Tips For Finding The Best Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Tips For Finding The Best Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Really good moisturizing deep conditioners are extremely hard to find. There are so many products that confront you via hair care care websites and brick and mortar stores that you hardly know where to start. So to make your life a little bit easier, here are some guidelines that will be helpful in determining which deep conditioner is best for you.

#1. Look For Deep Conditioners That Have Hydrating Agents At The Top Of Their Ingredient Lists.

For example, a conditioner that begins with water, Aloe Vera juice, or coconut water is extremely beneficial since this is the one thing that dry hair lacks. You can’t properly condition hair without water, and no water equals no moisture.

2. Look For Deep Conditioners That Have Conditioning Agents At The Top Of Their Ingredient Lists.

Be sure to purchase conditioners that contain special ingredients that increase slip. Some excellent examples of these types of ingredients are the herbs slippery elm, marshmallow root and burdock root. These herbs reign supreme because of the amount of mucilage that is naturally present in them; they decrease surface friction in the hair while softening it and making it more pliable. Talk about multitasking! Another very important component to look for in a deep conditioner is the existence of deeply penetrating oils like babassu oil, coconut oil, kukui nut oil or even olive oil. These oils will absorb deeply into the hair because of their structural composition and will condition the hair from the inside out.

3. Look For Deep Conditioners That Have Little To No Alcohol.

This is where things become extremely difficult. Most deep conditioners have alcohols as their 1st or 2nd Ingredient. I once spoke to an employee of a major hair care/ beauty supply store, and I asked him what purpose the alcohol served in the product. He replied that alcohol opens the cuticle so that the other ingredients will go into the hair. However, alcohol is extremely drying and drastically alters the ph of the hair, so when you use a deep conditioner that constrains large amounts of alcohol in it, you are actually sabotaging your efforts to deeply moisturize your hair. As this blog has several times before pointed out, the best way to open up the cuticles of the hair is to APPLY HEAT. This can be accomplished with a hair steamer, a heating cap, or a hooded dryer. There are some alcohols that are better than others, learn more about them in this post:

Are Fatty Alcohols Good for Natural Hair?

Also here is an article that details what ingredients make a conditioner the most effective:

Ingredients to Look for That Make Deep Conditioners the Most Effective

#4. Make Your Own Deep Conditioner.

By all means, you should definitely experiment and make up your own deep conditioning treatment using the guidelines that were detailed in the above paragraphs. Personally, I have seen so much improvement in my hair’s health since I have taken
it upon myself to create the exact formulas for what my hair needs. You also might find it to be the best thing that you ever did!

Finally, by applying these tips and regularly performing a deep conditioning treatment with the right kind of deep conditioner, the strength, moisture level, and manageability of your curly hair will be improved. So remain vigilant, curly girls! More beautiful hair is just around the corner.

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  1. Sure! One product line that is amazing is Just Natural. It contains the essential oils, proteins and moisturizing ingredients needed to deeply condition hair from the inside out. Be forewarned that this product line is a little pricey, but it’s the conditioner that I trust the most for the best conditioning, so it’s definitely worth it because I achieve consistent, dependable results each and every time I use it. Another great line that should get more exposure is Organice Excellence. It’s not so pricey but it is also chemical free and a great choice, as well. It works wonderfully on curly hair!

    Thanks so much for your question. I hope this helps!


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