Natural Hairstyles You Can Do in Less Than 20 Minutes!

One of the problems that us woman often face with natural hair is the amount of time it takes to style our hair and running out of styles to do. If you woke up this morning and had no idea what to do with your hair, because you didn’t have time or because you’re bored with the routine styles, you’re not alone. Check out the hair tutorials below! They are cute and most importantly, quick and easy to do!

Here are 3 styles that can be done in no time:

If you are feeling fancy try a quick updo

2 thoughts on “Natural Hairstyles You Can Do in Less Than 20 Minutes!

  1. Hi. I’m wearing a short fro. I would like to do something different with it. I use Eco gel which makes it curly but the build up causes me to wash it often. When I search for advice for treatment for short natural hair, it’s always longer than mine. What do you do for short hair?

  2. I’ve been natural for almost 2 years with type 4c hair, my end are rough and my hair seems like it’s the same length and not going anywhere.

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