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  1. Thanks for these wonderful tips, all adding to my learning. I am on a hair journey. I want healthy hair. Thanks

  2. Thank you for the tips on not washing your hair so much, most important is to condition and oil. It was too hard for Youtube Tutorial to explain the real truth about African American Black hair.

    1. I’ve seen many tutorials on Black Natural hair on Youtube. They have been really helpful when trying to understand my 3 yr. Old daughters hair. Since watching, her hairhas become more managable, it has grown significantly, and she now loves to wear it down. The tutorials have also worked for me seeing that my hair is permed. So i believe that Youtube is a pretty good start for getting advise on natural hair. This site has also given me a few pointers.


  3. When anyone says African American hair i hope you realise it’s basically black hair for example i wouldn’t go around saying black British hair.

  4. Thank you, I’m in the process of going all natural with my hair. My hair is naturally curly and I have damaged it by using perms to keep my hair straight. Now I have started cutting away the perm conditioning my hair daily and using coconut oil to strengthen my hair. Thanks for the great tips also I have file them in my email..

  5. I would like to know why my hair is breaking but I keep it oiled. I also give it a good conditioning with protein. Is it true that I can use hair gress to keep it oiled.

  6. I have been attempting to go natural now for the past 4 mths. My hair is constantlt drybut it has gotten thicker but it just wont grow. Help
    Really really am this close to perming it again

  7. I click on to YouTube practically everyday to learn the in’s & out’s of transitioning to natural from relaxed.
    I noticed my hair (transing 1+yrs, no chop just dusting) gets dry quicker and I am learning how to “correctly” moisturize my hair.
    My big concern is styling my hair now that the weather is about to break (can’t hide under the hats). I check Utube for styles but they all seem to be the same styles nothing original.
    I would like to experiment with the Curlformers but the price seems a lil steep (may need more than 1 pack). Any nice styles that I won’t need to have a beauty school diploma to achieve?

    1. If you check out naptural85 on youtube , she does product reviews on new products. She found a inexpensive version of curlformers and they created a better curl for her hair.

    1. Is Ur Hair Breaking Off? Like She Discussed In Da Blog U Have To Have A Proper Protein And Moisture Balance, U Have To Keep A Clean Scalp And Deep Condition Weekly/BiWeekly. Our Hair Loves Moisture, Protein And Low Manipulation. So Keep Ur Hands Out Ur Head Discover A Regimen That Works For U! U Have To Make Time And Have Patience, And Love It And It Will Grow. I Have 4C Hair And I Just Got To Tha Point Where My Hair Has Stop Breaking. Also Type 4 Hair Loves Heat, Not Direct Heat Bt More Steam. . .Try Deep Conditioning Under A Hair Dryer With A Plastic Cap! These Things Worked For Me Many Should Try!

  8. Thank you! This blog is so true. Ive expirienced breakage over the past two months, my edges have broken off and my hair is thinner in the back. Before this I had grew my hair out to its longer length. I was bantu knotting my hair applying conditioners and shea butter to my hair. And moisturizing your hair does help.growth. Leave the heat alone, it only dries out you hair and damages it. ive started this moisturizing process all over again.

  9. i really like this page and i want to find out more information on how you can keep your hair natural after its been relaxed and what products should i use if i am in South africa for natural hair growth.

  10. 4Years ago i lost my 13year old son that same year my girls father came home from prison i let them stay with him for the summer he let someone put a relaxer in my now 11Year hair last year i tried it again when i retouched it it just fell out she went from shoulder length hair to a mini afro what can i do to get her hair back does twist help?

  11. I love this site as well as others that embrace African American hair, being that I’m 29 years old and just realizing how beautiful my natural hair is. I’m currently in the beginning stages of transitioning from relax to natural….it’s not easy, but the more I research the easier it becomes.

  12. I’m transitioning from relaxed to natural. My last perm was in February, 2014. My stylist told me I have 2 ins of perm left. It has not been easy, we were blow drying and flat ironing, it was too much heat, I’m getting flexi rods, which last for 3 weeks, in bwt visits to the salon, my hair was very dry and itchy scalp, tried a lot of products, still dry and dull. Any suggestions out there?

