Reader Question: Should I Big Chop Now?

big chop

Hi my name is Yolanda. I have been transitioning for 10 months.  I am at the point where I want to BC. I think I have a lot of breakage and damage due to Havana twist that tried to lock up. Would it be smart to cut it down to my natural hair to give my hair a chance to grow properly? And what’s the best way to teach myself how to braid and make my twist tighter?

If you are ready to do the big chop my answer would be go for it! In my experience, when you have a fresh healthy start your hair will look and feel better. This will also reduce the tangling that you may have. When you have a bad split end situation, things can get pretty tangled fairly easily. When my hair had really bad breakage cutting it was the best thing that I did. I had terrible breakage in the center portion of my hair because I did not twist my hair or pineapple it at night. As a result this area of my hair suffered from matting and broke off shorter than the rest of my hair.

As for learning how to braid and twist your hair that skill will come with time and practice. Plus there are a plethora of YouTube videos to guide you. The video below is helpful for you to learn how to twist, and you can in turn use this same video as a guide for box braids with your own hair. I personally love twists because I find them easier to do and more importantly they are the easiest to remove.

I hope this has helped you to make the best decision for your natural journey Yolanda!

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2 thoughts on “Reader Question: Should I Big Chop Now?

  1. Hey there my name is Awout. So if have not transitioned yet but I am going to. I’am not sure which styles to wear since my hair will probably be 1 cm long.

  2. That’s if you’re ready for the big chop, if you’re not comfortable with short hair than DON’T DO IT! Just try moisturising your hair better and doing low manipulation styles.

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