What is Finger Coiling and How is it Done?


Finger coils are a great option for naturals of all hair lengths. Have you been dreaming of accomplishing this coily style? You have come to the right place to learn!

Start by washing and conditioning your hair, then section my the hair into a small row to work with clip the rest out of the way. Within that row, section pieces in less than an inch square. I recommend using a combination of Design Essentials Natural Twist & Set Setting Lotion, Curl Enhancing Mousse and Curl Stretching Cream throughout your hair to prepare it for finger coiling.

Eyedah James has a really good tutorial on this:


Also check out Joulelzy as she explains how to finger coil:


Once you have applied your products, stretch and twirl your hair until it begins to coil.  To ensure that your coils don’t come undone easily, make sure that it is coiled all the way down to the scalp.  Repeat this step until all of your hair is coiled.  Once completed, sit under a hooded dryer to dry your hair completely.


After drying your coils, keep these few tips in mind:

  • Your coils can be separated — similar to a twist out, until you achieve the desired look and style.
  • You can continue to separate your coils in the few days following completion of styling.
  • With proper maintenance, coil outs can last a good amount of time.  Make sure you sleep with a satin bonnet to keep the hair moisturized and in place.


Finger Coil Maintenance and Tips:

How to Maintain Your Finger Coils:


Do you have special finger coil techniques?  How do you maintain your finger coils?

6 thoughts on “What is Finger Coiling and How is it Done?

  1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I’m so happy that this site exist! I love watching a different textures of hair on women and hour they do what they do to it. How no many what the type of hair (4a,b,c, etc.), they share the highs and lows of it. I love it! I also love that the women are from around the world. I’m so happy anything I need to know I can get a lot of info from this site.
    Now that the weather is starting to change (sob!), I am looking for some styles that are not time consuming, long wearing, low maintenance and sleep in styles. I love wearing my hair damp to dry into a style during the summer months, but fall and winter are approaching, so that’s coming to and end. any advice?

  2. What oils should i use on my twa to make it grow. I cant use oils with sensation cause if my nerve condition. My hairhas not grown in six months. Its about one to two inches long

  3. Hi.
    I’ve had chemically relaxed hair for about 15 years.
    I want to switch. Most of your products are not accessible to me here in Nigeria.
    Could I use natural substances like Shea butter.
    could you recommend any?
    Thank you.

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