  13. Hi,
    I havent had a perm in weeks and my hair is really damaged, short, and breaking off. I am thinking about going natural but I don’t know where to start. I am washing my hair today, and after being washed and conditioned, what should I do as a semi-weekly routine? I have leave in conditioner but should i still blow dry my hair?

    1. hi i see noone has replied to your comment so i thought id give u my advice and what ive learned on my natural journey.. 🙂 if you are serious about going natural your results will be amazing you just have to be patient and stick to a healthy regime. i personally would stay away from heat as u say your hair is damaged last thing you want to do is further damage your hair. just allow your hair to airdry after washing and as for products only use natural products no sulphates/parabens etc.. (google this) shea moisture have a great line but you can search online and find out whats available if you are unsure. after washing you should try the LOC method.. its basicaly stands for liquid (water) oil (i use jasmine oil) and then a cream to seal! i use my curl enhansing smoothie from shea moisture but you can choose what you pref im just giving you an idea, i know its confusing when you first start your journey. if you apply your products in this order u will find that your hair will retain moisture longer therefore prevent dryness which can lead to breakage.. when you find some natural hair products you want to try use them in that order n see how your hair feels. when washing your hair use a protein treatment once a month this will strengthen your hair its important as you say you have damaged hair because chemicals strip the hair of protein so youll want to add this back. always follow up with a deep condioner and deep condition weekly this will add moisture and helps manage your hair too espescially with tangles etc. i deep condition every ten days when i wash my hair and protein treat my hair once a month. i detangle my hair when wet carefully using a wide tooth comb or my fingers… after every wash i apply my products to my damp hair using the LOC method as i mentioned above.. and simply air dry.. after my hair is dry i then put it in a bun which i wear throught each day until wash day then i repeat the same regime! btw i chose to wear a bun but there are other protective styles you may prefer you should google this there are tons.. protective styling is good because your hair isnt exposed as much to daily wear and tear and as your hair needs tlc right now the less you do the better.. my hair was severly damaged from chemicals and it broke off inches. now a year later my hair is bouncey much healthier and has grown loads. its really rubish at first cause you will want to see results and believe me wearing your hair up and tucked away all the time gets frustrating but it is worth it! and the year had flown by. i love my hair now its bouncy and i wear it out more now as it looks alot better and is much healthier. i always keep my wash regime though and stick to natural products and i am continuing to have healthy hair. i hope ive helped you a little 🙂 and i apologize that this is long. all the best on your journey x

  14. Hello,

    I have hair that stops midway between my shoulder and elbow but in the front it won’t grow. I haven’t had my hair cut for about four or five months and that was up to my shoulder since it broke off from chlorine from my pool. It keeps growing in the back but it also comes out a bunch. My suite mates tell me we could start a wig business from it. Im not sure what I can do about it since my hair is not like most black women’s. It doesn’t curl on its own or with heat after a while and it looks like a lions mane but I want it to grow and curl without harming it…

  15. Heya,
    I have been reading and really going into what I should do to my hair but I have a slight delimma my hair is one texture but it grows at diferent rates! Um, the back is sooo short while the middle and front are slightly longer. I’mat whits end and I really need some advise. Idk what I should do to stimulate growth I do, do protective hairstyling, oiling, and moisturizing and I’ve been doing so for more than a month but my hair is still the same length. Idkkkk, and I really do not want to cut my hair if the rate of growth is this slow :'( I really want to grow back my hair am I doing somethign wrong???

    1. Hey there loves allot I’ve had the same problem except what everyone was advising me to do before I TRANSITIONED was to cut it all off. I refused to do it however…I manned up and decided to try every alternative method. I had to start paying special attention to the back of my hair and baby it (so to speak) I made it a habit of moisturizing my hair and using growth treatment (doctor miracle helped). I did have to trim a little of the back but I didn’t shave my head or anything. It turns out that my hair was really damaged and it just needed some TLC for it to start keeping up with the front. Only problem I had after was the different lengths which could be resolved by trimming the front once you have a acceptable amount of length in your desired areas. Its also very important that if you sleep with your hair out you wear a satin cap and use a satin pillowcase to reduce breakage and retain moisture so your new growths don’t shrivel and die.

