Simple Itchy Scalp Hair Spray Remedy

Simple Itchy Scalp Hair Spray Remedy

Want to get rid of the itchies when you are wearing braided styles and twists? Here’s a simple recipe.

Here’s what I have been using:

  • Spray bottle
  • Filtered Water – (for moisture)
  • 100% Lemon Juice (for removing product buildup and scalp exfoliation)
  • Rosemary Oil – (improves circulation and soothing to the scalp)
  • Aloe Vera – (anti inflammatory and moisturizing properties)
  • Sweet Almond Oil (a light oil for sealing moisture)

I fill my spray bottle to the point where it is just about full with filtered water. Then I add in lemon juice, but just a splash. I add in a couple of drops of rosemary oil, sweet almond oil, and one squeeze of my Trader Joe’s Aloe Vera Gel into the spray. The spray mixture is shaken up and then stored in the fridge.

Being that a preservative is not being used it is important to store in your fridge as any product with water in it creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. (See: Keeping Your DIY Products Safe) I use mine just about every day so it ends up lasting me for a week or so.

This has also been great for my hubby’s dreadlocks that he starting. The lemon juice is great at keeping buildup in check and the mixture overall is an effective anti itchy scalp solution.

I love it because aside from keeping the itchies away, it also serves the purpose of keeping my hair moisturized while wearing my braided protective styles. Although your hair is being protected from manipulation while protective styling, you still need to moisturize to prevent breakage and grow your hair.

Where to get the ingredients

Lemon juice – you can add a dash a fresh squeezed juice from a lemon to the mix or 100% lemon juice from concentrate which is commonly found in your kitchen.

Rosemary Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera gel – You can find all this stuff at your local Walgreen’s or Walmart, if all else fails you can just order online.

Filtered water – You can use distilled or spring water you buy from the store, or if you have a Brita Filter you can use this water as well.

Spray bottle – I got my little mini travel sized spray bottle from Dollar Tree.

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