Damage Control: How to Save a Twist Out From Being a Complete Mess

Damage Control: How to Save a Twist Out From Being a Complete Mess

We’ve all been there. What we thought was going to be a dope twist out turns out to be a dud. If you start to take down your twists and can see your style isn’t turning out so hot you can take action to prevent things from going further downhill.

Here are the top 3 reasons why your twist out results suck:

  • The product you used didn’t work out for you
  • Your ends need to be trimmed (stringy ends will ruin this style)
  • Your hair didn’t dry completely

Once you see that the twist out isn’t going to be what you had hoped, unfortunately there isn’t any going back. You don’t want to make the situation any worse and hopefully the goal is to save the style; get ready to do some damage control!

#1 Avoid over fluffing and picking your hair, this will make it more frizzy.

#2 Do separate your strands a max of only 2 times and make sure you lightly oil your hands before going to work.

#3 If your hair isn’t dry and you don’t have time to wait, blow dry  your hair (ideally with a diffuser attachment for even heat distribution). Try to wait until it is thoroughly dry if at all possible.

Style savers:

  1. Try doing a quick updo bun or ponytail
  2. Tuck and roll it into a style
  3. Go with the fro and rock a more textured fluffy style
  4. Wear a headwrap or headband

3 thoughts on “Damage Control: How to Save a Twist Out From Being a Complete Mess

  1. My hair is extremely damaged due to medications. It continues to break everyday. Since the meds I’m taking are helping my condition, I’ve decided to remain on them. I will no longer perm my hair as a result and I’ve decided to go natural. I swore I would never go natural but at this point I have no choice. I’m extremely nervous and could use some encouragement.

    1. I have Lupus amongst other things that affected my health and hair. I find that there are days maybe weeks were my hair is beautiful, curly ,moisturized awh you name it .Then I have those weeks were my hair is like not !! On those days I try to remember why I started this journey! And that was for better health all around. Updos headbands scarfs won’t hurt at that time either 🙂 . So she right you can do it and when you feel like falling off just keep sticking to it !!!

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