How to Grow Your Edges Back

As soon as you notice your edges thinning out take action. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and will lead to permanent damage. If your situation is really bad have a Dermatologist evaluate your hair. If your follicles are not dead and you haven’t suffered permanent hair loss with patience and consistency you can reclaim your hairline! 

Follow these steps to grow back your edges >

Step 1: Avoid any styles that put too much tension on this area

Stop continuously slicking your hair back into that way too tight bun. Avoid braiding your edges because this is entirely too much tension if you are noticing a thinning issue. You should probably stay away from braids but if you do decide that you must do braids for whatever reason, leave this section of your hair out.

Step 2: Reduce the amount of time you come into contact and manipulate your edges

It’s important that you stick to a low manipulation routine which means: avoid combing, brush, touching or picking at this area. The more you leave it alone, the more it will flourish. If you must smooth this area out, use a good moisturizing gel and wear scarf or wave cap for at least 30 minutes or so for laid edges.

Step 3: Pamper this area with moisture and nourishment

Moisturize and oil this area regularly. Just make sure when you massage your oils you are being very gentle, remember it is important that you practice low manipulation.

Step 4: The growth of your edges is going to take time and consistency 

If you continue to avoid styles that put too much strain on your hair, reduce manipulation and nourish your edges they will grow back but it is going to take consistency. It may take a couple of months or more before you notice improvement, but it is well worth the wait.

The culprit of thinning edges is usually linked to the styles we wear and or chemical damage. Braids, braid extensions, weaves and really tight ponytails have a habit of pulling the hair and putting too much strain on the follicles. Over time if the hair is continuously being pulled out this will lead to permanent damage, so always keep an eye out for this. Relaxers or chemical treatments will also aid in weakening the hair further so if you are noticing thinning hair lay off all forms of chemical hair treatments.

52 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Edges Back

  1. Thank you for the great tips on restoring edges. I have experienced thinning edges, years before going natural, when I wore braided extensions and relaxers. I have been natural since 2009, and it was the best decision I could have made for my hair. I have a beauty blog, where I share my hair journey, favorite hair products, beauty items that I love and much more.

  2. I had some braids in my hair and because I kept the braids in a ponytail, it was constantly pulling my edges out. Now I have to try to regrow my edges. Any help on how to do that?

  3. I abuse of faux locs hairstyles à lot. My edges was very damaged. I was almost bald.
    Since last month, i have created my own routine (kind of potion that i created!):

    -day: jcbo+emu oil+ beanstalk oil + on thé spot by groganics

    -night: mega growth + jcbo + ému oil + beanstalk oil + on thé spot

    In only one Month i can see the results. Everything is almost back.

    Hope it could help someone and sorry for my English (i’m french)


  4. Please help! I have two bald spots that I had ever since I was little. My mom had put too much tension on my edges and over the years they had become two bald spots! Also, my edges are very thin. I have almost waist length hair, but ever time I look at my edges, I feel so discouraged. I have tried Jamacian Black Castor Oil, Emu Oil, Wild Growth Hair Oil, and so much more! I even tried something called Canyae Pepper or something like that. They won’t grow back. I went To visit the doctor not too long ago, and they said I still have hair pores that are capable of growing hair. I don’t put tension on my edges and I now put castor oil on my bald spots. Please help!

    1. Also be aware of wearing too tight ponytails because this could be applying too much tension to that area as well. Even brushing could damage the area, so if you want to smooth this area down apply product and wrap tightly with a satin scarf instead. I would suggest avoiding the use of brushes period. Keep using the castor oil, but just know it will take time before you see results and be consistent with your use of it.

  5. Hey, I’m 16 and I’ve always had a head full of thick hair. Because of this I used to always wear ponytails and slick back hairstyles. My edges on one side have always been thin. I can now see my edges thinning a little more and the sides of my hair are thinning too. My hair is waist length and I’m annoyed on why my edges and sides can’t keep up. Besides stop pulling my hair up what can I do to make it grow

    1. Omg I feel you! I am 15 turning 16, and I have the same problem! My hair is thick but my edges are not! I have done so many things to try to make them grow for the past like 3 years, but I really don’t see that much of an improvement. 🙁 Right now, I’m using castor oil. It did help thicken my edges a bit, but my bald spots are still here.

  6. when I was about 11 my braids were ripped out around my hairline and now at 18 I still have bald spots there and it’s embarrassing I can’t wear my hair up or any styles like that and I’ve tried everything to regrow them and I’ve accepted that I won’t ever have them again

  7. hi am 16 turning 17 . my hair has breaks and it not rhyming with the one in the middle. the hair in the middle is longer than the hair at the back and front. my hair is really hard. it gives me head ache when i comb through. i want to go back to my natural hair but i dont want to chop it out. what should i do? pls reply me fast

  8. My hair is thick and full everywhere except my edges. I have recently decided to do only protective styling for the next 6 months. I am now into my second week and I have done only flat twists. I try not to do it too tight and I moisturize with Jamaican black castor oil every night. Is this a good thing for my edges?


