Tips for Feeling Feminine and Confident with Short Hair

Tips for Feeling Feminine and Confident with Short Hair

Whether its the result of big chopping to start your natural hair journey, for the convenience of care-free hair styling, or simply a part of your signature look, short hair has always been on trend for women. Personally, I’m fan of big, long hair on myself, but a huge fan of short hair on other ladies. While many ladies are concerned about losing their femininity if their hair is too short, there are lots of ladies in the place with style and grace, rocking short tapered cuts down to bald fades.

If you’re looking for some tips for feeling feminine and confident with short hair, here are some ladies to share with you their tips on how to join Team #ShortHairDontCare:

Mimi’s Tip:

 A few things do it for me a fresh haircut, a red lip and just owning who I am and what I look like.

Katricia’s Tip: 

I don’t care – that’s been my attitude with long or short hair. Some days I feel good and will put on a bright lip and other days I just walk out the house with a naked face and still feel great. My hair and makeup doesn’t define my femininity.


Ariel’s Tip: 

I’m learning that little things like throwing on a pair of earrings always helps me feel a little more feminine and put together. Plus, on days when I’m not quite feeling a red lip, a light pink lip gloss works just fine. It’s ultimately about being comfortable with who I am.

Ebony’s Tip: 

Knowing I’m created in the image of a beautiful creator gives me ALL the confidence I need! And a bold lip is always a nice touch.


Christian’s Tip:

Knowing that how someone reacts to my life decisions has nothing to do with me. It’s BEYOND liberating knowing you ARE living for you!!

Tamara’s Tip: 

Paired with your favorite earrings a short style is the way to go!

– Tamara,

Scarlet’s Tip: 

I get super glammified while rocking my short do.

These ladies are undeniably gorgeous with their short cuts! Which of these tips resonates most with you?

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5 thoughts on “Tips for Feeling Feminine and Confident with Short Hair

  1. I used to have medium to long hair but since then I always wanted to try to chop it shorter but I always think that maybe it won’t suit me or what. Thanks for the great post! Maybe I’ll get a haircut in a few days from now. HAha

  2. I admire women who have short hair; most people hide behind long hair which means they are actually not that attractive but their hair gives them the illusion of being attractive. In order to look good with short hair you need true good facial features; and that is something that is difficult to fake how much contouring you do. It takes a lot of courage for a woman to wear short hair.

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