Wonder Curl: Clay Cleanser, Sealing Hair Butter & Get Set Jelly

Wonder Curl: Clay Cleanser, Sealing Hair Butter & Get Set Jelly

Wonder Curl has added some new additions to their product line for us to review. I was already familiar with their Get Set Hair Jelly, which is perfect for moisturizing and wash n’ go styling. However, I was new to their Cleansing Clay and Sealing Butter which I recently used for a couple of weeks.

Let’s dive into my thoughts on each of the three that I reviewed along with some photos of my hair after using each of these products.

Cleansing Clay $24

This is perfect for those looking for a true sulfate free shampoo option. I talked more about how companies are claiming to be sulfate free, but are still using very similar ingredients in this post: Is Your Shampoo Really Sulfate Free?. After using the clay my hair was super soft, no dryness at all! The only thing I will say is that a little bit goes a long way. I feel like I over did it the second time I used this to wash my hair and getting the clay to rinse out my hair was challenging. So if you try this out keep in mind that you don’t have to use much.

Sealing Butter $20

This butter is super moisturizing! As soon as I received my package, I was curious about trying plus my hair was a little dry so I put some on and immediately I was impressed with how soft my hair felt. However, I found at least for me that it is best applied on damp hair. After washing my hair with the Cleansing Clay I applied the Sealing Butter to lock in the moisture. You can see how it adds shine, stretched my hair and even added some definition to my curls before I even applied the Get Set Jelly.

Get Set Jelly $15 

I already knew to expect great things from the Get Set Jelly as I have used many times before and it is one of my top recommendations for when you want to achieve a wash n go look. I applied the Get Set Jelly after using the Sealing Butter to further define my curls and for hold. After applying this product you will have the same look that you have while your hair is wet, so worries about having a totally different look when your hair is all dried.

I was really impressed with all products from this line and actually loved every single one! After following the process of using the Cleansing Clay, Sealing Butter and Get Set Jelly I needed to refresh my hair by day three, so you definitely get long lasting moisture.

To learn more or purchase these products visit: www.wondercurl.com

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