  16. I too am having issues growing my natural hair. I have been on my natural hair journey for about a year and half now and I really haven’t seen much change in the growth or manageability of my hair. I don’t use heat on it, except when I decide to blow dry it the odd time, and most of those cases I don’t fully dry my hair because it becomes WAYYY too dry and hard to manage. I have tried protein balancing shampoos and conditioners plus the implementation of a laundry list of oils-coconut, olive and Jamaican castor are just to name a few. NOTHING seems to work! I just wanna give up and shave it all off LOL. Its just become soo thicke and hard to manage- seems to be thicker and more coil-y than I remember it being as a kid (btw, I’ve have my hair relaxed since I was about 6/7 years old). At the starting of my natural hair journey I was completely against cutting off the permed ends, but finally about 6 months ago I did the big chop and to be honest, I haven’t seen much growth. The only real difference I have seen is an improvement in the look of my hair line and edges. Oh, and I’ve been wearing wigs A LOT because I feel like I can’t do any other styles that I feel comfortable rocking with this short length. Twist outs just don’t seem to suit me…maybe I’m doing them wrong?
    PLEASE, someone help me or suggest some kind of product I can try to promote growth. I’ve also tried those supplemental biotin tablets, which honestly probably didn’t work because I gave up on taking them. But at this point I’m opened to trying anything because I’ve just about given up and leaning towards relaxing it again, which I REALLY REALLY don’t want to do.

    1. Biotin tablets are not worth it, you are better off just eating a healthy diet and taking a women’s multivitamin if you feel you need it. It’s more so about the way you treat and care for your hair that will determine how much lenghth you will retain. Also keep in mind you may have a ton of shrinkage, which will make it appear that your hair isn’t that long. Check out this page for more info:

  17. Good information! However, I do think Biotin is an awesome supplement. I take it everyday. I also think the Big Chop is a huge myth and not always necessary. I simply stopped using relaxers and got my hair trimmed regularly. Not my hair is totally natural.

    My choice was to work with a good hair stylist who embraced no-relaxing hair styling. It makes a huge difference. Stay away from stylists who claim you “need a perm” or other such nonsense.

    Right now I’m wearing braid extensions. However, I am removing them in a couple weeks (beach season is about over for me) and return to bi-weekly wash/flat iron appointments. (By the way, I barely TOUCH my hair in between these appointments. So I agree that low maintenance, low manipulation makes BIG difference).

    I also have another stylist on deck who specializes in no-heat styling who I would like to try at some point.

    I also totally agree that natural hair really grows faster and stronger. My hair stylists are all but shocked at how long my hair has gotten. Who knew??


  18. I am transitioning. I think the texture of my relaxed ends have changed and I do not know what to do. My relaxed ends were smooth, for the most part, and straight. I decided to get Marley twists and I kept them in for a month. After I took them out, my hair felt a little different. I washed it and it was matted and just a mess. Ever since then my relaxed ends have mocked the texture of the Marley twists and they stay dry and won’t take any moisture. It just sits on top of your hair.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about this because ultimately you will be cutting your relaxed ends off. Your ends are going to experience some degree damage which ultimately is going to be unavoidable. If you are not regularly trimming, your relaxed ends tend to remove themselves and break off themselves. The point where your natural roots and relaxed ends meet are a weak point.

    2. Hi I am trasitioning and I am starting to have knots between the natural and permed hair. What should I do . Also, my hair is breaking off please help.

  19. I’ve been natural for more than 7 years, but I have bad retention. I dyed my hair once 6 months ago and the roots are about an inch and a half, but I swear my hair is only slightly longer than when I dyed it. I take Hairfinity vitamins and 1000mg of MSM every night and use Jamaican castor oil dressing (with beeswax, no petroleum products) about once a week or so… it’s too greasy to use daily.

    It’s impossible to get black haircare products or find professional black hairstylists where I live (in Taiwan) and most companies won’t ship their products here.

    Anyway, I don’t know what to do to get my hair to grow and to be thick.

    1. Hi there,

      I would consider peotective styles i.e. Twists, braids, crochet, wigs. Try to stay away from the hair dye, sometimes it chances your texture and it can really dry your hair.

