How to Three Strand Twist

three strand twists

Think two strand twists are awesome? Wait until you see three strand twists. They have a beautiful corkscrew pattern and when you undo them the results are fabulous.

I found two awesome tutorials on how to recreate this look on YouTube:

In this video the fundamentals or the basics of three strand twisting are taught. Three strands of hair are distinguished by using numbers to help you to see how each strand needs to move as you twist.

Ayamejoy gives us a visual of what three strand twisting our hair is like. As she goes through each section she detangles well and moisturizes from root to tip. Then using the same fundamentals as shown in the previous video above she three strand twists her hair.

The twists look amazing on their own, but after they are taken out they look incredible. You get three times the definition you normally would with a two strand twists and it leaves you with a luscious decadent curl.  This a beautiful style that looks great on all lengths of hair.

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5 thoughts on “How to Three Strand Twist

  1. Hello! I am extremely grateful to have found this insightful website, particularly this style tutorial. I wanted to advise that the first video is not viewable but advises it is private. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about this! It’s a shame this video was made private, it gave a really good foundation for understanding how to do the three strand twists.

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