    1. I have had success with Baby Dont Bald triple strength. I also use caster oil too. These 2 work well and you should see results quickly. After that moisturize religously when washing hair and conditioning. Nexus hair masque works wonders.

  9. Hello my name is Erika i have extremely course dry hair that seems to never stay moisturizer a new stylist i recently visited told me to try cooking oil is this a good idea.

  10. HI Ariane, I’m Jackie, I think my hair is 4c/4d( if it’s a real hair type). I’m currently letting my hair grow. I used to rock a brush cut often.
    I am currently using Head and Shoulders shampoo, S Curl moisturizer products in my hair and I wanted to know what other product could I use to help my hair grow, or is less is best?

  11. Hi. I’m just about to begin transitioning my hair back to its natural form, but d tin z I av really tough hair, even with relaxing, it only takes a while bfor it bcoms hard again. Buh I really wanto try my natural hair it I’m scared it wud b a painful process. Any advice on hair products I can use to make it easier for me. Plus I rarely av hair on my edges. Tnks in anticipation.

    1. The one thing I can suggest to you is to try a deep conditioning treatment. Mine used to be hard as well, but I started using a triple thick moisture rich conditioner by TreSemme. (I really piled in on there) I used a thermal cap and sat under the dryer for 15 minutes. When I rinsed my hair, I topped it off by using a leave in conditioner creme (Cantu). I applied more of the leave-in creme on a daily basis. It was light enough to use every day, but rich enough to help my hair seal in the moisture it needed. Now my hair is soft and not wiry or frizzy-looking. I hope this helps you out.

  12. Hello:
    I usually have Senegalese twists for my hairstyle. However, my edges are thinning.
    Do you have any suggestions for other hairstyles I can use? I work in the medical field and would like a hairstyle that would be professional.
    If you can please help me with this problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

  13. Ah seriously don’t get….ah go out…ah jst can’t leave my hair untouched nd uncombed cause ah want d edges to grow.Wah good hairstyle will b good nd perfect for resuscitating my edges

    1. You don’t have to leave your hair uncombed just refrain from manipulating your edges. I would stay away from braided styles because they will put too much tension on the hair. A better route may be rod or roller sets, two strand twists with your own hair wouldn’t be bad either. When styling your hair you can use a bang area to help conceal thinning edges.

  14. Ever since I was little my mom would take me to get my hair done. I was usually get extensions (braids) and now I’m 15 and I my edges are thinning. Like I have baby hairs but I don’t have hair after that. I’m currently using Kaledioscope Miracle Drops and I’m getting a little growth but there are some places where hair doesn’t want to grow. Like there are bald spots I still put braids in but I was thinking maybe I should go natural for a little while. And I also had put perm in my hair to make it curly and damaged it a lot but now its repaired but my hair is still short. So I’m basically asking what hairstyles I could do. And if I follow these steps about how much time would it take for me to start seeing results?

  15. Hi my hair is a hot mess.. after taking down crochet braids(were in 3-4 weeks). My hair is damaged , broken off, right side edges ball spot, left side thin,slightly ball.. hair length 2-3 inches… when I comb it hair is on counter, brittle,dry just a hot mess. Please help…

    1. Karen have you thought of going to a professional to get your hair healthy again? You will definitely need to get your ends cut. Wild growth oil works wonders … it’s on Facebook and there are a lot of before and after pictures. Also take vitamins for your hair… I took hairfinity but it didn’t work for hair broke off due to stress and I keep my hair braided … I had crochet braids but for some reason I really don’t like it… I feel like my scalp cannot breath with them. I now have box braids and use a braid spray every day and wild growth oil every other day sometimes every day depending on the weather . As I am hair products are also excellent I have type 4c hair it makes my hair so soft . As far as vitamins now I’m taking one a day multi vitamins… 10,000 biotin I have been thinking of buying msm supplements as it helps with hair growth as well and at night I apply either unrefined organic coconut oil to my edges, unrefined she’s butter or wild growth hair oil…I hope this helps

  16. My granddaughter edges are bald due to her mother putting braids, twist and micro in, how can I help her grow it back

  17. I need help with my hair! My edges are gone and my hair has been natural for 5 years now! Please give me some assistance, Just started to Take Black Seed oil Pills!

  18. My hair is natural but very thin w/ severely thinning edges. Not sure if I should do the big chop & start from scratch. How can I thicken my hair & reclaim my edges?

  19. Good evening, My name is Joy. I have been experiencing the loss of my edges. I have also been trying to find something to help grow them back. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!

  20. Am also experiencing the loss of edges,and also hair breakage,Pls what can i do to restore my hair back??

  21. Good morning I’m Judy and I need help growing my edges back. Due to wearing braids and having the hair pulled to tight. Help me please. My hair is thinning out as well I need HELP

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