Think Wash n Go’s Don’t Work on “Nappy” Hair? You are Wrong.

I am sure many of you are familiar with the sentiment that wash n go’s don’t work on nappy hair.

While it is true that it is easy for wash n go’s to go horribly wrong on kinky coily textured hair, this does not mean that achieving this style option is not within our reach.

In most cases, the reason why wash n go’s end up being a total fail is because of dryness from the products that are used during the process. So for example, let’s say you decide to shampoo your hair and then smother it in Eco Styler Gel afterwards, it is almost guaranteed that you are going to have some sucky results.

Here is why…..

You Need to a Gentle Cleanser

Shampoos are designed to remove dirt oil and buildup from the hair. The problem is along with removing the things we want our hair to be rid of, it also robs us of the natural oils that keep our hair moisturized. On top of that most shampoos are designed for oily hair problems, whereas we have the complete opposite issue. To avoid dry hair after washes it is best to go with a gentle sulfate free shampoo formula. However, if you are aiming for a wash n go style I highly recommend that you go with co-washing or rinsing your hair with water only. It will help rid you of any buildup, while still allowing you to hold onto some of your natural oils so you don’t have to deal with thirsty hair later.

Non-Drying Styling Products that Make Your Coils Pop

The styling products you use also play a huge role in end result. Typically gels will most likely be too drying for kinky-coily hair types. Which is why you will want to go with a botantical gel like Kinky Curly Curling Custard or Shea Moisture Curling Souffle depending on your preference. Both will help to bring out your coils without being drying to your hair and it’s best use these products on damp hair (if your hair isn’t damp enough Kinky Curly Custard can get flaky).

Proof that wash n go’s can be achieved on 4b and 4c hair

If you haven’t heard about it yet, The Max Hydration Method has become popular among many naturals with kinky coily hair types for achieving wash n go hair. However after practicing method for myself, it is easy to see what’s really at the heart of this method is using products that are non-drying to our hair.

Me using the Max Hydration Method

Most importantly you have to be willing to accept some shrinkage and be willing to embrace your natural curl pattern. If you are at peace with that, wash n go’s are a great way to keep your consistently moisturized and they make for easy styling.

6 thoughts on “Think Wash n Go’s Don’t Work on “Nappy” Hair? You are Wrong.

  1. These aren’t technically wash and go styles though! Wash and Go means to wash it and let it go and dry the way it is…if you have to do all of that extra manipulation and put gel and all these other things in your hair to make it pop, that’s not wash and go. It “looks” like a wash and go but that’s about it!

    1. if you are defing a wash an go that way, then anyone can do a wash and go bu for some hair types, it will not look that good and might get tangled.

    2. Steph,

      I personally think the wash and go process looks different from every head of hair. There’s no specific definition for what a wash and go HAS to be, or any style for that matter. Just because it takes longer to achieve doesn’t mean it’s not a wash and go. Different hair, different method. ;).

  2. Hmm, this whole “wash & gos don’t work on 4c hair” thing is REAL interesting to me. It’s like, “do they REALLY not work? Or are we afraid of our hair looking too ‘nappy’?” Real talk, I think it’s the latter. This current natural hair movement is really different from the one of the 60s-70s–nowadays, chicks wanna mimic “good hair” and “defined” curls. God forbid it’s actually kinky! I just did a W&G on my shoulder-length 4c hair–and I’m really digging it. Yep, it’s kinky as all get-out–and that’s exactly what my hair does. Also, I happen to think shrinkage is awesome–it’s one of the aspects that make our hair so unique & awesome, IMO!

    1. I totally agree with this. Yes, SOME type 4 naturals who say wash and gos don’t work on their hair are referring to the tangles and single-strand knots that some of us get with this hairstyle. But for real, I do think when others say wash and gos don’t “work” on their hair, it’s because their definition of “work” equals “transforming my kinky coils into loosely defined ringlets and waves.” Well OF COURSE if that’s what you’re aiming for then you’re chasing a pipe dream and will forever be dissatisfied with the outcome of the style.

      Wash and gos are simply to highlight whatever your curl pattern is, so I wish some naturals would understand if their hair is comprised of super-tight coils with high shrinkage and their wash and gos result in defined super-tight coils with high shrinkage, then it WORKED. And even if you don’t get those defined coils, one of the beauties of type 4b/4c curly/coily hair is that even in its undefined state, it’s still hella gorgeous! The frizz that makes other curl types look unkempt gives us BOMB ‘fros so however our wash and gos turn out, they’re still fly as hell.

  3. I use a version of the Anthony Dickey method with inexpensive products. First, Emerge leave-in conditioner on soaking wet hair, second, Blue Magic, third, Eco Styler Gel. Minimized shrinkage and defined my curls. Best wash and go I have ever done and it took under 20 minutes!

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