      Also, the climate where you are located could be a factor. So look that up as well, weather can play a major roll when it comes to our hair. Make sure your diet is correct. Eating healthy and just having a healthier way of life not only aids in having healthier hair, but it is a better way of life.

      Exercise , exercise, exercise!!!!! Make sure your body moving. You have to keep the blood circulating.

      Remember, a healthy mind, leads to a healthy body, which results in healthy hair.

      1. Braids and twists tend to rip my hair out and make it even thinner.

        It is very humid here and almost never gets below 50°F which has been very good for my skin so presumably also good for my hair.

        I will try to be more active. I lost over 60 lbs two years ago and I hope to eventually lose 100 more to get to my ideal weight.

  20. It seems like wrapping my hair every night has damaged my edges, but at the same time, wearing it out drys it out. Suggestions?

    1. Are you pulling your hair back super tight into a ponytail? Or tightly wrapping the scarf around? If you are applying too much tension, it can thin out your edges. You want it to be secure if you are going for a sleek style, but avoid doing it overly tight.

  21. I started transitioning to natural in September 2913, did the big chop to an inch in February 2014, kept protective styles until June 2015. Dyed my hair in September 2015.. How often should I trim my hair. I think I have trimmed my hair throughout that timeframe maybe 3x’s. I can say that my hair retains moisturize, however, I think the growing has slowed down. Would this be because of the dying or the lack of trimming, or a combination. I was weekly and deep condition after the wash. I do the LOC method. I do not use a comb, just the denman brush on wash day only.. I flat twist and air dry. I do re-twist nightly.. (The size of the twists are much bigger than wash day. Maybe five). What can I do to start the growth back.. I know it’s growing out, as I see about 1in of new growth since it was dyed.

    Am I being to anxious??

    1. Growth takes time. On average we grow 1/2 inch per month. As for trimming, it varies depending on your hair care for instance someone who heat styles and dyes their hair more frequently most likely will have to trim more often. However, I would say every three to four months you should trim. However, if your hair is badly damaged at the present time, you should have a professional trim off the damage right away to prevent the splits from traveling up your hair shaft. Here is a good post to check out:


  23. I was born with very thick and long hair and all my life people always admired my hair.Recently in last 5 years I was diagnosed with MS and also had to get my thyroid removed and since than my hair started falling a lot.
    Lately I notice that it feels like my hair does not have any life in them,they are weight less,dull and brittle.
    Please suggest a remedy to make them strong,shinny,long and thick again.

    1. You may be in need of trim. I would go to a trusted stylist if I were you just to be sure. Also, if your hair feels dull and brittle then you may just need to step up your deep conditioning routine and moisturize your hair daily or at least every other day. I deep condition my hair once a week for 30 minutes underneath a heating cap (or you can use a hooded dryer). And I moisturize my hair usually every day but sometimes every other day. I like to follow the LOC method and I always seal with shea butter because it’s a very heavy oil that I think is better at sealing for my Type 4 hair. I hope this helps.

  24. I have thick, coarse hair, (4c type). I had long pretty hair as a little girl. My mom washed, conditioned, pressed my hair about every 2 weeks, hair always remained in good shape and only seemed to get longer as I grew, well until about the 5th/6th grade. All my friends were either mixed or white, all with straight hair most of the time when they flat ironed it, so I attempted to do the same to mine, trying to flat iron my hair concistently and only ended up damaging my hair & breaking it off, up to my chin. I then started wearing braids,
    (Individuals), about an inch in size not small ones that would only pull my hair out. New Grewth was always abundant when I had my braids in so of course I thought my hair was growing, after about a year of braids, I finally went to a salon for a wash/press & trim. I was disappointed to see that my hair, although it was trimmed, hadn’t been much longer than it was before I got braids. After about two months of a break from braids,, still no growth, so I got them back, (this is around my freshman year in September) I took my braids out in December for a press once again and my hair was quite healthy, and began to grow well weeks after my press at the salon, but stopped, and proceeded to break off again. The same thing happened all through out high school. I’m a senior now and have just came out of braids, ;it’s been 4 months) and my hair is shorter than what it was before I got them, even with all the new growth I had. I’m aware that moisturizing my hair when I have braids is essential, and refraining from getting small small ones that will pull on my hair as well but nothing is working. I was moisturizing, refraining from pulling on my hair & had a protective style! What is it that I have to do for my hair to get longer? I don’t know what else to do. I look everywhere on other websites about Black hair saying to wear protective hair styles and moisturize and to leave hair alone and I’ve done all that and still nothing? Where should I go from here for longer hair?

