Hot Head Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Caps, The Time Saving Coily Girl’s Best Friend

We are often faced with a few dilemmas when trying to integrate more deep conditioning into our routines:

  1. We don’t have a hooded dryer
  2. A hooded dryer is not in our budget or we are not willing to invest in a hooded dryer
  3. Can’t stand being under a hooded dryer because we find the heat annoying, so we end up putting it off more often than not
  4. Most importantly, the time investment involved.

Ariane-Natural-HairAll of the reasons above and more keep us from nourishing our hair with much needed deep conditioning. Of course you can always deep condition your hair without the use of heat, but truly, deep conditioning is far more effective when heat is used.

I have found a product that solves these dilemmas us coily ladies face. Imagine being able to have a cost effective solution, that doesn’t scorch your body with tons of uncomfortable high heat, and doesn’t rob you of too much time. Best of all, your mobility isn’t inhibited at all. You can deep condition while you do some housework, watch TV, or even fit in a mini workout.

Hot Head’s Microwavable Deep Conditioning Cap is the solution that allows you to do this. Here is how you use the cap:

  1. Use your favorite quality deep conditioner (avoid the cheapie rinse out ones, and go for the ones that have hydrolyzed proteins).
  2. Cover your hair with a plastic cap.
  3. Turn the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap inside out and place in the microwave for a total of 2 minutes. After one minute flip the cap to the opposite side.
  4. Place the warm cap on your head and let it sit for at least 15- 30 minutes. During this time you can chill out or get some things accomplished while you wait.
  5. Remove and rinse out your conditioner.

How does this product work:

According to the creators, “The Hot Head heat cap is filled with renewable flax seed which will generate heat when warmed in the microwave. It’s reusable and is the most environmentally friendly way to deep condition your hair with heat at home. There is no need to plug it into an outlet or use batteries to power the heat. With a few minutes in the microwave, Hot Head will produce up to 30-45 minutes of gentle moist heat”.

Why I love this product

I try to aim to deep condition with each wash I do because deep conditioning improves the strength and manageability of hair. This product definitely makes it easier to accomplish this goal of mine. Also especially as of late, I have been strapped for time. When I am sitting under a dryer I am not able to get things accomplished around my home and sometimes the heat is simply unbearable. It’s great to know that I now can keep my coils in tip top shape and still be able to multitask. This product is a curly girl’s must have!

To learn more about this product, go to the Hot Head Thermal Hair Care Shop.

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