The Best Ingredients for Your DIY Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Recipes

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Now that fall is here and harsh winter winds are literally looming in the distance, it’s so important to either develop or maintain a healthy moisturizing routine for your hair by reassessing your techniques. One of the most important components of a natural hair regimen is regular deep conditioning. In the fall/winter months, utilizing deep conditioners that are moisturizing for the hair will prove to be of unique importance, as the conditions of the season cause the hair to be drier and therefore frizzier if not properly cared for.

There are some excellent deep conditioners on the market, but sometimes a good ‘ol homemade deep conditioner does your strands some good! Plus it’s nice to utilize what’s already at your fingertips.

When applying a deep conditioner, always start on hair that has already been freshly washed and conditioned. Apply your deep conditioner from roots to tips, utilizing a smoothing motion to ensure thorough application. When finished, put on a shower cap and either sit underneath the dryer or a heating cap for 15-30 minutes. (Heat allows the mixture to penetrate the hair shaft and will yield much more favorable results than hair that is left exposed.) It is advised not to leave a deep conditioner on longer than an hour, as this often results in hair that is overly moisturized and ultimately more fragile than strong. Lastly, rinse with cool water to close the hair’s cuticle.

For any recipe, you will need one or more of each of the following products: switch it up and see what your hair likes the most!

You can use virtually any conditioner as a base but note that the creamier, the better! Often, naturals choose to use mayonnaise because it has an oil base and yields beautiful shine.

LIQUIDS: Moisturize the hair
Aloe Vera Juice: Not only does aloe vera moisturize and help your hair grow, but it also delivers amazing shine by locking oil into the hair shaft.

Glycerin: This ingredient moisturizes by binding water together and works well with other ingredients to heighten your hair’s moisture level.
Water: Well, we couldn’t leave this staple off the list!

OILS: Lock moisture into the hair

Argan Oil: This “liquid gold” makes your hair softer, silkier, and shinier.
Avocado Oil: Perfect for rescuing dry, damaged hair, or remedying an itchy scalp.
Coconut Oil: This oil is great for locking in moisture because it is not easily broken down or evaporated; plus it keeps your hair strong and soft and aids in preventing hair loss.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Who doesn’t love this staple? It locks in moisture and heals dry and itchy scalp, resulting in shiny, beautiful hair.
Jojoba Oil: This oil is similar to the oil that your own scalp produces (sebum), and therefore is well absorbed by your strands.

SEALANTS: Close the hair shaft to keep the oil and moisture inside

Shea Butter: This is probably the most used sealant of all and for good reason: it protects the hair against harsh weather and heat, softens the hair, and soothes an irritated scalp.

In this video, Mini Marley uses the following products for her deep conditioner recipe: Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Hair Mask, Mayonnaise, Coconut oil, Egg, & Honey.

LovelyAnneka uses: Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosemary Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Lavender Oil, Bentonite Clay, + Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner.

What do you use for your DIY Deep Conditioners? Let us know!


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  1. This article was so helpful! It’s so uplifting to see these beautiful black women embrace their natural hair. Last year I did the big chop and got rid of all my damaged and relaxed hair and now my hair is growing nicely in it’s natural state! I have already been using some of these ingredients in my deep conditioning and I’ve seen great results. I’ll be sure to add to rest to my regime. Remember all hair is good hair you just have to take care of it! 🙂

    -Lauray Co. Clothing

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