The Secret to Juicy Plump Two Strand Twists

Photo Credit: @Kiondrachante using Naturaz

There is no doubt in my kinky head that two strand twists are the greatest creation since bobby pins and ouchless elastics. This easy to do low manipulation style is where I always seem to run back to whether it be from a bout of styling laziness or to give my hair a rest from over styling and neglect. But as much as I love them, I also hated that I could never seem to get the big juicy sausage like twists I’ve seen on other naturals. I also hated the difficulty in taking them out after my super kinks decided to wed themselves until death or deep conditioner.

However, I have since found the secret not only to fat plump twists, but also to taking them out quickly and painlessly. You will not believe how simple it is to do both.

I can’t take the credit for either of these tips. The styling credit goes to my daughter, Tristan, and the technique for successful take down goes to the great natural hair community on You Tube.

Plump Two Strand Twists


So let’s get it twisted!

  1. As always start with moisturized hair. Two strand twists can be done on wet or dry hair. I prefer doing mine on slightly damp, moisturized hair. If you plan to do a twist out you should also start with damp moisturized hair for the best definition.
  2. Section the hair using your fingers, rat tail comb or whatever tool you prefer. Now, here is the important part if you want an easy take down later. Divide the section you are going to twist into two equal parts making sure they are the same length. If the two sections are not the same length keep dividing and/ or adding hair until they are.
  3. Keeping both sections at equal lengths will ensure that as you twist down you will only be twisting two sections of hair. The way the hair becomes tangled is when the sections aren’t even and random pieces of hair are added in and become twisted into other random pieces of hair anywhere along the twist. By keeping the two sections even when it is time to untwist you simply unravel from the bottom and the two sections come apart cleanly like a piece of rope.
  4. Plump it up! To get fat twists of course you will want to section the hair in larger sections but the trick is as you are twisting, keep the hair pulled taut and continue to keep it stretched as you twist all the way to the end. Once released the twist will magically POP giving you a thicker, chunkier looking twist.

If you have tried these methods let us know how they work for you or if you have your own secret sauce please feel free to share!

21 thoughts on “The Secret to Juicy Plump Two Strand Twists

  1. Can’t wait to try this! Have been wearing twists for about a year now, twists will elongate looking stringing by day three so I usually rock a side ponytail until the next wash day. Hair is retwisted every two weeks, feedback welcome.

  2. This is the look I try to get but because my hair is so thin it rarely every comes anywhere near this look. Your hair is very very nice.

    1. I have the same issue! But after reading this article I’m going to try it tonight and hopefully it works.

  3. Thank you for these tips. I’ll be trying this out on my daughter tomorrow (wash day) and I’ll post back with how it turns out!

  4. My Mom has been twisting my hair since I was a little kid. It isn’t hard at all and easy to master. I have thick kinky ass hair, and what i,and my mother do is get a sealer to seal the moisture in for days. LOVE ❤ TWIST

  5. What do you suggest I use for a well defined twist out? I have 4b/4c hair. Some friends have told me to try Cantu twist and lock gel.

  6. How big should I section them? I love the look. I just can’t accomplish it!! Ugh. I have thick 4c hair so I don’t know the deal.

  7. I do this and I must say it works for me. My favorite product when doing my twist is the As I Am twist defining cream. Not only are my twists defined but are shiny and well moisturized.

  8. Damp hair that has been slightly stretched. I do this by putting my hair in a bun for a day. After that, all I need is a comb, some elastic do, and high grade coconut oil. I do big sections, but I have thick hair (after 5 years of post-partum shedding!) I also do the holding the hair taut trick and when I get an inch from the end, I spiral the two strands together using my index finger. They plump up when released. If I don’t like the diameter, I take it down immediately and retest that one.

  9. I know this post is older but I just wanted to comment anyway. I love the pics of the plump juicy twist but I must say that no matter what I’ve tried, it just didn’t work for me. I have four c hair and I have tried the method of holding taut and release, changed the product, did it myself, gave up and went to a professional and still, no dice. my two stand twist are always thin and awful looking. my hair is long but the cute styles other natural wear seem to miss me. do you have any other possible tips to achieve this look? thank you.

    1. Do you have a lot of split ends? You may need to get a trim, because this will make your hair appear thin. You also may want to try making sure that your hair is somewhat stretched, if not your hair will be more matted down and not as full.

    2. Well, if you permed your hair, used any straightening or damaging products, or you are not natural, try using beer to wash out all the chemicals in your hair and beer provides more follicle in your hair which makes hair curly which then will probably make this method work for you.
      I know i’m just a random stranger but i once permed my hair and came across this website and i had this problem so i did this and it worked for me so i decided to give you this same piece of advice. Good Luck!!

  10. I love your chunky twist. Can you elaborate more on how you make the parts for the chunky twist roles. I struggle in this area where my parts look bad especially when I make them bigger and I am not sure how to part so they dont show like on your picture.

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