Texture Discrimination Film Proves There is Beauty in Every Kink and Curl

Within the natural hair movement, unfortunately there is this hierarchy where more silky tresses are put on a pedestal. Often times, the goal is to achieve this “perfect curl” and if isn’t achieved the result is often disappointment.

London based company, LAMBB interrogated the idea that some products or hairstyles just don’t work for kinkier hair types in their documentary Texture Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community. By documenting the results of women with different hair types; they discovered that the products and styles did in fact work; the curls achieved were just different.

The documentary highlights women with 4C hair who are in most cases neglected from the mainstream. The women discuss the politics of black hair, and unpack what good hair is and how to achieve it.

Javonna Williams, reviewer of the documentary says, “I enjoyed this documentary so much! Healthy hair is good hair. People tend to forget this. We have some beautiful hair in all textures and colors of skin!”

LAMBB Co-founder, Naomi Grant says “We are slightly shifting from the stagnated ideology of what beauty is. However the shift has only been marginal and it is still rare to see a dark skinned woman with 4C hair centralized in a discussion on natural hair.”

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