7 Things You Should Do to Regrow a Bald Spot Fast

For those who have encountered a bald spot, you know the feeling is not pleasant. Your emotions may range from shock to frustration, but before you lose it, here’s what you need to do to recover:

 Take action right away

Under no circumstances should you ever ignore this. Seeing a bald spot is your hair’s cry for help. Left untreated things can get really bad and damage may be permanent.

You may need to take a trip to the doctor

Do you know what caused the bald spot? If you have absolutely no idea where this spot came from, please go to the doctor and have them evaluate. If it is related to a condition the earlier that you get treatment, the more likely your odds are to have a more effective experience before things get out of control.

Determine the cause and ditch the bad habit

If you know for certain that the bald spot came from too much strain on your hair from something like too tight braids or you have mild chemical damage stop the damage in its tracks by stopping the cause.

Keep the manipulation of this area low

Don’t keep picking at the spot, try your best to let it rest and leave it alone.

Stay away from heat and chemicals

Both heat and chemicals take a toll on your hair, it’s best that you avoid them so that your damage doesn’t get worse.

Treat this area often

When you moisturize your hair make sure this area gets tons of nourishment.

Realize it’s going to take some time

It may take couple of months or even a few before you see a drastic difference. Our hair only grows 1/2 inch per month on average, so be patient.

Klassy Kinks shares her experience with bald spot drama and what she did to regrow hers back in 3 months.

Have you ever experienced this? What did you do treat it?

3 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Do to Regrow a Bald Spot Fast

  1. I had at least five bald patches on my head after bad hair care practices i.e relaxing it right after taking out a weave that had a bunch of glued in tracks. (The things I used to do to my poor scalp!) It was pretty bad. I was in denial for a month and just covered it with clip in extensions, which shockingly didn’t help. Then I FINALLY came to terms with it. I got really proactive about moisturizing. I made my own scalp oil which had powdered sulfur, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and burdock root oil (I heard burdock is good for soothing tramatized tissue) I used this oil (which stank so much oh my word) and it really really helped. Every now and again I get bald spots….I think it’s stress related. And I go back to moisturizing my scalp and it does wonders.

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