Why do Protein Treatments Leave Hair Dry

protein treatmentsA question that is asked frequently is “why do protein treatments leave hair dry?” Protein treatments are used to strengthen the hair and depending on the product they usually have little to no conditioning properties. Therefore, after applying a protein treatment a deep conditioning treatment should follow.

Another reason why you may experience dryness is the over usage of protein products. Protein treatments work best on hair that is already damaged and porous (dry not retaining  moisture).  When used on hair that does not require protein treatments you are left with dry hair and unfortunately hair breakage.

After protein treatments are applied they continue to work for 4 to 6 weeks after the application, so there would be no need to apply it on your hair the next week for example. Extending the time to apply your next treatment, evaluating whether your hair actually needs the treatment, and following up with conditioning should reduce dryness issues.

Just like with anything else, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. You can over moisturize your hair, over heat it, and you can certainly over kill it with protein treatments. Make sure everything that you do for your hair is done in moderation to keep your hair healthy and balanced.

4 thoughts on “Why do Protein Treatments Leave Hair Dry

  1. I am loving this post. Since I have trouble retaining moisture, I see that I will have to purchase a protein conditioner for my type of hair on my next check. I see I’m gonna have to make the investment in order to get great healthier hair results.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I use the one step protein treatment from Nutress Hair every two weeks and it leaves my hair super moisturized and noticeably healthier and stronger. Check them out!

  3. I think the people who state they are protein sensitive are actually not moisturizing (versus conditioning) the hair after a protein treatment and/or are applying too many products with protein in them on a daily basis. I used Aphogee 2 Step when my hair was relaxed and still use it on my natural hair. I don’t use it as frequently – perhaps once every 3-6 months or less on my natural hair. I applied Aphogee 2 step yesterday, then the Balancing Moisturizer that goes with it. The balancing moisturizer states to leave it on for 2 minutes but by the time you’ve thoroughly applied it to dense but fine 4c hair, it’s more than 2 minutes. I twisted my hair with the products I normally use (I’m a heavy handed on the leave-in conditioner) and it is still moist today (the next evening). It almost still feels wet but it is not.

    1. I used this protein treatment and it did break my hair off. I am not saying it is a bad product/line. I do use the leave in conditioner. I would suggest to first timers. Please try on a small section of hair, wait a month or so. If you are good, do the whole head. If you see breakage. Take it back to the store for refund or store credit.

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