    1. Well Ashley , while braids can be a protective style they also break your hair off at the same time so , as you can see it really didn’t do anything for you but make your hair journey worse. Personally , I prefer to not get my hair straightened and I don’t tamper with it as much. Hair growth also depends on the season and your routine , during the winter is the time that you should be doing protective styles and moisturizing the most while in the summer time you may want to try washing every 2-3 weeks and moisturizing a tad bit less than winter.

    2. Hi! did you say you kept those braids in for 4 months! that’s a big red flag to Mr as a hair stylist! you should never keep in a style for that long, it’s causes more damage than good. 2 months is the max I would keep any protective styling in because your hair needs to be properly washed, conditioned and moisturized, and having braids for a long time prohibits that. Also keeping a style for that long promotes breakage since it’s tension on your hair strands for a very long time. I would advise biotin for you, castor oil, and coconut oil! Goodluck

  25. Hi I’ve thought about going natural for quite some time. But about 2 months ago I was in a really bad car accident and ended up having a big scar on my face. From my eyebrow to the back of my head, I’m scared going natural won’t cover my scar like relaxed hair will. Also I don’t want to chop off all my hair like my friends I’ve thought about just transitioning but I wonder how long it will take? Please help me!

    1. I think transitioning would be a great idea because your still covering your scar. I’ve been transition for 11 months and my natural hair is more than 5 inches long . so the answer is no you dont have to cut your hair and it dont take long to grow. But then it mostly depend on how your hair grow usually. But i hope that helped out.

      1. Hi there. I went natural in 2009 and have no intentions of ever returning to chemically treated hair. My hair has always been long, and trying to transition without chopping it off was a challenge. Almost a year into the transition I discovered Wen Hair Care Products. Had I known about Wen from the beginning my life would have been so much simpler. Not only did it make my hair so much easier to manage, but it returned it to it’s natural curly state. I can blow it out and give it the appearance of having a perm. (I do realize everyone does not have the same hair type). However, Wen offers products for all hair types. And although some think it is a little pricey, I think it is worth it when you consider how many products it will replace in your hair care regiment. (A 3 month supply is actually cheaper than one salon visit to get a perm). It’s an all natural cleansing conditioner that replaces the harsh and damaging effects of shampoo. My scalp and hair look and feel so much better from not perming and I recommend Wen to everyone I know. I’ve even given it to people to try and they too love it. So Kambi, don’t feel trapped by the perm. Give it a rest and try Wen. If you find you don’t like it (which I seriously doubt) you can always return to the chemicals. Good luck sis.

  26. Hello,
    well I have short hair, not all that short. Like if I was straighten it would come to the middle of my neck. I wanted to style my hair but a lot of the styles that I like, such as curling, can be done on longer hair like shoulder length and beyond. I wanted to do styles for my hair, that was not braided. I wanted to curl my hair, but I’m not sure how to or what to do.

  27. Hi. I wore a sew-in weave with a net for last 3 months of my pregnancy. When I finally took it out in October of 2014 the net was no longer secured around the edges and back. It had been six months since I had a perm before then, and I didn’t know what to do with relaxed/natural hair. It was matted and nappy that I was afraid to take anything through it so I had someone relax it for me. And for a few months everything was alright but then I would touch the back of my hair like a week after a relaxer and it would already be coiled up. That’s when I noticed that it was not growing. So I decided to cut my on top to make it look partially intentional. I started applying more heat to my hair to keep the cut styled and occasionally I’d TRY to go after the back with it. I think my hair was suffering from heat damage and needing to be relaxed so often to hide the naps. So finally in October 2015 I decided to chop most of it off. (I have a bald spot that prevents me from going too close to my scalp) I think I still have a few relaxed pieces in the center that need to be cut but the center seems to be the only spot on my hair growing (at least in length). I’m not really sure what to do about the back. Only recently have I been able to braid it and think that’s because it’s so curly. Should I continue braiding these baby naps into unimpressive braids or opt out for braids with extensions or maybe even cut it down again to where I started 4 months ago?

