Is Hair Growth Determined by Genetics

We all know that genetics determine our physical attributes, and hair is included in the multitude of characteristics that are predetermined. However, genetics are not to blame for short breaking hair, bad hair care practices are.

long natural hairFor women with looser curls it’s not that their genetics make their hair grow longer, it is just that they have an easier time doing so. Kinky coily hair is extremely fragile, its bends and curves make it fairly easy to break. While someone with a looser texture may not have this problem. As the author of the Natural Haven pointed out most people are genetically predisposed to grow hair that is ankle length.

“Although many people quote the hair growth phase as lasting 2-6 years, the truth is that mathematical calculations estimate that an average normal growth phase may be as long as 12-14 years (J Cosmet Sci, pp 367-378, 2003). This would correspond to around ankle length for many. It would therefore be actually more accurate to say long hair is genetic and most people are genetically disposed to grow very long hair.” (source:

All this means is that if you have a more fragile hair texture or hair that breaks easy you have to treat your hair differently than someone who has a looser curl pattern or straighter hair.

Free flowing kinky hair has the disadvantage of being susceptible to breakage. To combat this and grow longer hair protective styling is the best option because kinky hair textures thrive in low manipulation environments. The less you have to comb, style, or touch your hair there is little room for it to break off. Just look at women with kinky hair that have locs, there is no challenge with growing their locs to long lengths, and this is proof that it has the ability to grow, when in a low manipulation environment.

Having a difficult time retaining length? Then you may want to try styles like two strand twists, braids, or coils to keep your hair’s exposure to manipulation at a minimum.

What it comes down to is that our genetics do not prevent us from growing long hair, our care of it does. Blaming short breaking hair on genetics is basically an excuse.

From time to time I often complain that skinny people have a genetic advantage and they can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. The truth is though, we just cannot do everything that everyone else does. If one way is not working for us, we have to treat our bodies a different way in order to achieve what we want because we are all individuals.


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  1. A gene has been identified on DNA that predisposes some to short hair. The findings were presented at a conference and published in a science journal. The article is dated April 18, 2010.


    2. The information that I found regardin your assertion does not state that. Instead, it mentions that a specifix gene is activated during the growth period and “turned off” during the resting period. In no way is the duration o growth cycle mentioned. If 6ou can provide me with the source of your assertion, I would consider your credibility as more viable.

      This is my source; it is dated April 18, 2010:

      1. Please negate my perennially occuring errors. I have yet to master the keyboard on my cellular device.

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