Oils that Penetrate Hair: Part II of the Newbie Guide for Hair Oils

Oils that Penetrate Hair

As we conclude our discussion of oils and how to incorporate them into your regimen I need to mention that while in general oils alone are not moisturizers, there are a few oils that will penetrate the hair shaft and soften the hair from within.

Coconut, olive and avocado oils are high in saturated fats meaning that their molecules are small enough to be absorbed. Coconut oil is the best at penetrating the hair shaft with a 50 to75 percent absorption rate. As mentioned before caution should be used when applying coconut oil as it seems people with acne prone skin tend to break out from coconut oil.

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Some people have also mentioned experiencing dryness and brittleness similar to what occurs with protein overload when using coconut oil. This could be due to the fact that coconut oil helps to reduce protein loss; therefore, I would suggest exercising caution when using coconut oil in conjunction with products containing protein or after a protein treatment. While I have not found proof that using these products together will cause a problem, I would rather be safe than sorry.

While doing research for this blog I came across information here that suggests macadamia oil and hazelnut oil have the ability to penetrate even deeper than coconut oil getting all the way down into the medulla. While as of this writing I have not found additional information supporting this, it is well worth looking into.

Don’t forget that these oils penetrate the skin just as readily as they penetrate the hair shaft so why not indulge in an all over oil treatment? Applying the oils to damp skin right out of the shower seals in moisture the same way it seals moisture into your hair.

I hope this series has helped you to weigh the pros and cons of adding oils to your without weighing down your hair or your wallet. Tell us below what you have learned from this series that will be most influential in your selection of oils.

One thought on “Oils that Penetrate Hair: Part II of the Newbie Guide for Hair Oils

  1. What I’ve learned is I may need to try macadamia oil and/or hazelnut oils. I didn’t know they had such good penetration abilities.

    I’m one of those people who has hard hair after using coconut oil. Now I just use it as a pre-poo and I’ve been loving it on my body.

    I wanted to try it on my face but, as you mentioned, I heard it can potentially clog the pores on your face, so I’ve been afraid to experiment.

    Right now I’m doing a 4-part series on coconut oil

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