    1. try some low maintenance protective styling to give your hair a break. it seems that you’ve been manipulating your hair too frequently and it is experiencing breakage and slow growth. Try crochet braids, for a couple of months and use Jamaican black castor oil to stimulate growth and make sure you are conditioning and moisturizing your hair. Goodluck!

  28. Hey, I cut my hair this January because I could not deal with all the breakages and no front hair. I recently have no hair products that I use for hair but I intend to change this soon. I want to grow my hair kinky and from what I have been seeing since this would require good hair products. I live with my parents cause I am still in school and my mum gives very little thought to my hair. So getting her to buy my hair products would be a struggle especially if they are expensive so please can you give me cheap but good hair products she would willingly get. Also my hair falls off every time I comb it, please help.

  29. Hi, well since money is the problem I would say to go towards household ingredients. Do you havever any shampoo and conditioner you can use. you can make a hair mask for your hair very couple of weeks or every week considering how damaged your hair is, which can be made with mayonaise, eggs, and honey, or no honey or olive oil. Some good leave in Conditioners can be coconut oil and Shea Butter which has many other uses that just for hair so maybe your mother would be open to it. However, you should also try saving up money somehow to bring buying other products, Shea moisture has great products for natural hair and helping out with breakage.

  30. hello,
    I wanted to grow my hair because I am oiling and moisturizing but am seeing no results. My older sister and my mother have been using Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner as well at the Shea Moisture Growth Milk and their hair has, in fact, grown and quite a bit. They don’t even use oil or any type of moisturizer! I use the Cantu for natural hair shampoo and conditioner, I am not saying I don’t see any results, my hair has grown but it also shrinks back so i was wondering should I just use the same shampoo that they are using or continue with the one that I am already using? Are there any products that you can recommend me to use as well?I guess one could say I am impatient but I just want my hair to grow. My hair has grown in the past and quite a bit but it always shrank back! And now I am pretty much as wits end.

  31. Hello I’m type 4c and i have tried all the regimen i’ve watched on you tube, blogs I’ve followed, regimen after regimen. I once fell into the style of each different 4c chick I listened to i would change the products in order to achieve the look or try to regrow my hair, that was chemically and stressfully damaged. I kid you not I have not less than 5 different set of products (Dark & lovely Au Natural, Soft Sheen Carson-AMLA Ledgend, African Pride, Organic Root Stimulator, Cream of Nature, Herbal Essence currently using L’oreal Thickening Volume) Creamy Shea Butter mix Followed the DIY on you tube.
    My hair is still shedding, brittle . when I finger comb or use a very wide tooth come I see the same results so much small balls of hair lying on the ground. I see some volume/thickness in some areas but not much length. what should I do or not do.

      1. I just wanna say I am so proud of how we all try to help one another on this natural hair journey because as u know we have to learn because I started taking care if my own hair when I had a perm and I knew no other way. I must say I am enjoying my natural hair

  32. Hey fellow naturals!
    I have been natural since Feb 2016. I big chopped and my twa is flourishing at 3 inches already. I was wondering if I should trim my hair at this point to help it grow or should I let it grow longer before getting my first trim?

    1. You can let it grow longer. Usually you get a lot of knots and tangles that ultimately cause split ends when your hair is longer. At this length it shouldn’t be a big concern and if your hair is healthy it’s not necessary.

