tucked away like i always do in some weave but after a month or so i decided to take it down and just like you i dreaded the combing and washing episode. Well this is what i did. After i took the weave down i had my hair out,i tried to part my hair in to little sections using my HANDS ONLY. Every section i held up in a hair band. Then i had about six little bundles.I have SUPER nappy hair so i skipped the shampooing in the begining and instead sophisticatedly conditions my little bundles.I twisted the bundles after conditioning. Dont forget to comb while conditioning. I conditioned intensely and when i was done put on a plastic cap,wrap up and went to bed. Woke up next morning and washing was easy breezy easy lol. I swhampooed after that and put on a leave in conditioner later. Hope this tip helps i just felt the need to share cause i undrstand the battle of me against my hair.lol 🙂

  8. Hi my name is Bonolo and I’m 20. I got my hair cut, pretty short in February and my hair growth isn’t as ‘fast’ as it used to be. One side of my hair is far shorter than the rest of my head and that is bothering me a lot as going out in public without any headgear is a little embarrassing. I changed my diet before cutting my hair and became a pesceterian, could that be one of the reasons my hair is ‘acting out’ and do you have any suggestions. Im in dire need of help here.

    1. Surprisingly your diet has nothing to do with it, especially if you are already well nourished. You may have to work on determining if your moisturizing routine needs to be improved and if your hair is getting matted on that one side and breaking off. If your hair is long enough to twist or braid, you may need to start doing that. My hair use to break off like crazy if I didn’t twist, braid or pineapple it at night because it was getting matted, tangled, and by the next morning it was too hard to comb out.

  9. Hi my name is Kat i have extremley coily hair that i’m convinced has many problems because it refuses to grow no matter what i try. The only style my hair is able to do is an Afro and i’m not talking about that beautiful, lush and long Afro, No, i’m talking about that ugly, short Afro that makes me look like a boy twenty-four-seven, I hate it and quite frankly it just shatters my confidence. My hair is natrually uneven as the front its longer and the back is closer to my scalp, whenever i stretch the front its able yo reach just the bottom of my eye but thats before i wash it but once its washed it shrinks so much to the point where it reaches the top of my eyebrow when i stretch it, i feel like i have no growth going on after i’ve taken out my braids and at this point its getting frustrating. I try to stay away from relaxing my hair cause i did that once and it just ruined it completely so i’ve resorted to hair foods and i’ve tried majority of them to moisten my scalp but the only thing the hair foods and oils do is give my scalp an excessive amount of dan draft. I’m convinced the unhealthy amount of dan draft i produce a day is whats causing the prevention of hair growth and i can’t do anything about it because my dan draft flourishes under moisture and even more when my scalp is dry. I really am desperate to get that beautiful, long Afro and at this point i don’t know what do, i’ve decided to stop braiding my hair for a while as my hair line is also receeding but i know this time off won’t help my hair grow cause i’ve tried the natural care treatment for a full year and there was no hair growth whatsoever so at this point i don’t know what i can do to get this hair growing. Any useful tips, tricks and hair products would be apperciated as i am tired of the dissapointed feeling i get everytime i see my hair shrink after i’ve washed it or combed it.

    1. I stumbled onto my new look one evening and boy was I on top of the world. It was very short then but the look was stunning since then lots of people took to that style. Take a section about the size of your thumb roll it, not tight between your index finger and the thumb it because you have longer hair you will need to take your index and pull from the root taking the roll half from middle to end rather than from root to end. When you are ready to style you run you hand over your hair with a some leave in moisturizer and your have the curl coil look at the end.

    2. TAke a good hair skin and nail vitamin and apply wild hair growth oil to your hair eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and lemon water and exercise and massage your scalp with a natural oil such as coconut oil olive oil Argan oil or grape seed oil.Hope this helps

  10. Hello My Name Is Lola ,So I Have Been Keeping My Natural Hair For A Year And Half ,Now But My Front Hair Length Is Just Reaching The Down Of My Eyes.I Wonder When I Will Have My Length Reaching My Shoulder Or My Waist;suggestions On What To Do Please Am Confused……..

    1. If it is taking your hair a long time to grow your hair more than likely is breaking off faster than it is growing. Try doing the following:
      Wear your hair in a simple protective style like a crown braid or a ponytail with your own hair for a week
      Wash, condition and moisturize your hair
      Detangle carefully (this is where a lot of hair is lost)

  11. Hey this is Joe a black male, I’m having trouble with matted hair growth. The front and side of my head grows just fine but the back tends to give me trouble and appears very stunted. Any tips ?

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