  33. Hi guys, I’m transitioning from relaxed to natural, and so I’ve been watching YouTube videos on tips to make it a manageable journey. I’m currently 4 months and 3days post (last relax on 24th April 2016, today is 27th August 2016). One of the tips I learnt was that it’ll be good to have a transitioning buddy so you can motivate each other. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone, so I was wondering if anyone was willing to be my transitioning buddy? Please reply if yes! 🙂

    1. Hello Destiny, My name is Yolanda. I just started. I mean literally just started. I never wanted to go natural because I work out quite a bit and I have to wash my hair after each workout or I’m left with a hot mess. I’m assuming I’m going through some life changes (hormones) because my normal easy going thick hair seems to be shedding like crazy. My hair has always been one of my best assets. Always made me feel good because it’s always been manageable. I’m thinking after almost 30 years of chemicals the universe is saying time to let it go. I can’t say I’m going willingly but I’m going. I have family who have gone natural and they are NOT poster kids for the process. They seem to think natural means “I no longer have to take care of my hair” #hotmess. So I’ve been running from it. I decided just this week that their journey is not my journey so I have to forge my own way. It may end up being a little different from others but that is how life is. I would love to have a transitioning buddy who doesn’t have clue who I am so you “hopefully” won’t be too judgmental as I take this journey possibly kicking and screaming. Just keeping it real. 🙂

    2. Hi destiny ! I actually am transitioning too and my last relax was 22nd march 2016 . I wouldn’t mind a transitioning buddy too cuz I think I’m going about this whole natural hair care thing all wrong ! Your swift response would be nice ?

  34. I have a question how can I retain LENGTH,and keep me and my 9yrs hair moist. Im not sure what are hair types are I just no we hair very tiny tight curls. And are hair suck up everything that I use in it to keep it moisture. And the SHREKAGE is real. My daughter Cry’s when she gets her hair done.And I just had a baby AWEEK and three days ago. To a baby girl. And was told my hair has changed . With this pregnancy it more thicker and it starting to break. How can I stop the breakage as well and suggestions on what to use in my new borns head when she gets a little older.

  35. my hair broke off 2 years ago and I’ve tried everything to grow it back! Any suggestions? I would definitely appreciate it.

  36. Is there any way I can get rid of my kinky hair and make it wavy or curly I hate my nature I can not deal with it anymore

    1. I am sorry you feel that way :-(. Kinky hair is beautiful, you just have to learn how to make it more moisturized and manageable. Here are some tips:

      Use a water based moisturizer or leave in conditioner
      Use a butter or cream to seal the moisture in and prevent moisture loss
      Deep condition as often as possible
      Keep the products that you use a natural as you can to avoid products with drying ingredients
      Do set styles like (twist outs, rollers sets) or protectively style your hair (twists, braids, buns) This will help with manageability

      I hope this helps! Blessings on your journey, hang in there.

  37. Hello.
    I am transitioning at the moment. Been on that for some months now and I will like to eventually cut my hair before the end of the year.
    I have thin edges due to braids and all that. What products will you recommend I use to grow out my edges before I do the Big chop… Thank you.

  38. I have 3c, 4a hair. I use Carrot Oil to keep it moisturized and coconut oil, but sometimes I notice it gets dry when I’m not using the carrot oil. My hair seems to manage a little better when I lightly blow dry my hair, however when I let my hair dry natural my ends seem to get tangled or knotted and dry. I love my texture I just want it to grow and stay healthy, I’m noticing breaking at the nape of my neck. Sorry my message is all over the place, I’m super excited to get my hair on track.

    1. Make sure you are using water or a water based product to moisturize. Oils do not moisturize they seal in moisture. After you have used water or a water based product, follow up with the oil to prevent moisture loss. If you noticed breakage avoid too much tension (too tight ponytails, braids, twist etc.) and give this area extra moisture.

  39. I did the big chop 6 years ago and am now allowing full growth. My greatest concern is my edges, they’ve always been thin.

    What do I do?

    1. I use dead Sea mask that I use on my face on my edges too. I recently see little hairs growing. I thought my shafts wereally dead but it’s there they just needed a little help. Then I used her other products too, completely organic. Love love love having my edges back

  40. I’ve recently had surgery due to a broken ankle, so I had put box braided in the month before and then when I took them down a month and a half later, I came to find out that my hair has falling out and now I have two bald spots in my head. What would someone recommend for me to get my hair back healthy i was thinking of just big chopping it and calling it a day.. Need Help

    1. Hi ☉ Jamaican black castor oil made my hair grow quickly; it’s a heavier oil, but I’ve found it worked fast. Use with daily scalp massage.

      1. i have been massaging my and hair mayonnaisse works wonders since it is a great source of vitamin b and it enhances, accelerates and promotes hair growth. Conditioners are great for moisturizing and a leave inconditioner is especially great to lock moisture imto your hair.

    2. Organic Root Stimulator does wonders, also order some B12 methylcobalamin, it enhances hair growth as well, just watch your dosage, taking too much can cause pimples.

    3. purchase a good massage oil and grease like sulfur 8 of bronner brothers. hair foods likr bergamots to mix with sulfur 8 hair vitamins are a great source of vitamins, nutrients, and other supplements to grow hair within bald spots. drink plenty of water and eat foods high in folic acids and green leafy vegetables that are high in protein since hair is made up of protein.

  41. I recommend taking a hair, nail skin vitamins
    To start the reason is I’ve lost my edges from
    Being stress with depression I just did the big chop this month but I take vitamins called shedavi hair
    Vitamin I’ve noticed some regrowth that with in 28 days
    Of taking the vitamins trust and believe it been an
    Journey losing my edges so I stop using flat iron
    No blows drying I purchased a wig which is human hair but I do not ware it every day to cause more shedding or hair loss no relaxers nothing just get well-balanced meals drink plenty of water it help me hope this help some

  42. I have very thin hair and it’s also short and it’s very damaged, I’m not sure where to start to get my hair thicker and more healthy. I was hoping someone could help.

    1. I have thin hair too. I have come to find out that a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Take care of your scalp and drink lots of water, cause you have to take care of the inside as well. I have been using Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Natural hair and scalp balm, Its the!

  43. I have been doing once-a-month treatments with Olaplex followed by steaming for two months now. My hair sheds less and is getting thicker.

  44. I need help on know what to use on my hair to make it grow and what I can use to wash it so it does not get dirty fast. I usually have to wash my hair once a week because it I don’t it seems like dirt is piled up in my hair. Another issue that I have is that when I get my hair blown out it does not last. It does not matter rather I sweat or not or if its cold or hot outside. After about 15-20 mins my hair is reverting back to curly is there anything I can do. All comments and tips are welcome.

  45. I have been natural for maybe 2 years now and my hair has barely grown. I recently trimmed my hair hoping and praying that it will help with growth. Will it? Why hasn’t my hair grown in freaking forever??

    1. Outside of trimming what hair regimen you are doing to maintain your tresses? How often are u washing and keeping your hair moisturized?

      1. I don’t actually use a hair regimen. I wash my hair maybe two-three weeks. I cut it this summer; I cut it all the way down to where I had, maybe, a half an inch on my head and I would like to say that I have seen much growth since then. People have been telling me that my hair is growing quickly as well. I just keep my hair in protective styles, take it down, wash it, and either wear it out for a few days or do another protective style.

  46. I have type 4c hair I have been growing it for 18mths and I barely see any growth recently it started falling out it gets dry so often n trashy what can I do to repair it

    1. Wet hair daily. Add conditioner or cowash. Use shampoo weekly or as often as needed. Apply vegetable glycerin. Twist out or plait. Or plait the bottom for straighter roots and twist the ends. It’s a myth black people can’t wash their hair often. Wrap or let air dry. Micro clip straggler ends monthly at first (cause we hate to see a lot of hair on the floor). Then every 2 months. At some point you’ll start to be aware of exactly what your hair needs and when. You’ll be able to make your own products. Organic and natural only.

  47. I have a 20 mo little girl I have type 2a curls and she has 3c I’m at a lost on how to keep her hair moisturizerzed without it being greasy. I hate the blue magic coconut grease because it doesn’t stay it just looks dirty for a day then her hair drys up I don’t want so much damage so young. Any advice

    1. hello beautiful, please do not look for quick results, patience is key!
      i learnt that the hard way!…. take your time,do the right things , avoid the wrongs and try to stop monitoring her…she’ll bloom again

  48. I tried to trim my hair by taking of the flowering ends well I was wondering yes after the trim are their certain scissors to use. I just bought a pair of scissors and used them. Is this more damaging?

  49. Hi,I need help with maintaining my so coarse stubborn natural hair which is type 4c.They keep breaking though I try to keep them moist by all means.

  50. I’m natural as well but my hair super dry and thin want to buy this product but I’m sick buying products it doesn’t work

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